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1 Japanese activities in LHC Takahiko Kondo, KEK November 28, 2005 KEK-DESY 1st Collaboration Meeting in Tokyo.

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1 1 Japanese activities in LHC Takahiko Kondo, KEK November 28, 2005 KEK-DESY 1st Collaboration Meeting in Tokyo

2 2 1994.12CERN Council approved LHC in 2 steps 1995.5Monbusho announced 1st contribution to LHC of 5 BYen (65 MCHF). 1996.3 India announced contribution of $ 12.5M. 1996.6Russia agreed with contribution of 67MCHF (incl. detectors). 1996.Canada agreed with contribution of Canadian$ 30M. 1996.12Monbusho announced 2nd contribution of 3.85 BYen (44 MCHF). 1996.12CERN Council approved LHC in 1-step. 1997.12US agreed with contribution of $200M (accelerator) + $331M (detectors). 1998.5Monbusho announced 3 rd contribution of 5 BYen (56 MCHF). 2002.6LHC completion changed to 2007. Brief history

3 3 KEK developed/constructed 16 low-  insertion quadpole magnets for LHC IPs. LHC Construction FermilabKEK Interaction point

4 4 LHC Low-  Insertion Quadupoles by KEK Designed by KEK, Manufactured by Toshiba, High Gradient: G = 215 T/m, Large Aperture : 70 mm at Toshiba at KEK for excitation test

5 5 LHC Low-b Insertion Quadupoles by KEK vertical test station at KEK for field measurement Quench history of 19 magnets All magnets exceeded 215T/m. Multipole components are controlled at 10 -4 or smaller. Coils were shipped to Fermilab for installation into cryostats. R&D on Nb3Al conductor to be started soon for LHC upgrade.

6 6 ATLAS Collaboration Diameter25 m Barrel toroid length26 m End-cap end-wall chamber span46 m Overall weight 7000 Tons Construction cost ~ 540 MCHF+…

7 7 ATLAS Collaboration Diameter25 m Barrel toroid length26 m End-cap end-wall chamber span46 m Overall weight 7000 Tons Construction cost ~ 540 MCHF+… as of Nov. 4 2005

8 8 ATLAS Collaboration 34 Countries 151 Institutions ~1300 Scientific Authors 15 institutes from Japan ~ 60 physicists 10 institutes from Germany ~ 110 physicists Albany, Alberta, NIKHEF Amsterdam, Ankara, LAPP Annecy, Argonne NL, Arizona, UT Arlington, Athens, NTU Athens, Baku, IFAE Barcelona, Belgrade, Bergen, Berkeley LBL and UC, Bern, Birmingham, Bonn, Boston, Brandeis, Bratislava/SAS Kosice, Brookhaven NL, Bucharest, Cambridge, Carleton/CRPP, Casablanca/Rabat, CERN, Chinese Cluster, Chicago, Clermont-Ferrand, Columbia, NBI Copenhagen, Cosenza, INP Cracow, FPNT Cracow, Dortmund, JINR Dubna, Duke, Frascati, Freiburg, Geneva, Genoa, Glasgow, LPSC Grenoble, Technion Haifa, Hampton, Harvard, Heidelberg, Hiroshima, Hiroshima IT, Indiana, Innsbruck, Iowa SU, Irvine UC, Istanbul Bogazici, KEK, Kobe, Kyoto, Kyoto UE, Lancaster, Lecce, Lisbon LIP, Liverpool, Ljubljana, QMW London, RHBNC London, UC London, Lund, UA Madrid, Mainz, Manchester, Mannheim, CPPM Marseille, MIT, Melbourne, Michigan, Michigan SU, Milano, Minsk NAS, Minsk NCPHEP, Montreal, FIAN Moscow, ITEP Moscow, MEPhI Moscow, MSU Moscow, Munich LMU, MPI Munich, Nagasaki IAS, Naples, Naruto UE, New Mexico, Nijmegen, Northern Illinois, BINP Novosibirsk, Ohio SU, Okayama, Oklahoma, LAL Orsay, Osaka, Oslo, Oxford, Paris VI and VII, Pavia, Pennsylvania, Pisa, Pittsburgh, CAS Prague, CU Prague, TU Prague, IHEP Protvino, Ritsumeikan, UFRJ Rio de Janeiro, Rochester, Rome I, Rome II, Rome III, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, DAPNIA Saclay, Santa Cruz UC, Sheffield, Shinshu, Siegen, Simon Fraser Burnaby, Southern Methodist Dallas, NPI Petersburg, Stockholm, KTH Stockholm, Stony Brook, Sydney, AS Taipei, Tbilisi, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki, Tokyo ICEPP, Tokyo MU, Toronto, TRIUMF, Tsukuba, Tufts, Udine, Uppsala, Urbana UI, Valencia, UBC Vancouver, Victoria, Washington, Weizmann Rehovot, Wisconsin, Wuppertal, Yale, Yerevan

9 9 countryCost sharing (MCHF)Institutes Sci. Authors 1USA80.74 (17 %)33232 (18 %) 2CERN60.50 (13 %)1137 (10 %) 3France52.76 (11 %)790 (6.9 %) 4Italy45.09 (9.6 %)12141 (11 %) 5Germany40.00 (8.5 %)10109 (8.3 %) 6UK34.11 (7.3 %)12105 (8.0 %) 7Japan32.18 (7.0 %)1561 (4.7 %) 8Russia26.12 (5.6 %)8102 (7.8 %) 9Switzerland18.51 (4.0 %)214 (1.1 %) 10Canada15.08 (3.2 %)740 (3.1 %) : : ::: 34 TOTAL468.41 (100%)1491,306 (100%) Top 10 countries in ATLAS construction sharing Note : additional cost to complete = 68 MCHF (15 %)

10 10 MCHFJapanShared by Pixel15.30FR, US, IT, DE,…… Silicon microstrip49.26.9JP,UK, US, DE……. TRT straw tracker16.30CERN, US, SU, SE… LAr Calorimeter75.90FR, US, IT, DE, SU……. Scintillating Tile Calorimeter 16.70CERN, US, SU, ES… Muon Chamber (MDT)23.71.5DE, SU, IT, US,JP……. Barrel Muon Trigger Chamber (RPC) 5.20IT, CERN EC Muon Trigger Chamber (RPC) 6.13.8JP, IL, CN ATLAS Detector: cost sharing (1/2)

11 11 MCHFJapanShared by Level-1 trigger15.73.0UK, DE, JP, IT, CERN,… High Level Trigger31.01.5CERN,US,FR,UK,JP,DE….. SC Toroid111.70FR, UK, IT, DE, NL SC Solenoid10.9 JP Magnet Infr.23.70.9DE, SU, IT, US,JP,……. Trigger/DAQ7.20.9CERN and many Experimental Hall28.21.3CERN …. TOTAL474.832.1Japan/ALL ~ 7 % ATLAS Detector: cost sharing (2/2) ( 1 MCHF ~ 0.9 億円 )

12 12 ATLAS Japan Review Committee Held at KEK on March 24, 1998, charged by IPNS Director S. Yamada. Committee members: Y. Nagashima, J. Arafune, A. Masaike, T. Ohshima, S. Olsen, K. Takikawa, A. Wagner, T. Yamazaki. Committee’s main recommendation: “…….However, to maintain long-term activity and to be productive in the physics results, an adequate supply of manpower is needed…..”

13 13 Specific features to minimize material thickness - Use of high strength Aluminum stabilizer for SC cables - Common cryostat with LAr barrel EM calorimeter ATLAS Central Solenoid : 100% responsibility by KEK

14 14 Coil at Toshiba (1999) Tested in Japan (Dec. 2000) Arrived at CERN ( Sep. 2001 ) Photo with L. Maiani Insertion into LAr Cryostat (Feb. 2004) ATLAS Central Solenoid : 100% by KEK

15 15 Transported to the ATLAS Cavern (Oct. 2004) Excitation test (July 2004) ATLAS Central Solenoid

16 16 as of last week Solenoid, LAr and Tile Calorimeter moving to the ATLAS center (Nov. 4, 2005) ATLAS Central Solenoid Final joint welding planned this week

17 17 Thin Gap Chambers (TGC) for ATLAS muon triggering in EC region 3600 chambers 320,000 channels Total area ~2,000 m 2 Joint Construction by Israel, Japan and China

18 18 1200 TGC chambers were produced at KEK We accomplished 2 chambers/day and finished 1200 TGC chambers in 4 years carbon spray epoxy gluing wire winding soldering checking & HV test before closing packing

19 19 Inspection of all TGC chambers using cosmic-rays at Kobe University TGC chamber inspection stationPacking in air-conditioned containers by marine transportation to CERN. efficiency map of a TGC chamber

20 20 ATLAS TGC trigger chambers First 1/12 sector of the “Big-Wheel” was assembled at CERN bldg. 180. (Oct. 2005) TGCs arrived at CERN

21 21 16ch ASD board ( 24,000 units ) 4 ASIC chips developed by students A set of readout unit mounted on chambers TGC Trigger and Readout System Japan is responsible nearly 100% All ASD tested in China

22 22 24ch TDC chips for ATLAS MDT, 20,000 chips made. Mounted on ATLAS MDT TDC chips for ATLAS muon drift tubes (MDT) KEK responsible 100%. The design is base on KEK’s patented idea, directly digitizing time difference using CMOS memory. * Similar chips used in H1 at HERA, Phenix, D0, K2K…….  ~ 300 ps, non-linearity<+-80ps delay clock data delay

23 23 ATLAS Silicon Micro-strip Detector (SCT) 4 sensors/module The module is based on Japan’s idea. KEK assembled 980 modules (40%). Sensor alignment system (KEK) The accuracy of module assembly is mostly within +-2  m, the best performance among four assembly sites.

24 24 Two module mounting robots were designed by KEK and manufactured in Japan and worked very well at Oxford Univ. to mount 100 modules per week without troubles. Installation of the SCT modules at Oxford U. Work finished in July 2005.

25 25 Development of Geant4 Geant4 is proposed jointly by CERN and Japan in 1994 (RD44). Object-oriented software technology for wide-spread users. 1 st version completed in 1998. All LHC experiments uses Geant4. Maintenance agreement between CERN, KEK, SLAC ….. No bugs arising from Geant4 over 35,000 jobs in ATLAS.

26 26 USA Netherlands China UK France Germany Italy Canada Russia Israel CERN KEK Tier-2 Center at Univ. of Tokyo Construction, M&OData, Grid rid 15 Japanese Institutes : KEK, Tsukuba, Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan, Shinshu, Ritsumeikan, Kyoto, Kyoto Education, Osaka, Kobe, Naruto Education, Okayama, Hiroshima, Hiroshima IT, Nagasaki Science U. ATLAS JAPAN

27 27 ATLAS Tier-2 Center in being build at ICEPP of Univ. of Tokyo Meanwhile, preparation for data analysis and physics simulation have been progressing

28 28 Summary Japan contributed 13.85 BYen for LHC Construction. KEK completed development and production of 18 low-  insertion quadrupoles for the LHC interaction points. Japanese ATLAS team including KEK finished most of the component production on Solenoid, Muon Trigger chambers/electronics and Silicon detectors. It is in the middle of working on installation and commissioning.

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