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Meanwhile….on Pope’s Road Tom Bridgman Programme Manager Future Brixton.

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1 Meanwhile….on Pope’s Road Tom Bridgman Programme Manager Future Brixton

2 This evening Intro to the project Presentation from Brixton Toolbox, then Q&A Presentation from grow:brixton, then Q&A Complete feedback cards to help inform each project’s development

3 What is a meanwhile use? A temporary use of vacant buildings or land Socially beneficial purpose until they can be brought back into commercial use again Makes practical use of the ‘pauses’ in property processes Contribute to quality of life and better places Opportunity to test potential longer-term uses

4 The Brixton Street Gym @ No. 6 Somerleyton April 26 th ….

5 Brixton Impact Hub April 11 th ….. (this Friday)

6 The brief


8 The ice rink site Council will not charge for the land, but the projects must have an employment & enterprise focus Available until at least Spring 2016 Long-term future subject to separate process to conclude in Autumn 2014 – two workshops recently taken place

9 Initial public workshop held in November 2013 From this a series of principles emerged, including additional car parking A steering group was set up to develop the brief and help evaluate the bids. This includes Cllr Imogen Walker and the Brixton Market Traders Federation. Cllr Donatus Anyanwu will also sit on the group.

10 Local management: programming of space should involve local people, organisations and businesses Compliment not compete: with local businesses, including the street markets. Keep money and skills locally: where possible income generated should supports the local economy Additional car parking: The site should accommodate some additional car parking to support the street markets

11 The evaluation criteria…. Overall concept and focus on enterprise and/or employment outcomes – Including jobs created or supported, businesses supported and opportunities to support training and apprenticeships and/or local supply chains Commitment to working with local citizens and experience of design, programming and management of meanwhile activities – Including case studies of successful meanwhile projects and how bidders intend to engage with local citizens through both the development and delivery of the project

12 The business plan The Council is evaluating the financial sustainability of each bid and this will form part of the evaluation too.

13 The decision making process

14 Shortlisted bidders have so far… Submitted proposals and a business plan Presented and discussed the proposals with a group of 16-25 year olds Been active on social media – led to 165 contributors and 375 tweets so far on #meanwhilebrixton Meet with the steering group and the Council’s finance team for further clarifications on their bids Now presented and discussing the bids with the wider public

15 Final decision The steering group will take on board responses and points of clarification from throughout the evaluation process. Hope to reach a decision by middle of April.

16 Car parking

17 Temporary car park to be provided Detailed plans will now be drawn up 90 to 95 spaces in total to be provided This will include increase for market traders to 42 Around 50 spaces for public car parking Draft – subject to detailed design work

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