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September 19, 2011. Obj. 2.01 Chronological OrderAnalysis & Classification Order.

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1 September 19, 2011






7 Obj. 2.01

8 Chronological OrderAnalysis & Classification Order

9 Putting things in order from first to last… Signal Words… First, last, next, during, after, before, finally, meanwhile, and other Chronological Order

10 4 Types 1. Order of Importance -> Most Important to Least Important. 2. Order of Impression -> First Impression to Last Impression 3. Process Description -> What to do from beginning to end…Step by Step… 4. Compare & Contrast -> Draws attention to similarities and Differences Analysis & Classification Order

11 Signal Words… Compare As, Also, Like, Similarly, In the Same Way Contrast But, However, In contrast to, Instead, On the other hand Comparison & Contrast

12 What I learned today… Summarize

13 Compare notes with the person next to you. Make sure that you have all the information that you need. You have approximately 2 minutes… Think – Pair - Share

14 First… You will utilize the text you are reading…Speak (p. 2-20) or From Bamboo Grove (p. 2-20) and create a Story Impressions Chart. Construction Paper is available for this task, if necessary. The Story Impressions Chart is a 2 column chart that places Events in order according to how they appear. For example…In Speak… Make sure that you outline ALL of the events from the first Chapter (p. 2-20) Independent Practice OrderEvents 1.The narrator is getting on the bus. 2.Tries to find a place to sit.

15 Any

16 You will select two items from your text to Compare and Contrast. In comparing these two items you will complete a Venn Diagram. Independent Practice Item #1 Item #2

17 Any

18 Guided Practice Writing Workshop Create 20 Research 20?’s Research Group Select a 2 nd genre to research and write. Reading Workshop Finish Reading to pg.12-20 Complete a full Reading Reflection Complete Vocabulary Logs. Student/Teacher Conference Select an article and create an inverted pyramid…THEN Go back and work in daybooks until I am able to meet with you.

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