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Words for Production 1.diving [ `daIvI9 ] n. [U] the sport or activity in which one jumps into water head first with one’s arms held straight above the.

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2 Words for Production 1.diving [ `daIvI9 ] n. [U] the sport or activity in which one jumps into water head first with one’s arms held straight above the head 跳水 Good diving is exciting, especially when it is done from a high diving board. 詞類變化

3 dive [ daIv ] vi.; n. [C] 跳水 He dived from the bridge to save the drowning woman. The beginners are practicing their dives at the edge of the pool. * the drowning man 溺水的人 the drowned man 溺死的人

4 Words for Production 2.admit [ 1d`mIt ] vt. to agree, often without wanting to, that something is true 承認 My younger sister made a mistake, but she wouldn’t admit it. make a mistake = commit a mistake 犯錯

5 Words for Production 3.whenever [ hwEn`Ev2 ] conj. at whatever time 每當 Whenever I take an exam, I always have butterflies in my stomach. have butterflies in my stomach 緊張欲嘔的感覺

6 Words for Production 4. average [ `8vrIdZ ] adj. neither very good nor very bad 普通的 There is nothing special about his IQ─it is only average. 詞類變化

7 average [ `8vrIdZ ] n. [U] 一般,標準 My work at school is above (the) average; that is, my grades are better than most students’ grades.

8 Words for Production 5. suspect [s1`spEkt ] vt. to assume something to be true 猜想 Ted didn’t go to school this morning. I suspected that he was ill.

9 Words for Production 6. local [`lokL ] adj. of or in a certain place or area 當地的, 地方的 Many local stores will be forced to close if the new department store is built.

10 Words for Production 7. splash [ spl8S ] n. [C] an act or sound of water flying about in drops 水飛濺 ( 聲 ) The swimmer jumped into the water with a loud splash. 詞類變化

11 splash [ spl8S ] vi.; vt. 飛濺 It rained cats and dogs. Great drops of rain splashed on the window. He splashed some cold water on his face to wake himself up. It rained cats and dogs. =It rained very hard.

12 Words for Production 8. coach [ kotS ] n. [C] a person who trains sportsmen or sportswomen for games, competitions, etc. 教練 The basketball coach was teaching the players how to run faster and jump higher.

13 Words for Production 9. technique [ tEk`nik ] n. [C] a way of doing some specialist activity or artistic work 技巧,技術 The techniques for producing special efforts in movies have highly developed in the last few years.

14 Words for Production 10.escape [ 1`skep ] vi. to find a way out; to get out 逃跑,逃 脫 Two prisoners escaped from the prison but were caught by the police soon after.

15 Words for Production 11.mashed [ m8St ] adj. crushed into a soft substance 搗碎的 She fed her baby some mashed banana, which was easy to swallow. 詞類變化

16 mash [ m8S ] vt. 搗碎 Mother mashed the boiled eggs with a fork to make salad. * boiled eggs : 煮熟的蛋 過去分詞可表示完成 *make salad make a cake make coffee make milk

17 Words for Production 12.roar [ ror ] n. [C] a deep, loud sound 巨大的聲響,轟鳴 聲 I live on a noisy street. The roar of traffic often makes me sleepless. 詞類變化

18 roar [ ror ] vi. 發出很大的聲音 His jokes made the audience roar with laughter.

19 Words for Production 13.afterward [ `8ft2w2d ] adv. later 之後 They met at a party and went out on a date immediately afterward.

20 Words for Production 14.praise [ prez ] n. [U] expression of admiration 稱讚 Her new book has received a lot of praise from the readers. They all seem to love it. 詞類變化

21 praise [ prez ] vt. 稱讚 The writer is praised for her creativity and sense of humor. sense of humor sense of responsibility sense of duty sense of honor sense of shame

22 Words for Production 15.eventually [ I`vEntS51lI ] adv. at last; in the end 最後 He worked so hard that eventually his dream came true. * eventually = at last = in the end * come true 實現

23 Words for Production 16.graceful [ `Gresf1l ] adj. (of movement) attractive to see 優雅的 Those graceful ladies at the party are talking and smiling to one another. 詞類變化 each other : 兩者互相 one another : 三者互相

24 grace [ Gres ] n. [U] 優雅 The models on the stage are walking with grace.

25 Words for Production 17.meanwhile [ `min&hwaIl ] adv. at the same time; in the same period of time 同時 I’ll prepare a simple meal. Meanwhile, you can set the table. * meanwhile = at the same time * set the table 將餐具擺在餐桌上

26 Words for Production 18.area [ `ErI1 ] n. [C] a space with a particular purpose ( 特 定的 ) 場地 There is a large parking area in front of the shopping center.

27 Words for Production 19.competition [ &kAmp1`tIS1n ] n. [C] a test of strength, skill, ability, etc. 競 賽,比賽 Teams from 20 different schools entered the dancing competition. 詞類變化

28 compete [ k1m`pit ] vi. 競爭,比賽 How many runners will be competing in the race? competitive [ k1m`pEt1tIv ] adj. 競爭的 Computer businesses are highly competitive. If you don’t have new products, you’ll lose your market share.

29 competitor [ k1m`pEt1t2 ] n. [C] 競爭者 Jack was a strong competitor in the race. I beat him by less than one second.

30 Words for Production 20.reward [ rI`wOrd ] n. [C][U] (something given or gained as) return for work or service 獎勵,報償 I did pretty well on the exams, so my parents bought me a CD player as a reward. 詞類變化

31 reward [ rI`wOrd ] vt. 獎勵,報答 Mrs. Wang rewarded the boy for bringing back her lost dog.

32 Words for Production 21.realize [ `ri1&laIz ] vt. to understand and believe (a fact) 了 解,認清 At last, the man realized that he had done something wrong.

33 Words for Production 22.accomplishment [ 1`kAmplISm1nt ] n. [C] a skill; something successful that is achieved after a lot of effort and hard work 才藝;成就

34 Words for Production Playing the piano is one of her many accomplishments. Besides playing the piano, she dances, paints and sings very well. Some people believe the invention of the computer was the greatest accomplishment of the twentieth century. 詞類變化

35 accomplish [ 1`kAmplIS ] vt. 完成 If we work together, we’ll accomplish what we are told to do in a very short time.

36 Words for Recognition center [ k1`mjun1tI &sEnt2 ] n. [C] a place that is specially provided for the people, groups, and organizations in a particular area, where they can go in order to meet one another and hold activities 社區活動中心

37 Words for Recognition 2.board [ bord ] n. [C] a flat piece of wood or other material used for a particular purpose 板,牌, 欄

38 Words for Recognition 3.loudspeaker [ `la5d`spik2 ] n. [C] a device for making voices louder 擴音 器

39 Words for Recognition 4.medal [ `mEdL ] n. [C] a round flat piece of metal with a picture and/or words marked on it, which is usually given to a person as an honor for an act of bravery or strength 獎牌;勳章

40 Words for Recognition 5.swan dive [ `swAn &daIv ] n. [C] a kind of dive with the arms spread out until one is close to the water 燕式跳水

41 Idioms and Phrases 1.look back to think about something in one’s past 回顧,回想 Looking back on her school days, she wished she had worked harder. * look back on : 回顧 * S + wish + that 子句 ( 假設語氣 )

42 Idioms and Phrases 2.from then on from that time on 從那時起 Kevin had an accident last month. From then on, he has been more careful when crossing the road. from then on = from that time on

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