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Art Connections Book: My Not-So- Terrible Time at the Hippie Hotel Author: Rosemary Graham.

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2 Art Connections Book: My Not-So- Terrible Time at the Hippie Hotel Author: Rosemary Graham

3 Character This artwork is made using florescent ink on black paper. The artwork demonstrates Tracy, the main character’s, personality. Tracy is shy and awkward around people especially boys. The artwork shows a female sitting out and looking upset while the 2 females in the background are dancing joyfully. When Tracy saw this girl named Beka dancing in the girls’ attic, Tracy compared her body to Beka’s. Tracy does not have a skinny, dancer’s body and she can not dance like Beka. From the art piece, the 2 females in the background has a much skinnier body than the female sitting out. The artwork has a lot of meaningful lines going from different directions. The horizontal lines can indicate still and silence. The diagonal lines can indicate movement and action. The zigzag lines can indicate loads of energy. Shy Dancer By Lynda Hopkins Citation: Hopkins, Lynda. Shy Dancer. Florescent ink on black paper.

4 Character: Kelsey is a 15 year-old girl from Berkley, California. She is a very nice, tall, and is blonde. According to Tracy, Kelsey is also very good at flirting with boys. This painting demonstrates how Kelsey is a fun, bubbly person who is always so happy by the use of very bright colors which makes the painting in high spirits. The bird that is flying and holding onto a rainbow colored ribbon with its beak demonstrates how Kelsey is energetic and lovable. We have the peaceful looking background, bloomed flowers, beautiful shades of green, and gorgeous birds holding onto a rainbow colored ribbon with its beak. Kelsey is the exact opposite of Tracy. Bluebirds Of Happiness By Kira Yustak Citation: Yustak, Kira. Bluebirds Of Happiness. 2010. Acrylic painting on stretched canvas.

5 Setting The watercolor painting shows how the Farnsworth House a.k.a the Hippie Hotel is where everything takes place in the book. The book describes that it is for single parents and their children to spend their vacation together along with some other families in a historical, rambling cottage by the sea. From the looks of the painting, the house seem to be made out of bricks and due to that, the house does look historical. From the view the house is painted, it looks like it is disconnected and alone with some nature surrounding it. The sea and the sky is very bright with all shades of blue. There are darker darks of blue, lighter lights of blue, and whites which makes the artwork very realistic and appealing and it totally demonstrates the setting. Cottage By The Sea By Mike Erickson. Citation: Erickson, Mike. Cottage By The Sea.

6 Exposition/ Introduction (Plot A) Tracy’s dad Hank dragged or forced Chris, her 15 year-old brother, Emmy, her 6 year-old sister, and her to spend family time at the Farnsworth House known as what Hank calls the Hippie Hotel on Cape Cod after the divorce. Tracy disliked the whole idea of spending her summer vacation there. Until she met a 15 year-old girl named Kelsey. The abstract artwork shows two gates on the front and bottom of the art piece and some criss crosses located at the corners. This shows how Tracy feels and is trapped in the Farnsworth house. There are many cool colors in the artwork and this might show how Tracy feels about this whole idea. She might have felt gloomy and lonely, because she didn’t want to spend her vacation at the Farnsworth House and that her parents had a divorce. The bright, warm colors shows when Kelsey shows up and became friends with Kelsey. In conclusion, this abstract artwork shows a mixture of Tracy’s feelings trapped in the gates. I Can’t Find My Way Home By RC deWinter Citation: DeWinter, RC. I Can't Find My Way Home. Painting- Digital Oils.

7 Conflict Tracy is jealous of how Beka and especially Kelsey can flirt with guys. When Tracy was coming down the stairs, she heard Beka amusing Kevin, Tracy’s crush, by playing on the old upright piano. Tracy got extremely angry, because all of that seemed like Beka was flirting with Kevin. Tracy hates Beka because she is always angry and in a bad mood so that made things worse. Kelsey tried to cheer Tracy up, but Tracy ended up getting angry at Kelsey too. She told Kelsey that she isn’t happy unless all the male attention is focused on her and how Beka and her are like peas in a pod. Also, to get Kelsey to leave her alone, Tracy called Kelsey a stupid, dumb blonde with a dramatic voice, which made tears come out of Kelsey’s eyes. The artwork demonstrates what was explained. The girl in the left has an angry look on her face and tears are coming out of her eye. That could represent what Tracy was going through. Meanwhile there are those two people making out behind her and that can represent either Kelsey/Beka and Kevin. Hurt By Scott Bergey Citation: Bergey, Scott. Hurt. 2012. Mixed media artwork on wood.

8 Climax After what Tracy had done to Kelsey, she felt extremely terrible. She wanted to apologize but due to how Kelsey is treating her after what had happened, she didn’t have the guts to. In the painting, it shows a person being attacked by several arms and that demonstrates how Kelsey is treating Tracy. Tracy heard laughter from both Beka and Kelsey along with some other boys downstairs. Tracy knew one of the boys have to be Kevin. She stayed in the girl’s attic and cried. The trial of blood and the use of the color red demonstrates how much agony Tracy is going through and it can represent anger. Tracy’s parents had a divorce, Beka and Kelsey can flirt with Kevin and she can’t, and now she lost Kelsey. Her only girl friend in the Farnsworth House. Traps By Summer Crenshaw Citation: Crenshaw, Summer. Traps. 2010. Oil painting on stretched canvas.

9 Struggle: The photograph shows Tracy’s struggles throughout her vacation at the Farnsworth House. As you can see from the photograph, the swirls are taking a lot more space than the girl’s head is. This can show that Tracy is very timid and how she feels invisible to others. From the photograph, the girl’s expression shows anguish, confusion, and even self- doubt. The use of colors which are pretty dark with quite a few light colors shows that the girl isn’t festive. This would fit Tracy, because she didn’t want to spend her vacation in the Farnsworth House and Tracy’s friend Kelsey and this New Yorker girl named Beka is very good with flirting and Tracy definitely isn’t so Tracy ends up being/feeling outcast and have lack of confidence during most of her time in the Farnsworth House. Rose By Sarah Diaz Citation: Diaz, Sarah. Rose. 2007. Photography on paper.

10 Denouement/ Falling Action: Tracy finally made up with Kelsey by apologizing for being so mean to her that other day after warning her about Carolyn, Kelsey’s dad's girlfriend, coming over to surprise Kelsey’s dad. Kelsey doesn’t really like Carolyn, because she thinks Carolyn is a sneak. Tracy actually became friends with Beka. The girl from New York that wears a ton of eyeliner and is always in a bad mood. Beka told Tracy that all she wanted to do was give Tracy and Kelsey a taste of their own medicine, because they did make fun of her band T-shirt in front of everyone. The owls in the art piece is really close the each other and this represents Tracy, Kelsey, and Beka finally being able to spend a good time with each other without hate. The artwork has a lot of warm colors, for example: the background and the three owls. This makes the artwork very look warm, happy, and friendly and that is what Tracy, Kelsey, and Beka are. Patchwork Owls By Narelle Craven Citation: Craven, Narelle. Patchwork Owls. Mixed media on vintage fabric off-cuts.

11 Resolution/ Conclusion (Plot B): This artwork represents how Tracy feels by the end of her stay at the Farnsworth House. The butterflies can represent how Tracy feels free meaning confident, found out more about herself, and is able to become great friends with everyone. The butterflies flying in a pack can show how Tracy feels like she finally belong and is proud of being a member at the Farnsworth House. The tiny sparkles can demonstrate that Tracy actually enjoyed and had fun. Butterfly Away By Fumiko Toda Citation: Toda, Fumiko. Butterfly Away. 2004. Printmaking on paper.

12 Theme: The theme of the book My Not-So- Terrible Time at the Hippie Hotel is never be afraid to undergo a challenge. What I see from the artwork is a lot of twists and turns, but at the same time I see a lot of twists that forms an image of a hand. This can demonstrate that even though you are struggling with varieties of things, everything can turn out fine. For example, Tracy didn’t want to spend her vacation at the Farnsworth House and while she was there, she was struggling from lack of self confidence, her parent’s divorce, and etc. At the end, she found out more about herself and enjoyed her vacation. Everything turned out amazing. Short Cuts #2 By Philippe Jestin Citation: Jestin, Philippe. Short Cuts #2. 2012. Mixed media artwork on wood.


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