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New Consultant Enrollment Training RIDE THE WAVE!.

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1 New Consultant Enrollment Training RIDE THE WAVE!

2 1. Decide on a url for both R+F websites 2. Create gmail account for R+F emails 3. Complete The Solution Tool. 4. Determine regimen of choice 5. Determine which business kit they want to enroll with 6.Explain the value of the Booster Kit in 1st CRP. See slide 5 for the contents & value. PRIOR TO ENROLLMENT DO THE FOLLOWING

3 If you are enrolling someone locally, you may want to use an online tool. We prefer and for audio: 1.Go to http://join.me 2.Click on Basic (not Pro) 3.New Enrollee will Click Join and put in the 9 digits to view your computer.


5 1. Use Express Enrollment Option. 2. Enroll into PULSE & CRP with Booster kit to ship next month. These options automatically filter into the enrollment process. 3. Complete Enrollment & Congratulate them!! ENROLL AT CONSULTANT’S.BIZ WEB SITE



8 Show them how to log into PULSE. 2.Use email address and password they created to log in. 4. Go to Dashboard. Click on Edit PWS, add their Contact info. 5. Go to the Accounts Tab 6. Show how to Edit CRP 7. Show them the Biz Dev Library TOUR PULSE:



11 1. Redefine Your Earnings/Pattern to Prosperity 2. PC PERKS Enrollment Form 3. Your Reason Why 4. Memory Jogger 5. Art of Inviting (Approach Language) 6. Story Outlines 7. BBL Agenda 8. Cheat Sheet 9. 90 Day Goal Plan 10. Current Incentive/Bonus flyers PRINT THESE 10 PULSE DOCUMENTS. THIS POWER POINT WITH TALKING POINTS IS IN ALL OF OUR NEWSLETTERS IN THE NEW CONSULTANT CORNER.





16 Signing up PCs ~ First do The Solution Tool!

17 Be Familiar with ALL the Products and Prices by touring and reading site often!

18 Insider information, special pricing, superior service... Preferred Customers have Perks. Rodan + Fields Dermatologists offers everyone clinically proven products, expert support with the RF Connection, and cutting-edge skincare information. And with our exclusive PC Perks program, enhanced benefits and even greater value are just a few clicks away. 10% off* all Rodan + Fields products, all the time Free shipping on regularly scheduled orders Enhanced Customer Service including our exclusive PC Perks hotline and our PC Perks House Call, a quarterly e-newsletter especially for you. Exclusive Preferred Customer promotions Activate all these perks & convenience of timely automatic delivery of your favorite Rodan + Fields products with one-time enrollment fee of $19.95 & your first purchase of $80.00 or more. website/ Learn how to enroll a Preferred Customer ( PC PERKS Enrollment Form is found in PULSE.)

19 Recruit, Develop & Duplicate


21 Package Your Story In 30 seconds your story should tell prospects who you are and what you do. Work with your sponsor to develop a clear and concise story that creates curiosity for people to want to learn more. Prospecting Language Develop your own 2-3 minute script using The Art of Inviting document found in PULSE. Practice the script with your sponsor until you have memorized it, and are totally comfortable in any situation using this language. PACKAGING A R+F STORY & LEARNING THE LANGUAGE IS CRITICAL!

22 Set Your Goal for 2x2! EC in your 1 st Month.. Level II in your first FULL MONTH Work with the team to help your new consultants promote to EC and Level II! Teach your New Consultant the Power of Pace Using Rodan + Fields Bonus Programs!


24 Use the Memory Jogger. Make a list of the every single person you know. Make of list of everyone that you know they know. Rate Your Prospect List & Identify your TOP 10! Make notes on each person on your Top 10 List. Check out your Top 10 on Facebook. – People who “light up the room!” – Corporate jobs with instability – Families needing extra stream of income (kids in college, not enough retirement, mom needs to work from home, family member moves in.) – YOU ARE NEVER FINISHED WITH YOUR LIST! You are constantly adding. HELP THEM BUILD THEIR LIST



27 The 3 way Call script is in the New Consultant Corner: Here’s a leader’s “tidbit”: For a few weeks I have had my team send me an email about their prospect. I have told them I want a few sentences about why they would love to have them as a business partner or a connector. I don’t just want a few bullet points I want in their words, enthusiastically describing this person in detail, information I couldn’t possibly know about. Here’s just one example I used in a 3-way call yesterday. “I believe Helen 55, but looks about 35. I started here: She is very classy and attractive. She has a lot of integrity and does a great job at whatever she commits to doing. She is intelligent and extremely organized, yet she is very personable and naturally makes connections with all types of people. She takes very good care of herself physically, she exercises regularly, and I know when she was in Nashville, she regularly had facials and treatments from an esthetician.” During the call … I said, Helen, I just want you to hear what Sharon had to say about you… and I read a few sentences … IT WAS SO POWERFUL! And, Helen was very flattered and is joining our team.

28 A) “Hi Susan, this is Mary. I hope you are doing well. I have something really exciting I want to share with you! Do you have 5 minutes right now? Great! I am working with a company founded by Dr. Katie Rodan & Dr. Kathy Fields. Have you heard of them? You may know them as the creators of Proactiv Solution for acne, you’ve heard of that right? Susan, I thought of you because you are …(compliment: savvy, fun to be with, so connected,successful …). Pause & listen to their response. I wanted to reach out to everyone that knows and loves me to know what I’m doing. Susan, you may or may not be a “fit” for my business, but I am looking for support and referrals from my friends (business associates, family) as we expand in _______. I’d love to have an opportunity to tell you what I’ve got and who I am looking for. I will only take about 15 minutes of your time. Do you have time (later today; tomorrow) Yes.. Great, I’m going to ask my business partner to jump on the call for a couple of minutes. I want you to hear about the success she has had. (you share who she is)Meanwhile, I’ll send you a short video of Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. Will you take a few minutes to watch it INVITING SCRIPTS TO PERSONALIZE

29 B) Hey, Susan, what’cha doing – it’s Mary. Do you have a couple of minutes? Yes ~ Great! I just want to call and tell you about my new business. I’m SO excited. Pause and wait for her to ask you. “What new business?” Everyone will ask. “I’ve partnered with Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields who created Proactiv. They revolutionized the treatment of acne and made them billionaires. And now they have turned their attention to the 3 Billion$ aging skincare market. What they did for acne, they are now doing for aging skin, and if we’re breathing, we’re aging. Here’s why I am calling you, Susan. You are one of the savviest, connected people I know. All I want to do is to grab coffee with you, catch up and tell you what I’m doing. I think you could be a huge connector for me. INVITING SCRIPTS CONTINUE…..

30 You never know when somebody might say to you, ‘I’ve gotta go back to work.. Or “I need to do something part time to help out. I’m getting ready to retire and I don’t know how I’m going to pay the bills”, I’m only looking for people who are looking for me. “What does your week look like next week? Surely we could grab coffee or a glass of wine after work.” Appointment set… GREAT! Meanwhile, I’m going to send you a 3 minute video of The Doctors. I can’t wait to see you, it’s been way too long! Bring your iPad with pictures. (personalize the appointment in a “chatty” way. C) Referral from mutual friend: My friend, Sue, made me PROMISE to call you because she was so impressed with what I was doing. She thought you would be perfect for this. ……..

31 Start calling. Leave a vague message. I don’t talk about my business “Hey, I think you would be a great resource for my business, text me back the availabilities that you have.” ~ that way they feel complimented. What do I mean? Everyone likes to be perceived as valuable, they don’t like to be “chased”. They don’t like for there to be a sense of desperate. If it doesn’t resonate with me, I don’t use that approach. Call and share your 5 minute story and lead them to a 3 way call. 10 – 15 hours a week – everyone is being led to bring their top prospects to a shared conference call with one of the leaders on your team.

32 Hi ___ this is _______, how are you doing? Great! Have I caught you at a good time, do you have 5 minutes right now? Perfect, that’s all I’ve got too. I am so excited to share with you what I am doing now. You were one of the first people I thought of because I have always (genuinely compliment them). You may or may not have a personal interest, and if this isn’t a good fit for you, you may be able to lead me to a few great people in your network. So, I have partnered with 2 of the world’s most renowned dermatologists, Katie Rodan & Kathy Fields. Have you heard of them? (If no) – You may know them as the creators of Proactiv for acne. Have you heard of that? Yep, almost everyone has. So these 2 successful entrepreneurs are now transforming the way aging skin is treated, just like they did with acne. Did you know that the anti age skin care market in the US alone is a 2.9 billion industry? I know, it’s amazing. Well, by 2015 that is expected to double, and we will be a major part of that. I am so excited to share this.

33 . (If yes) So tell me what you know about the company. Did you know that the anti age skin care market in the US alone is a 2.9 billion industry? I know, it’s amazing. Well, by 2015 that is expected to double to 5 billion and we will be a major part of that. I am so excited to share this. Have you been thinking lately that there was something you wish you could change about your life, your circumstances? This may be a way to help you. What I want to do is send you a link to the Dr’s video. They share their vision of why they are building this new company and where we are going, it will take you about 5 minutes. So, when can you do that? OK, great, the next step is for us to get on the phone with one of my business partners who can share our company better than I can since I am still learning. Does either X or X work for you? OK great, this next call will be about 15 minutes, unless you have some questions you want to ask. I can’t wait to get your feedback.

34 Calendar the weekly hours you plan to work your Rodan + Fields business: 1. Phone Call blocking 2. Prospecting 3. Local trainings and trainings with sponsor and team trainings posted in newsletters 4. Presentations, BBL’s and local Meetings 5. Shared Conference Calls with sponsor 6. OPEN your Email newsletters & READ! 7. Dress for success as you prospect & attend mtgs. COMMIT TO R+F WORK WEEK


36 Schedule & Plan the Launch of their R+F Business

37 Print, cut and put in your Prospecting “On the Go” bag filled with Serum, Microderm Paste and Hand Treatment. After you share products, have prospect fill this out. When you get home log in this information on website. When Solutions Tool is completed, put prospect Name AND phone number on Name section and Email.

38 MONTHLY QUALIFYING Monthly Minimum to be Commissionable ~ Must be Maintained every month! $100 Sales Volume (SV) – Commissionable: CRP – Personal Product + Pulse $600 PSL1V to be an Executive Consultant 1.SV on kits of those you recruit 2.Preferred Customers (Retail doesn’t count) 3.Your personal team Sales Volume (their CRP and retail customers) 4.Take action! 1200 PSL1V is the Team Standard of Excellence!!


40 Support Resources Available to You! 1. Sarah Robbins Founding Consultant provides Consultant Training New Consultant Training Webinars & Recorded Training Calls (Username: team Password: team). #1 ACTION STEP is to Watch Sarah’s New Consultant Training webinar, complete the 3 Action items in Webinar #1 & then watch the additional 13 Webinars that are available throughout your first month! 2. Sunday Team Training Call with Sarah Robbins and RFx Leaders 712.432.0075 code 668998# Playback 712.432.1085 same code. 5:30 pm PST, 6:30 pm MT, 7:30 pm CST, 8:30 pm EST. RIGHT after, tune into our RFx Mentor Training Call at 8am Central: 805.399.1000 Access Code: 278694# Playback 805.399.1099 (same code ) 3. LIVE Business Opportunity Presentations in your area – posted at and Corporate events in Insider Scoop and Pulse Biz Dev 4. Rodan + Fields Consultant Support: 415.273.8000 (open 9am PST) Or email: for Nurse Mary 5. Product Training Webinars in the Biz Dev Library in Pulse

41 FIRST TRAINING ASSIGNMENT: Go to Register and Login with Username: team and Password: team Click on New Consultant Training. Watch 1 st Webinar. Pause the webinar and DO the 1 st 3 Action Items: 1.Your Why 2.Your List 3.Your Hours of Operation 4.Email to Sponsor


43 Big Picture: 3-5 year business plan “I’m not saying it will be easy… I’m saying it will be worth it!”


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