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 Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Roamer Bluetooth Activities Emergency Landing.

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1  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Roamer Bluetooth Activities Emergency Landing

2  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Free Bluetooth Activities Buried Treasure Cops and Robbers Safari Jail Break Emergency Landing Space Geologist Cave Rescue Emergency Landing is one of the Free Activities you get with the Roamer Bluetooth Accessory Pack. When you get your Bluetooth package you receive a disc. Run this disc and you will add the Bluetooth Interface to your RoamerWorld and at the same time you will add all the free activity files.

3  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd You’d been at the Space Station for 3 months, trying to hitch a ride to the next galaxy. It was understandable that you were fed up. So you ignored, Grimm, the space mechanics warnings when the rather pretty Space Trucker Aurora offered to take you to the planet Perrault. Grimm tried to tell you that Aurora was narcoleptic. That means she falls asleep for no reason. Worse: she is from the planet Ripvanwinkle – so named because its inhabitants never fall asleep for less than 20 years. Aurora had started the descent into Perrault Space Port when all of a sudden she started snoring. You have never flown anything, never mind a Mark IV Brynhild Space Truck. You quickly looked at all the buttons and lights. To your relief you see a big red button named “Panic”. You hit it. The voice came over the radio. “This is Perrault Space Port, we understand you are panicking: how can we help?” Emergency Landing You quickly explained the situation. “Don’t worry sir, we can take over from here”, said the comforting voice. So the Perrault air traffic controller took over and safely programmed the heavy Brynhild Space Truck to a safe landing at the Space Port.

4  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd What You Need Roamer RoamerWorld Roamer Bluetooth Module Free Activity Downloads Art Materials

5  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Preparation In the art lesson get the students to create the features shown on the map Mark out an area equivalent to the size of the Screen map and get the students to place the objects on the map Meanwhile download the Free Activity File into your RoamerWorld Make sure you have installed your Bluetooth software Select the Emergency Landing Activity from RoamerWorld Activity Launcher

6  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Landing the Spaceship Place the floor robot somewhere in the working space. Program the robot to move and watch its movements on the computer screen or the interactive whiteboard At some point play a tune (the emergency signal) Take over the programming from the computer

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