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The Texas Revolution.

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1 The Texas Revolution

2 First Shots of the Revolution
Battle of Gonzales First Shots of the Revolution A Mexican officer ordered the citizens of Gonzales to hand over a brass cannon, but they refused. The settlers buried the cannon and called for reinforcements that reached 140 men. The settlers dug up their cannon, mounted it on a wagon, and placed a flag on it that read: “Come and Take It” On October 2, 1835 the citizens of Gonzales attacked a force of 100 Mexican soldiers and forced them to leave for San Antonio.

3 Time to access ourselves
What does the flag at the battle of Gonzales say? Ready to fight Don’t mess with Texas Come and take it Viva de Mexico Why do you think the Texans put the above slogan on the cannon?

4 Time to assess ourselves
Gonzales volunteers voted this person as their general. Edward Burleson “Deaf” Smith Stephen F. Austin Jim Bowie

5 Texas Military Sam Houston was named commander-in-chief of the TX Army
The General Counsel created the TX Navy to protect the coast and to attack MX ships.

6 SANTA ANNA Meanwhile: President Santa Anna and 6,000
Mexican soldiers marched north towards TX, bent on revenge He thought that he could make the Texans obey the Mexican government. To be continued…..

7 William B. Travis was put in command of the Alamo in February 1836
Jim Bowie argued with Travis over control of the troops, but finally agreed to share command with him Davy Crockett arrived later with his men

8 Assessment time Who was named commander-in -chief of the Texas Army?
Stephen F. Austin James Fannin Sam Houston Ben Milam If Bowie had decided to destroy the Alamo as ordered, how would the Texas Revolution been different?

9 Santa Anna ordered the surrender of the Alamo and the defenders, but the Texans replied with a canon shot fired back at him. In response, Santa Anna raised a red flag that told the Texans that he would take no prisoners and leave no survivors.

10 On February 24, 1836 Santa Anna ordered his
forces to begin firing on the Alamo. That day William Travis wrote a famous letter “To the People of Texas and All Americans” to plea for help. Jim Bowie had been ill, and collapsed on the second day of Santa Anna’s siege. Travis then took over full command of the Alamo.

11 On March 6, 1836, Santa Anna launched his
assault on the Alamo after 13 days of siege. Texas artillery held the advancing Mexicans off briefly, but they regrouped and eventually overwhelmed the Alamo defenders and poured into the mission by the hundreds

12 After a few hours, all the 182 defenders
and 600 Mexicans were dead. Santa Anna only spared the women, children, and a slave named Joe. Santa Anna felt that the defeat of the Alamo would end the Texas Revolution, but it only convinced the Texans to fight harder.

13 Assessment Time Why did Santa Anna order his troops to take no prisoners? A. He wanted to make a point B. He thought the massacre would end the Texas Revolution C. He already gave the Texans a chance to surrender D. All of the above Did the massacre at the Alamo scare any of the Texans away from fighting? What do you think the massacre did for the Texans morale?

14 Today Texans celebrate Texas Independence Day
March 2, 1836

15 While General Urrea fought with Fannin’s troops stationed
Goliad Massacre General Urrea was moving up the coastline and defeated many Texan troops on his march to Refugio and Goliad. While General Urrea fought with Fannin’s troops stationed in Refugio, Fannin received orders from Sam Houston to retreat to Victoria. Fannin

16 Fannin decided to wait for his troops in Refugio to return before obeying Houston, but those soldiers had been either killed or captured by General Urrea Fannin and Urrea finally met at the battle of Coleto, where Fannin was wounded.

17 The morning after the battle
started, General Urrea received several hundred more soldiers, and Fannin decided to surrender.

18 The Texan prisoners were marched back to Goliad where they stayed for a week.

19 General Urrea wanted to keep them as prisoners
of war, but Santa Anna ordered him to execute them all. Grave of Fannin and his men

20 Battle of San Jacinto After gathering supplies and training his troops during the Runaway Scrape, Houston marched his troops down Buffalo Bayou towards Santa Anna’s camp. Houston found that Santa Anna camped out in the open in a vulnerable spot, and camped his men in a spot that was partially hidden in a grove of trees

21 Before the battle, Houston sent Deaf Smith on a
special mission to destroy the bridge at Vince's Bayou. This effectively destroyed the retreat route for both the Mexican army as well as his Texans .

22 On April 21, 1836 Houston ordered his army to attack the exhausted Mexican soldiers as they took their afternoon siestas. words

23 Taken by surprise, 630 Mexican soldiers were
killed and 730 captured in 18 minutes of fighting

24 The next day, Santa Anna was captured while
hiding in the nearby marshes. Texas Independence was secured.

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