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Personal Planning System Enterprise Edition The Completing the Monthly Review.

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1 Personal Planning System Enterprise Edition The Completing the Monthly Review

2 Before we can do a monthly review we must open a consumer’s folder.This is done through the “People” menu.

3 When a consumer’s folder is open, we find Reviews under the Documentation Menu.

4 A list of the reviews that have been done using the PPS appears. Since we want to do a new review, we will click on the Insert button at the bottom of the screen.

5 The PPS will automatically put in the beginning period and the ending period of the current period. This is fine with us, so we will click on “OK”.

6 When your word processor first appears, it may cover your PPSEE screen. If so, you will need to “size” the word processor’s screen so that it fits the lower part of your monitor.

7 The PPSEE has begun a review for you in the Word window below. Meanwhile, the PPSEE continues to run in the upper window so that it can continue to help you with your review.

8 You can change the view of the graph in the top window by clicking on the “Select Graph” button.

9 If you wish to move the graph into your review note, click on “Cut to clipboard”. Then click your cursor onto the bottom half of the screen where you want the graph to appear

10 Make room for the graph by pressing the key twice.

11 Then click on the Edit Menu, and click “Paste” to insert the graph into the note.

12 As you can see, we moved the graph into our review note.

13 Click “Next Objective” to concern yourself with the consumer’s next objective.

14 If we click on “Select Graph”, and click on “Daily Graph”...

15 The graph in the upper window will switch showing us the results of training during this last month. If we wish to write something about this in our review note, we would arrow to the end of the note for this objective, and press the key, then add our statement.

16 After you have reviewed all of the training and service objectives, you will want to review the Event Log. To do this, click on the “Event Log” button.

17 When the Event Log items appear, select the event you would like to review, and click on the “Select” button to view the note.

18 If you would like to insert the note into your review, click on the “Cut to clipboard” button, then click in the review note where you would like the note to be placed.

19 When your cursor is placed where you want the note inserted, open the “Edit” menu and click on “Paste”.

20 Voila!

21 When you are done with your review note, click on the “Done” button, then click on the “Save as” button and accept or change the file’s location.

22 Finally, click “OK” to return to the Open Chart Main Menu.

23 To Summarize... With an open chart, choose Reviews from the Documentation Menu Type your review in the bottom window on the screen Use the upper part of the screen to get important information for your review Save the review in your PPS’s Reviews subdirectory when you are done

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