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International Research Collaboration between Professors —— experiences of Renmin University of China Dr. Wei YUAN Executive Vice President Professor of.

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1 International Research Collaboration between Professors —— experiences of Renmin University of China Dr. Wei YUAN Executive Vice President Professor of Statistics Renmin University of China

2 2 Outline  Basic Facts of Renmin University of China  International Research Collaboration: previous experiences  Further steps  Remarks

3 3 Basic Facts of Renmin University  Located in Beijing  Comprehensive research-oriented University which emphasizes the humanities and social sciences.  22 schools with more than 1,600 teachers.  Philosophy, History, Economics, Law, Journalism, Sociology and Business Administration are scored very well.  22,599 full time students, and half of them are postgraduate students, meanwhile, foreign students take up 7% with 1,599 students.

4 4 Schools Humanities Economics and Management Economics and Management Law & Politics Natural Sciences Chinese Classics Arts Foreign Languages History Literary Studies Agricultural Economics and Rural Development Agricultural Economics and Rural Development Business Economics Finance Information Resource Management Information Resource Management Labor and Human Resources Labor and Human Resources Public Administration Public Administration Statistics International Studies International Studies Journalism and Communication Journalism and Communication Law Marxism Studies Environment and Natural Resources Environment and Natural Resources Information Science Philosophy Sociology and Demography Sociology and Demography

5 5 The campus

6 Prof. YUAN Wei, RUC6 International links: 156 partners in 42 Countries

7 7

8 8 International Students YearCountries 200164 200263 200362 200464 200571 200675 200785 200892

9 9 International Students

10 10 International Research Collaboration Total Research Grants

11 11 International Research Collaboration The Number of Joint Research Projects

12 12 The Co-operations in the field of international studies  More than 10 years ’ research co-operation between Prof. Song Xinning and the Prof. Gustaaf Geeraerts of the Free University of Brussels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel,VUB) With the support of VUB, Renmin University run the MA program European studies taught in English in Beijing Joint Ph.D program Established “ Brussels Institute for Contemporary China Studies(BICCS) ” in VUB

13 13 The Opening Conference of Brussels Institute for Contemporary China Studies

14 14 The postgraduate students of European Studies program visited the European Parliament and European Council

15 15 The RUC graduates of the international studies at the University of Denver Mr.Manuel Barroso, the President of EU, met Renmin Ph.D. Students in Europe.

16 16 The Co-operation in Environmental studies  Research team led by Professor Zou Ji, Vice Dean of School of Environment and Natural resources, has a wide cooperation with several leading research institutions and universities, such as: Harvard University; London School of Economics and Political Science; Stanford University; University of California (San Diego); Vrije Universality Amsterdam; Ca ’ Foscari University of Venice; University of Padua; Ecole des Hantes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, and World Watch Institute (WWI); World Resources Institute (WRI), etc.  In addition, it also cooperates with several governments and intergovernmental institutions, such as governments of Denmark, Italy, and UK; European Commission, UNFCCC, UNDP, UNIDO, DESA, World Bank, as well as some NGOs like WWF, etc.

17 17 “ Economics of Win-Win Energy Policies in China ”  This project is an international cooperation project funded by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The research team in RUC led by Prof. Zou Ji selected two case sectors, including coal-fired power generation sector and passenger car sector, pursued carefully and deeply research and identified the possible technology options, policy options and its corresponding effects for each sector to promoting the diffusion and deployment of advanced energy-saving technologies. Hewlett.  The collaborating research team of Renmin and Harvard University held a workshop on 24th May, 2008 to disseminate the preliminary findings of the project. Professor John Holdren from Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University who was responsible for coordination of the whole program participated this workshop.

18 18 Prof. John Holdren acted as the presenter Prof. Zou ji acted as the Presenter

19 19 Euro-Asian Research and Training in Climate Change Management (CLIMA)  Euro-Asian research and training in Climate change Management (CLIMA) is a project funded by the European Union, within Asia-Link Program, a program dedicated to higher education networking between Europe and Asia. The project aims to prepare, through an integrated scientific and educational approach, a number of technical experts on Management of Climate Change issues, fostering cooperation and creating a scientific network between European and Asian academic institutions.  The project is co-implemented by the European and Asian academic collaboration which is consisted by 7 Universities including Ca ’ Foscari University of Venice, University of Padua, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University of Karachi,Renmin University of China and Tsinghua University.  Professor Zou Ji, Vice Dean of School of Environment and Natural resources is nominated as the chief scientist of the project team in RUC. And under his guidance, the team has achieved great achievement in the implementation of the project especially in the aspects of training and research.

20 20 The project summary conference in Italy The Renmin professors and PhD students attended a meeting at the University of Karachi in Pakistan

21 21 The Co-operation in the field of Rural Development and Anti-poverty  The co-operation came with Prof. Yan Ruizhen and the Prof. Dams, the University of Freiburg, Henrichsmeryer of Bonn University started in 1988. Cultivate the PhD students in 1991 jointly Carried out the ‘ Anti-poverty Project ’ in Taihang Mountains during 1993-2001, German EZE foundation invested RMB 13 million, and 17,000 farmer benefited from this co- operation. And then, between 2002 and 2010, another reduction in poverty scheme has been established in the Helinge ’ er county in Inner Mongolia. The EZE sponsored RMB 12 million to carry on the anti-poverty research and activities.

22 22 Prof. Yan and Prof. Henrichsmeryer from University of Bonn in Henan Province. Prof. Yan and Prof. Dams, and Prof. Edena in Taihang Mountain.

23 Prof. YUAN Wei, RUC23 Cultivate more than 50 Postgraduate students The fruit trees in the terrace of the Taihang Mountains

24 24 Project of the School of Economics  RUC-Monash Advanced Centre for Economic Studies ( ACES) Started from 2004, academic co-operation and postgraduates joint program. Involved 5 Ph.D candidates. RUC: Prof. Yang Ruilong and Prof. Zhang Yongsheng. Monash: Prof. Russell Smyth and Prof. Shi Heling.

25 25 The inauguration ceremony of ACES. Stephanie Fahey, the Vice president of the Monash University with the first group of Ph.D graduates.

26 26 Further steps  Renmin University encourages and supports the academic co-operation between Renmin professors and international partners Support 50 faculty members to do academic research abroad annually. Set up 10 international collaboration research projects annually.

27 27 Closing Remarks  The academic co-operation between professors is the foundation and essence of the University co-operation  The academic co-operation between professors accelerates cultivating the postgraduates project

28 28 Thank you very much for your attention Questions and comments are welcome

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