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Traditional Stories from Belarus. A Belarusian Tale One day a mower was mowing at the meadow. When he got tired he sat down under a bush to have some.

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2 Traditional Stories from Belarus.

3 A Belarusian Tale One day a mower was mowing at the meadow. When he got tired he sat down under a bush to have some rest. He took out his small bag, undid it and began to chew some bread. A hungry wolf went out from the wood at this time. He saw the mower sitting under the bush eating something. The wolf came up to him and asked:

4 - What are you eating, man?. - Bread, - the mower answered. - Is it delicious? - Yes, it is. - Give me some to taste, please. - Here you are. The wolf liked the bread very much and asked: - I would like to eat bread every day but where could I get it? - OK, - the mower said. - I'll teach you where and how to get bread. So he began to teach the wolf.

5 He said that the wolf had to plough up soil, to sow rye and then wait all winter... - Oh, - the wolf signed, - how long I must wait! But then will I have my bread? - No, you won't! - The mower interrupted the wolf and went on explaining how to make bread. - No, - the wolf signed again, - I don't like this way of getting bread. Isn't there any easier way? The mower said: - OK. Look at the flock of grazing sheep over there. - The wolf ran to the field. It came up to the largest ram and said: - Ram, ram! I'll eat you! 2

6 OK, - the ram said, - may be it is my destiny. But I do not want to suffer too long. You'd better stand near the hill and open your mouth as wide as you can and I'll jump into your mouth. - Thank you for your advice, - the wolf said. And they did so. The ram came up to the hill...and hurt the wolfs head with its horns at his highest speed! Gleams poured out of the wolfs eyes. When the wolf came into his mind he shook his head and asked himself: - I wonder if I have eaten or not. 3

7 Meanwhile the mower finished his work and was on his way home. - No, you haven't eaten the ram but you have tried the easiest way of getting food. Translated by Dina Lyalikhova, a student of l0B class, School No 4, the city of Svetlogorsk, Belarus 4

8 Naroch

9 Rescue

10 How lake Naroch got its name In the very depth of old wood there was a huge lake. It was very beautiful. Stories about its beauty were passed from generation to generation and even to far away countries.. They say that a beautiful girl lived in the village on the lake shore. Her name was Nairita, (Nara) for she was a poor orphan loved by everybody in the village.

11 Nara had smiley blue eyes, thick fair hair and a nice clear voice. She liked to sit on the lakeshore with her friends playing the psaltery and singing. Listening to Nara's songs birds stopped singing and people forgot their misery. One day when Nara was singing a rich widower was riding through the village. - Having heard her wonderful singing he stopped to enjoy it and then said: - What a beautiful flower has grown in the wild wood! You should live in my palace. - I'll be a have to be a servant. - I want you to be my wife! 1

12 Another, a good-looking chap, came up to the Widower and said that Narn was his fiancée and he’d better look for a wife among rich ladies.. The Widower got red-faced with anger and ordered to catch Andrei and send him to his palace. Nobody saw Andrei after that... Soon the rich widower visited Nara again asking if she had made up her mind to accept his proposal. Narita pretended she would. The wedding was fixed 2

13 On that very day the sky was covered with dark heavy clouds when Nara arrived at the widower's palace having got only a tiny bundle with her. She was met by servants and dressed in a posh wedding dress. She looked so beautiful as it was only possible in fairy tales. Nara bowed to the widower and asked to be left in privacy. He agreed but very reluctantly. _. Nara took a few pieces of wood out of her bundle and set on fire in many rooms. 3

14 When black smoke flew from the windows she got out and rushed to that place where she had met Andrei. There she cried bitterly. Meanwhile the widower's men were in the village whipping people and asking where Nara was. Somebody spotted her and they ran to catch the girl. “You won't catch me!” she said and ran to the lake. She jumped into a boat and swam away q quickly.. " I have revenged for they,killed my parents and everybody who' died in your palace. The boat carried Nara further and further and soon she was out of sight. The lake was stormy the whole night. 4

15 Since those times people began to call that lake Naroch by the name of a brave Belarusian girl. Translated from Belarusian into English by:- Marina Loukashyova, a student of l0 B class, School No 4, the city of Svetlogorsk 5


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