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The German Empire Expands Invasion of France (Paris Falls) Blitzkrieg forces France to surrender. MAP.

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2 The German Empire Expands Invasion of France (Paris Falls) Blitzkrieg forces France to surrender. MAP


4 Drawing closer to war BACKGROUND: The war in Europe created opportunities for Expansionist Japan in the Pacific. They began seizing colonies owned by allied nations. Areas of conquer included: Manchuria, parts of China, French Indochina and various islands in the Pacific.

5 Slide 3 Death march

6 -To protest this aggression, the U.S. cut off all trade with Japan, including oil. Negotiations reach a stalemate and are broken off. - Fearing the oil embargo would eventually “strangle their military machine,” Japan made plans to attack the Dutch East Indies. They assumed this would lead to war.MAPMAP - They decide to launch a pre-emptive strike on the U.S. navy to weaken it before an official declaration of war. “December 7, 1941…a date which will live in infamy.” 2,300 American lives lost






12 December 7, 1941 “A Date Which Will Live In Infamy.” Isolationism Ends War Comes to the USA

13 America’s Response: How history repeats itself. 9/11 Pearl Harbor

14 The images of the last 24 hours are almost unbelievable. What a surreal world we Americans are in right now. There are a lot of serious and subdued people over here. I feel my mind coming to grips with the reality of the situation slowly although as the day continues, very unpleasant images and knowledge constantly intrudes on my mind. Reviewing the events of yesterday was my first conscious thought this morning and will undoubtedly be so for the near future.

15 First there was unbelief. Then astonishment. Then alarm. Then indignation. Then determination to do what was necessary when the time came. Immediately after the first broadcasts of the tragedy, law officers began to guard defense plants and shipyards against other attacks in Bridgeton, Vineland, Millville, Port Norris and other places. In the coming hours, visitors were barred from municipal plants. Urgent calls went out for civil defense workers and airplane spotters. And military enlistment numbers soared. Of course, rumors were also bound to circulate in the confusion. And so they did. A radio scare of planes spotted off the East Coast sent one county resident scrambling into his yard with a pick and shovel to dig an air-raid shelter. A Vineland girl, meanwhile, borrowed her boyfriend’s car so she could speed away if she saw planes coming. There were also false reports that the Millville airport had been bombed and that a transport plane had crashed in Malaga, burning a tavern.

16 So it's been 9 days since the tragedy and you see some changes in America if you look around. Every other car and business is flying a flag. Blood centers are overwhelmed with donors and food donations. Everywhere you go you see ads for the Red Cross, United Way, and prayer and thought announcements. Every front page and all news organizations are still focused on the event.

17 RESULTS: 1. No charges were ever filed against any Japanese-Americans. 2. Nisei (American born Japanese) proved their patriotism by fighting for the U.S.



20 Meanwhile back in Europe, “The Tide Begins to Turn.” A.Stalingrad- Soviets turn back Germany and begin to push westward. B. North Africa- U.S. and British soldiers force surrender of Germany in North Africa. C. Sicily / Italy – U.S. troops force surrender of Italy. Map


22 “Taking Back Fortress Europe.”


24 Invasion of Normandy, France D-Day When you are attempting a beach invasion, what kind of terrain would you hope to find upon landing? (3 TRAITS) What would you NOT want to find?


26 What would you do? A Adv: Weaker Defense Dis: Little surprise element B Adv. More Surprise; Close to urban GB Dis: Hilly terrain; Strong defenses C Adv:Surprise; Friendly terrain Dis: Strong forces D Adv:Very friendly terrain Not heavily defended Dis: No surprise Easily supported TC men

27 What we will need: France



30 What they faced.






36 X. “Closing in on Berlin” A.“Operation Dragoon” The race to Berlin to squeeze the Germans. B.Battle of the Bulge Hitler’s last effort to defend Germany. C. V-E Day Germany signs surrender papers!!! clip





41 Slide 3 Death march

42 Atomic Weapons A Timeline: -1938 - Austrian scientists discover how to split a uranium atom creating a sudden burst of energy. -1939 - Albert Einstein writes a letter to FDR explaining the destructive potential of this discovery, and encouraging the U.S. to develop a weapon before the Germans did. -1941 – The U.S. creates “The Manhatten Project.” Many of the scientists involved were refugees of Germany and other parts of Europe. -1945 – (July 15) The first successful test of an Atomic bomb in a deserted area of New Mexico. (The strength of thousands of tons of TNT.) -1945 – (April) FDR dies from a stroke in Warm Springs, Georgia. Harry Truman becomes President and is informed of the “Project” scientists are working on.

43 Manhattan Project - Project in which American scientists worked to develop an atomic bomb. GOAL: To counter the German’s development of atomic weapons. Clip

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