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Canadian Society and Identity PLO Society and Identity

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1 Canadian Society and Identity PLO Society and Identity
Keep the Americans out, the French in, and make the First Nations disappear. So do we have anything that is Canadian?

2 P 166 Protecting CDN Culture
1939 National Film Board 1957 Canada Council 1952 CBC T.V. 1968 CRTC (CDN Radio-television Telecommunications Commission) We don’t want your culture, but we will take your money: 1. Oil %, % 2. Manufacturing over 50% Don't worry kids, Captain Canada will save you! What exactly is it we’re afraid of?

3 Meanwhile, Les Canadiens…
P 191 Duplessis and the Union Nationale (Nationalists) run Quebec like the Mafia 1960 The Quiet Revolution - ‘Maitres Chez nous’, but also Separatism and the FLQ 1965 a CDN Flag!? 1969, on advice of ‘Bi and Bi commission,’ Official Languages Act Oct The October Crisis and The War Measures Act 1976 PQ and Bill 101 Quebec separation Referendums: --> % vote no, %

4 Meanwhile, we’ve got First Nations…
1876 Indian Act -Assimilation, reserves, -P ’s despite War, Aboriginals still not persons: residential schools, banning of ceremonies like the potlatch,cut-off lands - P right to vote in federal elections -1969 White paper vs. Red Paper -->calls for Self-Government -1990 Oka and the ‘Indian Summer’ -1998 Aboriginal Title defined (hence, Land Claims recognized) -1999 Nunavut - largest treaty ever Oka Crisis

5 But you know I AM CANADIAN!
See ‘Protecting CDN culture’ P 174 1958 Diefenbaker ‘un-hyphenated Canadianism’ Bill of Rights

6 But you know I AM CANADIAN!
P 1965 Pearson Canadian Flag 1966 Pearson Canada Pension Plan & Medicare

7 But you know I AM CANADIAN!
P 177 1968 Trudeau Tudeaumania and a ‘just society’ P official multiculturalism policy P Trudeau Patriates Constitution w/o Quebec. It includes: the Charter of Right and Freedoms An amending formula (7/10 provinces w. 50% of Canada’s population) The notwithstanding clause P 201 Note: 1987 Trudeau also comes out of retirement to state Mulroney’s Meech Lake Accord to recognize Quebec as a distinct society will create ‘two solitudes.’ Note: If Quebec is a distinct society, why not First Nations?

8 But you know I AM CANADIAN!
Don’t forget: David Suzuki and Terry Fox and Hockey! Regionalism Western Alienation (National Energy Policy) and the Bloc Quebecois.

9 Society and Identity Canada tried to form a single identity through First Nation and Canadien assimilation xxx. Women were also forced to the sidelines. But Canada truly became a nation when we accepted that we are our own diverse, and not American xxx, nation and that tolerance and compassion are our greatest attributes xxx. Note: Can you think of an example where you see xxx?

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