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ITools for Literacy: Engaging your Students in Reading and Writing with iOS Devices Presentation By: Donna Brostek Lee, Ph.D. University of Kentucky.

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1 iTools for Literacy: Engaging your Students in Reading and Writing with iOS Devices Presentation By: Donna Brostek Lee, Ph.D. University of Kentucky

2 Accessible iDevices: iPod Touch – 5 th Generation 32 GB - $299 64 GB - $399 iPhone 5 (service from AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon) 16 GB - $199 32 GB - $299 64 GB - $399 iPad – 3 rd Generation (4G service from AT&T or Verizon) 16 GB - Wi-Fi $499 or 4G $629 32 GB - Wi-Fi $599 or 4G $729 64 GB - Wi-Fi $699 or 4G $829

3 Why Everyone is Crazy About iOS Universal Accessibility Cost vs. other VI specific devcices Portability Social Acceptance

4 Universal Accessibility: Turn on the following features by tapping the Settings icon, then selecting General, and Accessibility (also can be accessed through iTunes) VoiceOver Screen Reader Zoom Magnification Large Text White on Black Speak Selection Speak Auto-Text Support for Braille Displays Siri (iPod Touch 5, iPhone 4S & 5, and iPad 3 only)

5 Apps... More than Just Games! VS.

6 Perspectives on Apps: Blind: Apps are limited to those that work with VoiceOver VoiceOver take practice to master However, using a refreshable braille display opens options for books available in braille and allows for braille writing practice iPhone and iPad Touch are usually the best choices Low Vision: Most apps work with Zoom or Pinch Zoom is built-in Zoom is easy to master iPad tends to be a good choice due to screen size

7 Lost in the App Store??? Help is only an App Away!!!

8 What Works to Increase Reading Fluency: Naming Letters (vs. naming their sounds) Frequent Sight Words Guided, Oral Repeated Reading Readers’ Theater Buddy or Paired Reading Assisted Reading Closed Caption TV Choral Reading Scaffolded Silent Reading National Reading Panel, 2000

9 Letters & Words *Learn Braille Alphabet/Learn Braille Numbers $1.99 *Word Wizard - $2.99 *Glitter Draw – Free VoiceOver SAS Flash Cards – Free *Not for use with VoiceOver

10 Reading Guided Oral Reading iTalk – Free/$1.99 Reader’s Theatre iMovie - $4.99 Buddy Reading Facetime Assisted Reading Read2Go - $19.99 Blio - Free ezPDF Reader - $1.99 (+ $2.99 for voice) Many storybook options (i.e. Dr. Seuss, Meanwhile for iOS, etc.)

11 Selecting Appropriate Reading Options For low vision, you must first determine the optimal size! Read2Go - $19.99 Learning Ally - Free Blio - Free AR (Accelerated Reader) - Free Level Finder - $1.99 *Instapaper - $4.99 *Readability - Free iBooks - Free *Kindle/Nook – Free

12 Audio Books Read2Go Learning Ally Audible Library of Congress – Coming Soon What is literacy??? Listening does NOT replace reading and is a skill that must be learned!

13 Options for Writing How will you access your documents? Dropbox iCloud Google Drive SugarSync Pages - $9.99 Use to sync with Dropbox through *Quickoffice Pro HD - $19.99 (iPad)/$14.99 (iPhone) iA Writer - 99¢ *AppWriter US - $19.99 *Notability - 99¢ *Gloss - Free *iAnnotate - $9.99 *ezPDF Reader - $1.99 (+ $2.99 for voice) Evernote - Free

14 Scanning PDF Genius Scan (iPhone/iPod Touch) – Free/$2.99 Scanner Pro (iPad 3) - $6.99 OCR TextDetective - $1.99 Prizmo - $9.99 SayText - Free

15 Viewing CCTV BrighterBigger VisionAssist SRC Magnifier Mag. Light Check ViA for many more TeamViewer VGA/HDMI Cables Apple TV

16 Other Helpful Ideas iBook Author (Mac only) StoryKit - Free Dictionary Apps Word look-up in books

17 Practice Makes Perfect... With Guidance Students need to read and write everyday They need constant modeling and feedback to grow as both readers and writers No piece of technology can makeup for the lack of a good teacher!

18 Thinking Outside the Book: E-mail and messaging encourages the use of literacy Be creative... Make videos, audio files, or find unique ways to showcase your student’s work Make flashcards Going beyond just literacy... Encourage independence in daily living skills (recreation and leisure, money handling, organization, calendar, contacts, etc.)

19 Scaffolding Exercise 1. Research First 2. Introduce the Text’s Author 3. Introduce the Text’s Characters 4. Provide Pictures to Accompany the Reading 5. Create Controversy 6. Read Aloud 7. “What If” Questions 8. Introduce Vocabulary 9. Outline 10. Make Connections 11. Explain the Text’s Genre 12. Questions From:

20 Looking to the Future Android Devices (Phones & Tablets) + Jellybean Windows (Surface) Kindle Nook

21 Apple Accessibility: Also check out:

22 Other Helpful Websites on iOS the-visually-impaired the-visually-impaired

23 Products: National Braille Press: Getting Started with the iPhone and iOS5 for Blind Users - $22 Twenty-six Useful Apps for Blind iPhone Users - $9 Tactile Vision: iPhone Tactile ScreenShot Quick References - $27 iPad Curriculum for Students who are Blind/Visually Impaired: Instructor Guide in 6 Lessons by Nalida Lacet Besson - $1.99 iPhone iPad Curriculum by Hines VA iPad: Accessibility by Oklahoma School for the Blind

24 Other Popular Accessories: Cases Stylus AT Guys: QWERTY keyboard for iPhone Tactile screen protectors ( Zagg: Keyboard cases Screen protectors AirDrives Earphones: Aftershokz Headphones: iPad/iPhone Mounts: In Your Face Viewbase: And for fun... visit the Apple Store to check out the latest App-Enabled Accessories!

25 QUESTIONS??? Dr. Donna Brostek Lee Clinical Assistant Professor Program Faculty Chair University of Kentucky Department of Early Childhood, Special Education, and Rehabilitation Counseling 229 Taylor Education Building Lexington, KY 40506-0001 Phone: (859) 257-1520 E-mail: Website: An Equal Opportunity University

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