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The Rise of Adolph Hitler Childhood and Background.

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1 The Rise of Adolph Hitler Childhood and Background

2 Key Points about Hitler Born in Austria – NOT Germany Middle-class family Father – Alois Mother - Karla Jewish?? Question: Does it matter??

3 Key Points about Hitler, continued Went to Vienna; Significance: Wanted to be an artist Rejected multiple times! Learned more about anti-Semitism Anti-Semitism = prejudice or hatred against Jews Met those with radical views while struggling to get by in Vienna

4 Key Points about Hitler, continued Soldier in World War I Huge supporter of the war Was a “runner” – a dangerous job Awarded for courage twice Very upset when Germany surrendered “Stab in the back” theory Blamed the government for negotiating

5 Hitler and the Nazi Party Hitler joined the Nazi Party in 1919 (age 30) Twenty-Five Points (Feb. 1920) Rejected the Treaty of Versailles Wanted more land for Germany with a non-democratic govn’t Defined citizenship by race (Ex: Jews couldn’t be Germans) 1923 – Nat’l Socialist German Worker’s Party - Nazis Nationalsoczialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (55,000 followers) Nazism = a form of govn’t that featured racism, expansionism, and obedience to a strong leader Beer Hall Putsch – November 8, 1923 Attempt to overthrow the government

6 Hitler and the Nazi Party Wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle) RED FLAG!!! Very anti-Jewish “Aryan Race” Said to make him the leader! Mostly ignored by the masses/public Intellectuals read it… but… disappeared… Eventually decided that he would get farther doing things legally

7 Hitler’s Rise to Power Hitler becomes Chancellor (January 30, 1933) Got the position LEGALLY Enabling Act (1933) Got rid of all political parties except the Nazis Ended democracy President of Germany died (August 2, 1934) Hitler abolished the position of President Hitler becomes Fuhrer of Germany 3 rd Reich (Empire)

8 Germany Under Hitler Absolutist mentality “stronger, supposedly superior humans were destined, even obligated, to dominate and destroy the weak” Obedience to Hitler Great speaker – passionate, motivating, convincing Extreme nationalism “Deutschland uber Alles” – German Nat’l Anthem Made improvements (created jobs, roads) Violated the Treaty of Versailles

9 Meanwhile in the U.S… 1930s/1936 – U.S. passes Neutrality Acts In response to growing turmoil in Europe and Asia 1939 – Hitler and Stalin sign the Nazi-Soviet Non- Aggression Pact Will not fight with each other September 1, 1939 – World War II begins 1940 – U.S. offers the “Cash and Carry” program Helping Britain Buyers had to provide transportation and cash Still wants to remain neutral

10 Meanwhile in Japan… Cooperating with Germany Imperialistic Invaded China Committed terrible acts there

11 Holocaust

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