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Remember This Stuff? In March, 1936 Hitler reclaimed the Rhineland.

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1 Remember This Stuff? In March, 1936 Hitler reclaimed the Rhineland

2 1938 Hitler “convinced” Austria to become a part of Germany in 1938 Germany Austria Austria looks nice… The Sudetenlan d looks nice… Hitler took the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia in order to “Unify all German speakers”

3 Appeasement The British and French, eager to avoid war, begin a policy of appeasement during all of these invasions


5 1938 In late 1938 Hitler advanced further and conquered the rest of Czechoslovakia

6 My country lost territory in Poland too! I want that back!

7 1938 Hitler demanded that land in Poland be returned to Germany

8 Um, guys?

9 Have you been noticing a trend here?

10 I mean you’re going to do something about this, right?

11 He signed a noaggression pact with Stalin. You know what that means right?

12 Please say you have my back in this.


14 What are you gonna do? Sob me to death with stories of how you don’t want another war? I’m calling your bluff.

15 The War Begins September 1 st, 1939 - Hitler launches a surprise attack against Poland September 3 rd, 1939 – Britain and France declare war on Germany

16 1939 Poland falls in three weeks thanks to Hitler’s new tactic: Blitzkrieg


18 And remember….Stalin and Hitler have a Nonaggression Pact

19 1939 Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania fall to the Soviet Union

20 1939 In 1939 Stalin also invades Finland




24 Is there something I’m missing here? Can’t my planes fly right over this thing? Why don’t my tanks just go around this thing?

25 The Fall of France May 1940, Hitler launches a surprise attack taking Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg in two months

26 The Fall of France Hitler squeezed through the Maginot Line and took direct control over northern France

27 Look at the Allies run. I never really liked the French.

28 Shall we finish off France? Definitely!

29 The Fall of France Italy and Germany beat France into a surrender – June 22, 1940

30 The Fall of France Southern France left as a puppet government (Vichy France) A French general named Charles de Gaulle fled to Britain and set up a government in exile (Free France)

31 Hitler now controlled almost all of Western Europe


33 Meanwhile, Stalin has also taken much of Eastern Europe

34 The only remaining allied threat in all of Europe was Great Britain

35 Well, that was a cute war. You say that like the war is over.

36 “Today Germany, tomorrow the world” eh? Yup. I think I’ll finish off the allies.

37 But, history has proven that Britain can’t be attacked. I’m cooler than history.

38 Napoleon had trouble when he tried… Well, Napoleon didn’t have tons of bombs!

39 Oh, right…. Besides! I’m Hitler!

40 The Battle of Britain Hitler’s Aerial Assault on Great Britain




44 Nnnnnnnoo ooooooooo ooooooooo oooooo!!!!!!

45 Boy Europe sure is a mess…

46 Time for the U.S.A to step in and make things right…right?

47 Isolationism: The U.S. should stay out of the war Interventionism: The U.S. should do everything to support Britain except declare war

48 - Transferred 50 American destroyers to Britain in exchange for the right to establish American bases in British territories

49 - Signed the Selective Training and Service Act establishing the first peace time draft -This law required all men between 21 and 35 to serve one year in the military


51 Cool! I won again… That makes three times!


53 Neutrality Acts schmootrality acts!

54 Besides…80% of Americans support this…


56 I want to guarantee everyone in the world these Four Freedoms: - Freedom of speech and expression - Freedom for every person to worship God in his own way - Freedom from want - Freedom from fear



59 On September 27 th, 1940 the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis was formed Hi! Guys! Its Heil…Heil!

60 The Axis Powers

61 Japan’s continued aggression clearly violated the Atlantic Charter

62 Stop taking stuff over! NO

63 Fine…no trade for you! Meh

64 Still taking stuff over?? Yep

65 I will have to get tough now! Tough like you got with Hitler?




69 Does my side rock or what? I wonder who I should attack next?

70 Mussolini is his ally Spain isn’t a player Sweden isn’t a threat Switzerland is neutral and strong Britain has been all but destroyed France doesn’t really exist And Stalin and Hitler signed a ten-year nonaggression pact in 1939

71 Hitler has a tendency to go back on his word Screw You Stalin!





76 “No retreat!” “Not one step backward!”



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