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Sam, Charlotte & Leah O PENING T ITLE S EQUENCE P LAN.

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1 Sam, Charlotte & Leah O PENING T ITLE S EQUENCE P LAN

2 S YNOPSIS The film is called “intruder” because it is significant to the story line. If the protagonist never intruded in the antagonist’s house then the whole plot wouldn’t occur. The restrictive narrative is where the film asks lots of questions to create mystery, and this relates to the title of the film because it’s ambiguous because the audience won’t know what the film is about other than an intruder. Logline “Intruder” is an intense action filled twisting hunt about an innocent witness how discovers a body but doesn’t realise that the assassin is still present at the crime scene and tries to prevent the witness from revealing the assassins identity to the police” Synopsis Act 1: Jemima leaf is delivering leaflets to houses, but on her delivery she discovers an unlocked door and enters the house to find a dead body lying on the floor. She turns around and sees that the assassin is still there and is holding a weapon, their intention obviously is to kill the witness so they don’t report them to the police. Act 2: As Jemima is actually the assassin’s boss she goes around her everyday business Act 3: The assassin tracks her down, and attempts to kidnap and kill her Act 4: Jemima reveals her secret to the antagonists whilst being in danger of death. Jemima Leaf is an orphaned college student, who delivers leaflets to pay for her education. She has no family and lives in a lonely world at an orphanage. Whilst delivering leaflets she comes across an unlocked door, and it seems that she decides to investigate to make sure no one has broken in. However, when entering the house she discovers a dead body lying on the floor who has obviously been murdered. Before she can do anything about it, the assassin returns, weapon in hand, and ready to silence her. Jemima escapes with her life and decides forget about what happened and return to her normal everyday life. Meanwhile the assassin is tracking and hunting her down in order to end her life, to make sure she doesn’t report the murder to the police. The assassin begins to stalk her back to her orphanage, and figures out her delivery route. Whilst doing her job, the assassin grabs her and drags her to an alley, but Jemima wrestles her to the ground and is able to get her gun. However, the assassin has gets her gun that she was hiding in her belt, and they are both at gun point with each other. In this intense shoot down, Jemima reveals to the assassin that she is in actual fact the assassin’s boss and that she entered the house to make sure that the assassin had done her job properly.

3 Age: 19Ethnicity: White Russian She comes from a family of Russian mafia, who sent her over to England at the early age of four. She has spent her life training to become a skilful, secret assassin to fulfil the name of her family. She has been sent on many missions by her boss (Jemima Leaf), to kill specific people. She has learnt to ignore any emotions and to only focus on her job and tasks. Since she is a fully trained assassin, she never leaves any traces of her work, making her more difficult to catch. Relating to the thriller genre she is a classic antagonist, who is related to crime and her identity is hidden for most of the film. Jade Bennett Antagonist C HARACTERISATION

4 Age: 20 Ethnicity: White British A college teenager, who was orphaned at an early age of 3, due to her parents dyeing in a car crash. She now lives isolated in an orphanage, with no relatives or friends and because of this she feels like all hope in life is lost. Due to her having no family she has to independently pay for her college fee’s, therefore as a living she delivers leaflets. After being sent to the orphanage she got involved with the wrong group of friends, forcing her to join a ‘secret group’ where she was taught to commit various crimes. As a result of being so good at the roles because she was so focussed since she had nothing left in life for hope, she was put higher up in the hierarchy of the business, becoming the undercover boss of all the assassins. Relating to the thriller conventions she a false hero, which links in to Vladimir Propp’s Character Theory. At first the audience are deceived into thinking she is a hero but due to our film being a restrictive narrative, her role as an antagonist is not revealed until nearer the end. Jemima Leaf False Hero

5 Age: 24Ethnicity: White British She lived with her father who was the former boss of the secret organisation, before Jemima took over the business. Her father betrayed the business, by exposing some of the previous assassins identity’s to the police, because of his actions he was forced to leave the company. However Jemima was personally offended by his betrayal, and killed what was most important to him- his daughter as she wanted revenge. Nancy Palms Victim

6 C OSTUME The assassin’s boss, Jemima Leaf, will have a hidden identity and will reveal herself as a leaflet girl. Therefore, she will be in casual dress such as jeans and a hoodie to look ordinary. She will also be wearing a cross-body bag to carry the leaflets, making it seem more realistic. The assassin, Jade Bennett, will be dressed in black which can illustrate death and negativity. She will look very smart, since she is very focussed on her job tasks. Jade will also wear red lipstick, which can have connotations of danger. The victim, Nancy Palms, will be dressed like an ordinary young female. The use of white and pastel colours suggest purity. A skirt and hair bow make her seem very innocent and sweet, making it easy for the audience to identify that she is the victim.

7 P ROPS Knife with Fake Blood Leaflets Mobile Phone We will include weaponry such as a knife which will be emphasised by the use of fake blood. There will be close ups of the knife dripping with the blood, to dramatize the scene. A prop to be featured in our OTS is leaflets. The reason for this is to emphasise the profession and social status of one of our main characters (Jemima Leaf), it’s a key prop as it helps to keep her identity as an antagonist hidden, which the audience find out later on in the narrative. We will get permission from Sam’s neighbours to post leaflets through their doors when filming. The mobile of Jade (assassin) will be used to show a received text message saying to leave the house to go get something. This leads the narrative as the door is left open, leaving Jemima to enter the crime scene. A kettle and mug will be used by the antagonist Jade Bennett; we will film her drinking tea next to the body of her victim she has just murdered. This will signify she isn’t fazed by the fact she has just killed somebody and hints at her job of an assassin. The kettle will be slightly rusty to create an eerie atmosphere.

8 L OCATIONS Our opening title sequence will take place along Sam’s street on a rainy day to give a more cold and heartless atmosphere. We have decided to film in her street and house because it will show the ordinary side of society, which is always stressed in thriller films, to show how ordinary people get caught up in extraordinary events. The house is an easy location to film in and requires no permission to do so. Jemima Leaf will deliver leaflets down the street, until she reaches Sam’s front door. Meanwhile, a murder will take place in the hallway of the house, and Jade will enter the kitchen to make herself a hot beverage. Then she will go into the living room where she will sit down and drink the cup of tea. She will then go back into the hallway and exit the front door, where soon after Jemima will accidently enter.

9 DÉCOR The living room consists of two sofas and Jade will sit down on the sofa on the right as it directly faces the window, meaning we will have a good light The coffee table will be where the mug of tea will sit and where Jade’s phone will be placed. The counter in the kitchen will be where the knife will be dripping in blood, Jade will also make her cup of tea in here. The body will be lying in the hallway as it is enough space to lie down and to film close ups of the victim.

10 L IGHTING We aim to film on a rainy day, so the lighting will be quite dull. This will show the cold and mysterious atmosphere they live in. This is a typical thriller convention, because there is no joy and a lot of tension. We will also set the Colour Grade as de-saturated blue and greys, similar to the Thriller film examples (left). “Brick”“Collateral” “Se7en”“Cape Fear”

11 SALT Collateral Brick We decided to base Jade Bennett (antagonist) on the main character in the film salt, because she is a Russian assassin who is a strong character. This films contains assassins which inspired us to make our antagonist an assassin. Final Girl We were inspired by the film The Final Girl as the main characters background was very interesting. She was trained at a very young age to fight in a twisted game. We agreed to make our opening title sequence non linear, so it starts with the murder. A thriller film that also does this is Brick, where it starts with the discovery of the murder.

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