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How to renovate the State of continuous Health with such governing element of Body System as shoulder joint. You already know about the importance of Shoulder.

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1 How to renovate the State of continuous Health with such governing element of Body System as shoulder joint. You already know about the importance of Shoulder Joint. But let’s recollect the Law of Cybernetics and (by analogy) the Law of Continuous Health: «Every element of a cybernetic system, which is the most multifunctional, automatically becomes a governing element of the whole system». Your shoulder joint, having the greatest range of possible movements within the whole muscle and joint system (7 degrees of freedom) and thus is a Governing element of motion of the entire Body. And even you Human Mission! Because it is the greatest Freedom of motion in a Joint among the living beings of this world.

2 ...Making a cross sign with a hand is used as a ritual in some religions, it is for this reason that it has gone through centuries as an Act of Physiological Culture, as a Technology of Shoulder Joint Function Renovation.

3 Thus we can make a logical (or Sensphysiological) conclusion: by the Act of Crossing oneself as an Act of Physiological culture and by the act of Shoulder Joint Function Renovation a Homo Sensus can achieve the state of Continuous Health of all neuromuscular systems and Body in general! You won’t deny this fact: animals firs feel something with their teeth and claws and a Homo Sapiens first puts out a hand… and in different directions. But he can do that only because he possesses the freedom of motion in his Shoulder joint.

4 You know that religious societies are constantly debating how to make a sign of a cross. With two fingers or three or maybe all five… It’s a pity that Jesus’ apostles failed to remember everything he taught. Stop debating! A Homo Sensus never argues with anybody about anything. – why would you do that if You are Right! And they are Right TOO!! You, being a Homo Sensus, completely realize the mission of a Shoulder joint relative to Human Mind and Health as well as the mission of the Act of Crossing as an element of Physiological culture, i.e. Shoulder Joint Renovation. Renovation of the very Joint which gives you freedom of manipulations in space for realization of Mind and Human Mission on the planet! And use an Crossing approach to Mind and Body state control – in order to do that make cross sign right – join all the finger tips… AND LOOK AT THEM

5 Have you examined them? Are you pleasantly surprised? There’s a Five Point Star-shaped hole between the tips of joined fingers! And now look at well known chemical diagram of Ion and Molecular Interaction of Water Molecules… As it has become evident – the Star between joined finger tips and the model of interaction of water molecules are Informational Analogues! (see the Law of Analogy in Action)

6 That’s why before the Procedure of making a cross of continuous health and sanity try to join finger tips in such a way that they form a nice harmonious star. Then nails in this Virtual and Practical water model as an element of the TECHNOLOGY OF BODY WATER BALANCE RENOVATION will play the role of Hydrogen and finger tips - of Oxygen… (you do have to accept the Theory of Sensphysiological Crossing) Water molecules, Informational Interaction Nails – Hydrogen Finger tips – Oxygen

7 How does this interaction happen? Due to electrostatics. On this Figure you can see the process of Hybridization, resulting in a Water Molecule And with this Figure I want to show you how due to Sensphysiology and its Virtual Visualization of Hybridization process and important fact becomes obvious – Uterus with Ovaries (i.e. the processes of ovulation, fertilization and birth, disease prevention etc.) are just processes in a big Water Molecule! I.e. Uterus is Water in the state of Self Realization. And it would be a sin for you not to use THIS knowledge. You know indeed that a Human is comprised of Water molecules! And what does he/she breath in? Them! Water molecules! And what does he/she eat and drink? Them! Water molecules. But you should know one more thing. When you breath in, eat or drink Water Molecules, most of them, are in the state of Hybridization. i.e. in the state of Intraspecific Interaction, which creates a group in the form of abovementioned “spatial snake”, the cross section of which is ideally similar to Five Point star, formed by your fingertips!

8 On the basis of Virtual Visualization, offered by Sensphysiology for realization of the Action of the Fundamental Laws of the Universe you learn that each Spinal Bone is in fact a “bone” Water Molecule! Relatives – Spinal column on the left and Water Molecule on the right. On this complex figure the process of Hybridization is shown “from above” to create the possibility of Process Technology Visuality. I.e. this is the way a Molecular star from finger tips is created and Informational Combination of molecules is formed – for “DNA coat” and that of human body, which is created Around A Spinal Column… I haven’t shown a Scull here as one of Spinal bones, finishing the development of Water into Human Image. Both Spinal Column and DNA coil are “spinned” by water into this five-element i.e. “five-point- star” communication of molecules!!!

9 In this picture we can see Water molecule Hybridization process resulting in Breath, Eye and Human Being development In these Figures you are shown only some of the examples of Body Structure and Physiology as Hybridization process of water molecules for you to Realize the Technology of crossing for Continuous Health. But you, being a Homo Sensus, will be interested to know, WHO do Water Molecules see between themselves, i.e. in the center of Fife Canted Communication Systems (in the circle of molecules)?! The Sensphysiological answer is: anything but emptiness!!! – The energy of intention!!! That’s why when a Homo Sensus decides to make a sign of cross, he touches himself with a star, formed by Finger Tips, representing Hydrogen and Oxygen of Ideal (Initial) Water Molecule. Forehead, Navel, Chest, Belly… any part of Yourself – showing in this way the INTENTION you want to realize at this Moment of Life! For that purpose there is a “basic” type of crossing for Continuous Health – you have to touch the point of joining of floating ribs and both shoulders (bone protrudence)

10 Note! It’s so good to be a military man! Shoulder straps have been made so that they more often than anyone could make a cross sign for Continuous Health. He touches his head –a cap and cap brace are there. He touches his belly – there’s something in the stomach. Then touches one shoulder strap and the other – i.e. feels with his molecular star how many stars he’s merited, to be sure he can be recognized as a Soldier or a General… In this way he checks everything, making a cross meanwhile, and he never falls ill! So he can keep on striving for orders and new stars on shoulder straps! in order to later make Cross sign for Health by touching with SATISFACTION cap brace, orders and stars with an intention to perform a FEAT! Note the “Satisfaction” factor as a state required at any Sensphysiological Crossing process for your intention to be embodied. The Water you are comprised of, likes THIS intention.

11 When renovating the function of Shoulder Joint and Water environment of the Body (pollutant removal), i.e. Crossing for Continuous Health State, it is better to touch the Top of the Head with a Star of Ideal Water Molecules. Vladimir Monomakh for example knew very well how to make a cross sign in a right and a quick way! He just touched with joined finger tips to Cross elements on his well known hat… That’s why he achieved so much. And if he didn’t keep it in secret our Civilization might make a big step in its development! Pharaohs tell us about it with their frescoes Sahasrara Chakra Indian Philosophy

12 Sensphysiological crossing or crossing for Continuous Health is done on the basis of certain Laws and Rules of Water Sensphysiology – it is Laws and Rules that Ideal Water likes to meet. If you, for example, want to go in your life together with the others, then when making a cross sign turn your hand to the right first, but if you want to find your own place in life and, above all, your own way, turn your hand to the left first… I.e. do just like drivers do. When turning left they let pass all the cars moving straight and also those which are moving in opposite direction… And when the way is clear from both they turn left on their way… And this is according to our traffic rules. In Great Britain, Australia and Japan everything is vice versa. But you can well belong there! It is not an intersection. It is a moment of Intention Embodiment.

13 That is in the act of Sensphysiological Crossing, everything is not that straight forward and simple as it seems. Have you made up your mind to take a turn? Turn wherever you want, but keep to rules and laws. But when making a Cross Sign for Health (Sensphysiological crossing) you will not just swing your arms, but do it in such a way so as to provide for Realization by the Body the Law of Axis with both Left and Right Arm but without participation of Body trunk. Feel how Shoulder Joint alone makes the cross sign. Those who cannot listen to the Actions of the Joint, make a sign of cross without listening, but form a Nice and Harmonious star with finger tips! It has a great power – the Power of Pure Intention! And even with this Crossing you can help the Lord to eliminate the Main Disease of many – Immobility of Initiation Actions. Not your actions, but the freedom of prominent Body Parts: Actions by Freedom of Arms– due to the Freedom of Shoulder Joint, Actions by Freedom of Legs - due to the Freedom of Hip Joint, Actions by Freedom of Head - due to the Freedom of Tongue Bone...

14 Sensphysiology proves: Tongue bone gives Human Head freedom of Thinking i.e. the freedom of Mind. Sensphysiology of Tongue Bone is very simple – it is a DESKTOP OF THE BRAIN. Its research is a separate important topic of Physiological Culture and Knowledge range of a Homo Sensus about Technologies of Renovation of Continuous Health State… (but everything is obvious from the Figures, shown here) This is tongue bone Axis – second neck vertebra (top view) – is on the left It is behind the neck bone, but I changed the perspective for better visualization of Physiological Processes. I.e. Axis is a “Sitting Buddha”, who directs such a “horse” as Human Body by means of Tongue bone.

15 Since you may lack time for reading I offer a series of additional Figures to learn these Conclusions of Sensephysiology – for you not to forget WHAT Physiological Culture is about. (about Crossing as a Technology of Renovation of Continuous Health and Sanity) A Homo Sensus can see on these figures the Idea of creation of Tongue Bone by the God. This is the second neck vertebra again (Axis) But from a different perspective for Visualization of Analogies. Scull is balanced on it while a Human is still alive (can you see Axis’ shoulder straps and epaulettes?) It would be interesting to know, WHO introduced Shoulder straps?! Now you know a little bit WHY. And this is a random (but not quite) Figure from the web (I added a picture of Axis here) Now you also know “Where Head and Arms live from”

16 Now you will agree with me that Axis is Buddha of the Body. Here the perspective for visualization is perfect for understanding Sensphysiology of Human Anatomy and Religious movements. And this is Buddha, he is meditating, i.e. listening to the work of tongue bone and Scull balance quality on the Second Neck Vertebra. Buddha examines which Tendon-muscle system connects them: like a coachman and horses! But why has Buddha informed people about such TECHNOLOGY as “Axis Pose”, but hasn’t informed about its mode of action?

17 Now you can become Buddha! When making a sign of Cross for Continuous Health touch your Chin with a Star formed with finger tips, joined together (Analogue of Ideal Water) … Just don’t raise your head up high, as shown on the Figure… Or if you do look at the Purity of the Sky! In this way you’ll show to the One Who Pulls Up the state of your Lian Tsuan point (if it is free) Here is the point of Chinese medicine called Lian Tsuan - it has a meaningful name: Lateral Source. A side source for a Human is the Hand and its Actions (as physical display of a Human) Thoughts and actions (as metaphysical display). There also are the following names of the point: the source of unselfishness and modesty. Try to find the answer WHY Lateral Source and Chin tip are given THOSE names?! (see below) Conception Meridian

18 Also note that Tongue Bone is the center of Muscle Pyramid and the Point of Modesty (Lateral Source) is the Angle of the Pyramid! In this figure you can see a Pyramid made of Functional Muscle Groups, which form in the Tongue Bone area a “Miniature pyramid of Cheops and Maya”. Here is a scheme (it was rotated for better visualization) of internal tunnels and chambers in Cheops’ pyramid for comparison.

19 You, being a Homo Sensus, have Learnt WHY… to be able to Renovate Continuous Health State of the Internal Environment of the Body (Water) by means of Crossing. You cannot deny that a Pyramid is a spatial Cross for Modeling both Water and Human.

20 I sympathize those who have long nails. To my greatest regret you are deprived of Continuous Health by the Creator!... Just because HE (the Creator) designed the nails of Homo Sapience to BREAK ALL THE TIME. To break so that you could join you fingers in a specific way to form a Sensphysiological Star (Ideal Water analogue) and to make a sign of cross, Renovating in yourself the State of its (Water’s) Continuous Health.

21 But the MAIN IDEA the Creator had in mind when designing Nails was to deprive Homo Sapiens of a habit (even the slightest possibility!!!) to grasp and tear his pray apart, activating his Aggression in the Environment… The God designed a Human to never be able to hold it (the prey)! I.e. for him not to be in the state of prey possession which eliminates Curiosity and Interest in moving in Space to Realize the Mission of a Human on the Planet.

22 Examine carefully, analyze and realize the WARNING of a GENIUS (painting by Leonardo da Vinci) “How nails turn into Physical and Psychological claws

23 After crossing Mind and Health – with a Star of Ideal Water – you can, if you want, to perform Sensphysiological Crossing of the Body with maximum spread Finger Tips (palm center is open). And if you make the distance between the fingers equal… (you can adjust the distance between the fingers with the other hand) It will be unexcelled and efficient Action of all Fundamental Laws of the Universe to achieve Purity of your Internal Environment

24 There are people who for some reasons haven’t become Homo Sensus yet, i.e. haven’t mastered Physiological Culture on the Stage of transition of Homo Sapience to new quality of his Physiology and because of that are not in the State of Continuous Health in the form of Freedom of shoulder joint. In this case touch Crossing points with Middle Finger… Since those who have reached the Transition to Civilization of Homo Sensus, can easily touch bone protrusions of both shoulders – even with palm center! Where there is a Lao Gong point or a “Temple of Labor”, Lao Gong “Temple of labor” “which influences mouth and throat” - Sais Treatise of Chinese medicine! i.e. it influences exactly what only Homo Sensus is excellent at (go back to the information about Tongue bone…)

25 And if you follow Christ’s covenant in your life and on your way – “Be like children”, you’ll be able to reach Both Shoulders at Sensphysiological Crossing even with the center of your wrist! And as soon as you move you fingers during this process you form (attention!!) Angel’s Wings (Cherubim wings) with your spaced Fingers! AND IT IS THIS KNOWLEDGE THAT HAS GONE THROUGH CENTURIES WITH A FAMOUS RELIGIOUS SYMBOL

26 You will always remember that the Rite of Religious Crossing is one of the Technologies of Physiological Culture, given to people, which Creates and Renovates Homo Sapiens. That’s why baptizing in a Church is conducted not as a Rite unknown in its essence but as an act of Renovation of Continuous health state. That’s why men are blessed while standing (to be always ready is their prerogative). Note that the Creator designed men to be taller than women, so that they could observe the world and see both threats and opportunities. At the same time Women can Renovate themselves by blessing along with squatting (to be always here and now is their prerogative). That’s why the Creator made woman’s body with heavier bottom part so that it’s easier for her to squat down to a child, who is smaller, using forces of gravity. For her Squatting during the Act of Blessing is training “feminity from the Creator”. Or when making a cross sign you can use a secret of Pharaohs and Sumers which you are already aware of I.e. the energy of a thumb

27 By realizing the Laws on which Sensphysiological crossing is based (Crossing of Continuous Health and Sanity), you actually have a right to deviate from any Rules and Rites. That’s the reason why you were created by the God as a PERSON WITH THE FREEDOM OF WILL! That’s why you can modify Crossing by yourself doing it: when standing, sitting, lying or standing on your knees… Any way you want! For example you can make a transition from One Shoulder to the Other through the Center of Head and touch Vertex… As Ukrainian Cossacks, Vladimir Monomakh, Hindu (Sahasrara chakra) do – it is necessary for Ideal Information Fixation. Or when making a transition of Ideal Water, touch the points that you are already familiar with: THAO DAO (path of change) and DA CHJUI (Big circle), i.e. points, joining all energy meridians (they are below seventh neck vertebra) Can’t reach it? It’s not a problem! Touch HOU CI point then (you can see it on the figure). It will be better if doing so you make a Star, shaped like a Ideal Water Molecule, with the Fingers of the Other Hand… HOU CI is not just HOU CI, its name is the MASTER OF THE FLOW!!!

28 In Ukrainian and Russian languages this area is called Makivka or Makushka, both words also meaning poppy-head. Hundred meetings (many), Thousand petals (many) Seeds in a poppy-head – many Different cultures but the essence is the same. It’s amazing, WHY have people made SUCH knowledge a Big secret?... Don’t forget that you are Making a Transition of Water Molecules that at the Moment of satisfaction and Crossing are in the Phase of Informational Ideal And the Crossing itself is required as “religious exercises” for your fixation as an Ideal! You also can Cross a Problem area with a Star of Ideal Information (maybe you feel pain or itch etc.) But it will be better if you also touch your Head… And even touch the point in the Center of the Head, which is called BAI HUI in China, meaning “Hundred Meetings” or “Unification of everything”, in India it is called Sakha Sara, meaning “Thousand pellets of Lotus”. And you know where Lotus grows – only in Clean Water!

29 And you can – not to scare the Internal – not to touch the Skin, which is a protective Armor of the body, at all!! You can make a sign of cross for Health, Influencing the Problem according to the LAW OF AXIS! (which is more effective). In this way you’ll Unite Two Opposites by Balanced Interactions… In this way – according to Fundamental Laws of the Universe and the Laws of the Water itself THEY CROSSED AND TOUGHT TO CROSS. But a lot of time has passed and something was lost in the centuries…

30 And perhaps it was forgotten because Centuries Ago we didn’t have neither an Electronic Microscope nor Chemistry, Physics, Cybernetics, Informatics nor even Anatomy and Physiology… That’s why no one could See a Ideal Water Molecule and Compare it with a fantastic and beautiful star formed with Finger Tips… And moreover realize the sense of Baptizing in water!

31 Chinese as you may know from their History tried to make the same Star with Toes and in order to do that they bandaged women’s feet. (do you want to Know why only Women’s feet?!) But since the Essence and Goal and Mission of this important Act were lost, it was given up as useless. Even though the name of the procedure “Lotus Feet” speaks for itself... i.e. it shows DIRECT influence of joined toes on crown of the head, creating “Hundred meetings” (Children) “Connection of everything” (Health) and “Thousand petal Lotus” (Healthy generations)! But you, being a Homo Sensus, have already learned Why such bandaging was done and for that reason, when crossing (the Moment of Body Renovation) just clench Toes, even if it hurts. It is going to be Analogue of the Act of Formation of Information Star (here with Toes) Moreover that a point, called “Big Flowing Spring”, which is already familiar to you, is activated and “attracts” all the Information from the Center of the Planet!!! This exercise is called Chinese figurine And shows the image of essence of bandaging women’s feet

32 Examine carefully, analyze and realize the GIFT OF GENIUS (painting by Leonardo Da Vinci “Jean Baptist”), the GIFT OF PHARAOH (the statue) and the GIFT OF THE YELLOW EMPEROR. The Statue and Jean Baptist show the place of intersection of Vibration Meridians… by the way by joining the little finger and middle finger you can cure radiculitis and facilitate getting up from an armchair and it is also a prevention of all problems of a Human. Look carefully at previous picture of the military men and you will know what stimulated their heroic dedication and ability to cross the Alps... Different times, Different ages, but the essence is the same! Brain Vibration MeridianHeart Vibration Meridian

33 Or touch your navel and Antinavel (Initiation Perfect development Memory regeneration)- You can make the sign of the cross any way you like, because it’s not a ritual, but a PHYSIOLOGICAL GAME! Shoulder joint in any case will be very grateful to you for help. Hub of the Universe Ritual Hub of the Universe of Christians Fibonacci “Golden Spiral” unwinds from every external Element of Human Body into infinity and each element of the infinity is connected to Human Body Human Body Model of perfect proportions. I added the spirals to visualize Why religions prescribe to kneel, when praying.

34 It will be even more grateful for the fact that you REMEMBER about it and its Important Function! Listen to Yourself and your Body after Sensphysiological Crossing and Watch how instantly the body arranges everything back to order – both Inside and Outside your self! I.e. imposes order in the Temple-House. You can make a cross sign with each finger in turn, or with two fingers – thumb and forefinger, forefinger and middle finger, or three of them together, or with thumb only (according to the Secret of Pharaoh)! Or with thumb and each finger alternatively. Or with Thumb, third and little finger… The last type is one of the special methods of Sensphysiology – Technology of Crossing for Continuous Health – for “repairs”, besides shoulder joint, such important organs as Stomach and Heart… etc Cross for Health and Sanity any way you want! Because crossing for Health is no longer a Ritual, but a PHYSIOLOGICAL GAME! Shoulder joint, as I already mentioned will return thanks with Skillful and Confident control of all your motions, which will help you to achieve Freedom and Infinity.

35 But Crossing Technology of Continuous Health and Mind while preparing Body for Realization and Transition to a different Reality takes a special place in researches of Sensphysiology. It is important for you to realize that even after such Act of Life as complete transition of a Homo Sapience into a Different reality (there’s even an expression “to leave for a different world”) there still remains something after a Human – SOMETHING that is almost imperishable. In Practical Infinity Human creations are imperishable elements which remain after him… and his skeleton bones (archeologists discover them after millions of years) and they also are Body CENTER. I.e. actually Bones are CENTER of Body MOVEMENT!

36 Skeleton bones Skin That’s how bone tissue looks under microscope That’s how Hub of the Universe looks from the space It proves that bones are the Hub of the Body MUSCLES When you exercise always remember that ONLY A THIEF DISRUPTS THE CENTER OF SCALES. Can you see any difference? – I can’t.

37 And if a Homo Sensus combines the given Facts and Knowledge about Function and Governing role of Shoulder Joint over the whole “Human” system, including such Center Of CONTINUAL BODY STRUCTURING as Bones. Having Combined those Factors and Knowledge a Homo Sensus can add the Act of Sensphysiological Crossing to the Act of Preparation for Sleeping. For some people it even has to become one of frequent skills of Physiological culture. By the way it is distinctly reflected in many messages of Pharaohs

38 In this decision – to ADJUST BONES – there is very simple Logic You, due to the imperishability of the skeleton as a NAVEL FEEDING THE BODY During sleeping you’ll be able to Achieve Renovation of other Counterparts of the Skeleton i.e. of Skin, Muscles, Organs etc. After crossing continuous for Health and Sanity it would be useful sometimes to do the following procedure: ADJUST BONES (to be more precise, the skeleton) Though not the skeleton itself but the Main Governing element of the skeleton, which is the SKULL TOP

39 One more “theoretical” pattern of Crossing Technology. While reading the Video-Books and realizing the Fundamental Laws of the Universe you learned the Sensphysiological law of pencil more than once (you previously learned it when getting familiar with the Law of Axis). Now let’s expand the Perspective on the Action of this Law. The essence of the law is: “a pencil writes and draws” The basis of the law: ink pen also writes if: 1.The tip of the pen is smooth and shiny. 2. When there is some ink. 3. Until ink dries out in the pen

40 You already know that according to the Law of Axis Bones and Skin are two opposites like opposite ends of a Pen and Pencil. And when I create something I hold Pen/ Pencil at certain place according to the Law of Axis. And if at the prominent moment of Creation I FOCUS the point of pencil graphite or point of a pen on something (to bring this something into the world) Then the opposite of the pen/pencil point – my inspiration, for example – also moves according and similar to the pen or pencil, creating HOLOGRAPHIC INFORMATIONAL ANALOGUE of my Goal. They – Pen/ Pencil points – are Concentrators of my Inspiration and my Attention and my action – i.e. the One who Holds the Center of the Axis.

41 Now let’s make a Logical Conclusion according to the Law of Axis. (as I’ve already mentioned, a prominent one for mankind) The movement of Hand Muscles and Body in General must be minimal, i.e. sufficient only for effort producing the Act of Creation – and energy use for arm motions is almost zero! The transition from Invisible (Thought) to Visible, which further will be Materialized into SOMETHING! Thus writing is an eternal engine of a Human (physically!!!) You may tell me: a pencil can eventually be used up and everything written and drawn can sometimes be erased! But something remains unerased! The movement of Leonardo da Vinci’s pencil hasn’t been erased as well as that of Shevchenko or Pushkin… Besides, nothing written with the tip of a Pen/ Pencil OPPOSITE TO MY INTENTION can be erased – it is written in the Molecules of Space Water.

42 Then people sharpen the graphite. And it is used up again… and it is sharpened over again… But as long as a Pencil is a Pencil SOMETHING ALWAYS REMAINS from it, something one can take hold of to Write Messages to the Humankind. But you must admit that when a Pencil (here Work of Hand Muscles) is used to write down ONLY Genius ideas, it can persist for a long time! But actually you are right – graphite can be used up with time. And a candle burns down

43 Skeleton bones as MAXIMUM INTERNAL. They are similar to Pencil end, which ALLEGEDLY DOESN’T WRITE, but lives until the last opportunity of the Pencil to fulfill its function!!! It is by REMAINING Immortal Remnant this Pencil End (in our Sensphysiological analysis it is a bone) SHOWS a Homo Sensus with its life that Humankind has known (but hasn’t used) for a long time the Recipe to Achieve Infinity of such “pencil” as human life It is SKIN and HAIR of a Human that contact the External world (they “draw” the shape of a Human in space) IT IS THE FORM OF THE “HOLY TRINITY”: PEN, PEN POINT AND INK.

44 A pen, unlike pencil, can’t be used up and it is rarely thrown away (though it can be lost or left somewhere)… But even lost or forgotten pen Still Persists! It’s not without a reason that there is a term “eternal pen” What is this Eternal Pen in a Human from the standpoint of Sensphysiology and Technology of Crossing for Continuous Health and Sanity?! Based on the Concepts of Sensphysiology of Homo Sapiens’ Design it is Hair! which as it is known grow even after the death – WHY?! The following element, according the Hierarchy of Eternity, is the one which holds the Eternal Pen (Hair) – Skin. It looks so thing, tender and fragile… And it turns out that the Ink is Sweat?! The ink with which a Human WRITES himself in space.

45 That’s why when you fulfill the Act of Conscious Crossing for Renovation of your Continuous Health and Sanity, try to recall at least sometimes where you have the greatest quantity of Eternal Pens! This is hair on the head, under arms, on pubis and as long as men are concerned – on the chin, under nose, belly and chest – that’s the discrimination!!! And touch your eternal pens with a Star, formed be Joined Finger Tips (Analogue of Ideal Water), in such way filling the Eternal Pen with Ink… not your sweat, but the information of Ideal from the Bottom of Your Mind.

46 Sensphysiology proves that NAILS are PALM HAIRS joined together. Even chemical-biological composition of Nails and Hair (keratin) is identical! Digression for those interested: “Teeth are Lip hairs joined together” On a Human Body only palms, feet and lips are not covered with hair. WHY?! Don’t they want to “write” or to “use their ink”? (Sensphysiological “joke”) But you must admit that when you are Writing SOMETHING by YOURSELF the final point of your Hand, which realizes your Genius Thoughts is a finger! And on the finger the final point of “information output” is your nail…...

47 The final point of information reception from the nail is space. And to be more precise – Mankind, which “receives” Information from a Genius (You) FOR MANKIND TO SEE WHAT A GENIUS SEES! Pharaohs, Maya, Sumers, Ancient Greeks thought this way when prepared messages for us in form of Sculptures, Hieroglyphs etc. FOR US TO SEE! Thus by consistently studying the Law of Pencil/ Pen we can make a Logic and outstanding Conclusion for the Mankind: “such part of our Body as Nail is in its essence is an Eternal Pen, which “draws” in space (i.e. Develops into the Visible and Records) a life of a Certain Person – i.e. Shows his/her Function and Mission among other Human Beings!” And accordingly, a nail DRAWS a Picture of Eternity in the Acts of Reality and Physiology of the Body (by the way, the nail draws Water!!!). Я

48 Nail is really Eternal Pencil! When graphite is used up it itself grows and sharpens its tip (Graphite) – in such a way that it doesn’t need sharpening! Nail is really an Eternal Pencil because its “Graphite” grows all the time! Graphite

49 Let’s repeat once again the Sensphysiological Law of Eternal Life: «Nail is like a Pencil, the Point of which is used up (one or even two millimeters a week)… But it regrows Over and Over again, it is also an Eternal Pen, in which Ink doesn’t dry out!!» Paintings and Hieroglyphs show that the pen of the goddess MA’AT and the Goddess herself symbolize the essence of the world and the universe. Everything the world is composed of is created with the pen of the Goddess MA’AT. The creator weigh on the Scales of Truth the Heart (the essence) of a Person and balances it against the pen.. The Lightness of the Heart is equal to the lightness of Actions of Nails of Eternal Pens of a Human. (the Sensphysiological conclusion from this message) Here we can see the order of Everything created with Eternal Pens due to the Freedom of Fingers and Ribs (that’s what the Goddess MA’AT demonstrates)

50 Genius poet A.S. Pushkin said: Гениальный Поэт А.С.Пушкин недаром писал: ”One can be a sensible person and still think about the beauty of nails” (He didn’t tell about the length of nails as you can see (my note)) By consistent analysis of these Facts you’ll realize that when making a sign of cross with a Star of Ideal Water, there will always be enough INK (for the lifetime of a Human)!!! And write Genius things into Infinite Further. …But at such Act of imperishability of Personal Life as Realization of Own Mission and Genius (as at emphasizing this Fact by Crossing), you have to touch hair at the top of the head (even if there is no hair any more) with a nail as a final point of informational output. (there is always an informational counterpart) For the One who Pulls Up to see WHAT he has to hold you on in this Wonderful World. (not on the Hair but the Actions in Realization of Genius!) Higher and higher, Despite gravity

51 And what is going to happen to You if the One who Pulls up will get tired to pull? Help him. HOW? The Secret of Imperishability of your Personal Life and Continuous Genius and Renovation of your Body is very simple: “the emptier your head is from the Past, the more it is filled with Warmth to people – to those who are near, those who are farther and far away and even those who are infinitely distant – the higher and higher it (the Head) raises your imperishable skeleton! And it holds your imperishable Skeleton in Vertical position over the Planet so that the Wind of Life blew upon this “Genius Structure” all around… creating Human Body in this way” (realizing the thesis of Hermes’ annals: “And the wind gestated him”)

52 Because you, having become a Homo Sensus, are sure and its obvious to you that infinity of your life is so easy to achieve! – you have to make use of Infinity of opportunities and obligatory using up nail keratin as well as limitless “ocean of never drying” Ink. You always remember that Homo Sapiens’ Body is created “for Verticality” and you are sure that your Vertical Mobility as a Human is the State of Continuous Health and Sanity… And when your Sanity Clears the Head (this Balloon, filled with water (92%)) from the Burden of PAST information – from the “good” and “bad” that happened SOME TIME in the PAST and even!!! from Genius NOW by the action of such Eternal Pens as Fingers... Then it becomes possible to realize the PAST and PRESENT at this LAST MOMENT! It happens due to the Action of your Hands – your eternal Pens and Pencils, which you never lose! The way you create this Moment determines the Next moment and the Following ones… and all your life, comprised of these FOLLOWING MOMENTS.

53 Homo Sensus has to remember WHAT (except Heat) can be used to fill head-balloon (dirigible of your mind) for it to rise high, and by doing so to help the One Who Pulls Up… Maybe with Helium, or Hydrogen or maybe Argon?! Most likely with the latter since Argon, just like a Homo Sensus is inert! ! It is always tolerant to everything it never enters into any reactions with anyone and anything – same as a Homo Sensus. Because Genius asked You to be neutral to everything– A.S. Pushkin... The same idea is reflected in the message of Pharaohs (on the left) Let’s stop! We are studying the Act of Sensphysiological Crossing as a Factor of Physiological Culture and it is PHYSIOLOGY, not PSYCHOLOGY.

54 So you make a conclusion that we study Crossing with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is Inert too – for it no one is superior or inferior. You use crossing as an Act of Physiological Culture and Technology of Continuous Health and Sanity Renovation… But where do we get eternal Ink for Eternal writing and Creation (eternal Inspiration)?! And what do we have to do not to lose Pens and, most importantly, caps, which prevent ink from drying?! But when you see them, Note how Pharaohs took care about us and how much Gold they used for Information – since Gold doesn’t react with anything and can persist longer than anything; they wanted to achieve one thing – they wanted us to SEE SOME TIME (our Eternal Pens too) AND REALIZE OURSELVES AND OUR WAY. Apologies of the author: here I wanted to show you the caps for Eternal Pens from the Tomb of Tutankhamen (golden caps for Fingers) as information/ message from the Pharaoh about the aforesaid. Pictures of them disappeared when I was preparing the Book and it is strongly prohibited to take pictures in Caro Museum.

55 You can learn about these and other Messages from Yu (Higher intelligence) from my Video-Book: “How Pharaohs went to space”

56 ATTENTION! When crossing for the State of Continuous Joyful Activity with such eternal Pen as Nail tips, filled with such “Ink” as Water Molecules from the messages of YOUR THOUGHTS, It is in the moment when areas with hair are touched – Underarms, Head, Pubis, Under nose, Chin etc, that the Ideal Reverse Cycle of Shoulder Joint and Breath Cycle is normalized (That’s why you needed to know the Theory of Crossing) In the center of a complex figure, demonstrating the Processes, going on at Sensphysiological Crossing, a scheme of ergonomics of Human Rib is shown; the Rib, just like a whirlpool of water molecules is “twirled” under the action of Shoulder Joint at Crossing

57 I have to warn you. Using of Sensphysiological Crossing at the moment of Preparing for Sleeping as for an Act of Renovation of Health and Sanity and at the same time for a trip to Other Worlds – don’t touch the coating of your Realization Body (Skin)! Because organs and systems covered with this powerful Protecting Armor are reading the information transferred from Fingers through Hair Antennas and will Realize it into a Genius. No doubt it’s going to Happen! Professor Alexandr Kharchenko Lutsk, tel: 80508760217 E-mail:

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