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Haroun and the Sea of Stories

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1 Haroun and the Sea of Stories
Pre-Reading information / Reading Checks / Important Quotes Chapter 2


3 Chapter 2 – Reading Check
What is odd about Butt's appearance? What step does Haroun take at the bus station toward being more grown up? What does Haroun do to make Mr. Buttoo angry? What does Haroun fear will happen because of this?

4 What is a figure of speech
What is a figure of speech?   Use a literature book or an online reference to compare a literary definition to that given by Butt. Locate an example of a figure of speech. Apply Butt's definition to the example. What is the explanation for places known by letters of the alphabet? Do you see a pattern in the letters used? Explain the possible advantages to the author of replacing Indian place names with letters.   What phrase does Rashid use when he is impressed by something his son has done? Explain this figure of speech.  What is the connection between “Khattam-Shud” and the feelings of Haroun on the top of p.38?

5 Think Now! How might speed and the thrill of life experiences be related?

6 Places: The Bus depot The Mail Coach The Mountains of M The Valley of K (“Now that is different. There are fields of gold and mountains of silver and in the middle of the Valley there is a beautiful Lake whose name, by the way, is Dull.”) Characters: Butt, driver of the Number One Super Express Mail Coach to the Valley of K” Snooty Buttoo (The politico “permanently surrounded by exactly one hundred and one armed soldiers” Events: a wild bus ride. A trip to the “finest houseboat on the Lake.” Words to remember. "Meanwhile, in the courtyard of the busses, small dust-clouds were rushing back and forth like little desert whirlwinds. Haroun realized that these clouds were full of human beings." "IF FROM SPEED YOU GET YOUR THRILL TAKE PRECAUTION MAKE YOUR WILL" "O, Need’s a funny fish; it makes people untruthful." ‘Crumbling road surface! Hairpin bends! Danger of avalanches! Full speed ahead!’ ‘Rashid had come to the Valley because he remembered it as the most joyful of places, but it was plain that trouble had found its way up here now.’ “A floating garden” ‘There are plenty more fish in the sea’ ‘Ah, but you must go a long, long way to find an Angel fish.’ "Khattam-shud!"

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