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How much do you know about the words HIV/ AIDS ?

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2 How much do you know about the words HIV/ AIDS ?

3 What do the letters HIV stand for? HIV = Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV is a virus that can live in the body for some time – occasionally many years– without symptoms being present. Even though they may not be showing symptoms, a person with HIV can infect others.

4 What do the letters AIDS stand for? A= Acquired Addicted Awful I= Insane Infection Immune D= Disease Deficiency Disabled S= Syndrome Symbol Sickness

5 AIDS is the stage of the disease when the person’s immune system is weakened to such a degree that he/she develops many different diseases which are eventually fatal (causing to death).

6 AIDS Incurable ?! Incurable ?!

7 The United Nations reported last week that the AIDS epidemic continues to grow. It says there will be 2.9 million AIDS-related deaths this year and 4.3 million new infections. Officials said 39.5 million people are living with HIV. (27 November 2006 )

8 More than 3 million were children and over 11 million were between fifteen and twenty-four.

9 In Africa, many children are infected with HIV or AIDS.

10 terrible virus Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) has killed more than 25 million people since the first case was reported in 1981, making it one of the most destructive diseases in history.

11 birth unprotected sex blood transfusions How does it spread?

12 Which may lead to being infected with HIV? HIV spreads through blood.

13 sneeze kiss cough hug shake hands communicate HIV/AIDS can’t be transmitted by…

14 Can the AIDS virus transmitted via the following routes? mosquito giving blood NO

15 Medical studies show that the AIDS virus cannot be transmitted via the following routes:  cups / glasses  toilet seats  swimming pool  mosquitoes / other insects  giving blood.  So it’s safe to be friends with AIDS patients.

16 Live and let live

17 Remember: 疫苗 流行病 Scientists still don’t know exactly how and where AIDS started. Finding the source of AIDS could be crucial in developing a vaccine( 疫苗 ) and be important in mapping the future course of the epidemic( 流行病 ).

18 Let’s have an AIDS Quiz!

19 AIDS QUIZ Decide which of these statements are true and which are false. Tick the correct box. 1. Only bad people get AIDS. 2. I can become infected with HIV by swimming in a pool, holding hands or kissing someone with HIV. 3. In 2004, there were 40 million people living with HIV/ AIDS in the world. 4. People who have not injected drugs do not need to get tested for HIV. TrueFalse

20 AIDS QUIZ 5. If I had HIV, I would know because I feel sick. 6. HIV/ Aids is difficult to cure. 7. People who have HIV look different from everyone else. 8. It is safe to be friends with people who are living with HIV/ AIDS. True False

21 Red Ribbon an international symbol of HIV and AIDS awareness

22 If it is the only thing you do for World AIDS Day, wear the Red Ribbon on Dec 1st. loving and caring understanding and supporting

23 Let’s enjoy a healthy life and meanwhile care for others.

24 First reading How many parts can the text be divided into? Part 1 : Background information about the disease is Part 2 : Ways to protect yourself Part 3 : Some wrong commonly held myths 3

25 Decide which of these statements are true and which are false. Tick the correct box. 1.It is dangerous to get close to a person with AIDS 2. It is very likely that you will die if you become infected with HIV. TrueFalse HIV/AIDS is only spread through direct contact with infected blood or sexual fluids.

26 3. You can only get HIV from injecting drugs. 4. Evidence shows that men get AIDS more easily than women. TrueFalse You can also get HIV/AIDS from unprotected sex with an infected person. Women are slightly more likely to become infected.

27 5. It could be dangerous to have sex without using a condom. 6. If blood or sexual fluids infected with HIV get into someone’s body, that person could become infected too. TrueFalse

28 7. You should not hug a person with HIV/AIDS. 8. It is easy to tell when a person has HIV/AIDS. TrueFalse You cannot get AIDS from hugging someone. They need all the support you can give them. A person with HIV can appear perfectly healthy.It is only in the last stages of AIDS that a person looks sick.

29 What have you learned in this lesson?

30 HOMEWORK 1. R ead the text for more times and finish the exercise on P23. 2. Writing: My attitude to AIDS (patients). http://www.un.orq/av/special /aids http://www.un.orq/av/special /aids deos.htm deos.htm



33 A name list of the people who got AID/HIV or died of AIDS. Five people die of AIDS every minutes of every day.

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