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Public Transport Management during The World Expo.

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1 Public Transport Management during The World Expo.

2 World Expo Shanghai 2010 was successfully held from May 1st to October 31st, achieving its anticipated goal of holding a successful, wonderful and unforgettable expo. During the 184 days of Expo period, World Expo Security and Coordination Task Group implemented the municipal government’s overall arrangements, take active, flexible and human-oriented measures, move ahead World Expo transport security work to ensure a smooth, orderly and controllable operation.

3 During the expo period, we stood the test of large passenger flow of 500 thousand by 24 times, including a super large passenger flow of 1.03 million on October 16 and a consecutive days of large passenger flow of above 600,000. Meanwhile we also stood severe tests of bad weather as mould rains, high temperature, thunderstorm rain and typhoon, and week-long public holidays as May Holiday and October Holiday during the period, with a smooth and orderly World Expo Transport Supporting work.

4 A. Innovate the system of command and coordination

5 1. We set up a command and dispatch center of comprehensive transport supporting with 33 departments, including departments of municipal government, operators, institutions directly under the central government in transport, public security, tourism, railway, civil aviation, meteorology and district governments.

6 2. We established an internal mechanism of “ Four departments and one center”, including Judge, Assessment and Research Department, Public Information and Publicity Department, Information Service Department, Comprehensive Supporting Department and Dispatch Center of Transport Supporting. These departments undertook duties as predicting and pre- judging of travels, internal and external publicizing of transport supporting, traffic information supporting, logistic service and decision-making, command, dispatch and coordination of all kinds of transport resources.

7 3. We dispatched two front working teams to Operation Command Center and Security Command Center in the Expo Site. They established a sound communicative and coordinative mechanism in terms of traffic connection in and out of the site, booking of group tour buses and parking lot management. They also established linkage with the Command Headquarters of Shanghai Police and the Operation and Command Center of Expo Site, thus effective in information sharing and measure coordinating.

8 During the operation period, governments officials at all levels came to the sites in person. Mr. Shen Jun and Mr. Yin Hong came dozens of times to Command Center of Transport Coordination and Supporting to conduct on-site command. Officials from Pudong, Huangpu, Xuhui Districts came to the front line of transport supporting and leaders of all major transport operators assumed command at the front line, fully involved with all efforts to ensure an orderly operation of the Expo Site.

9 This multi-department joint command platform plays a vital role in exchanging various transport supporting measures timely and effectively. Through this platform, the departments keep in close touch and have a real-time communication on traffic volume and road condition so as to ensure all kinds of emergencies coordinated to solve in time.

10 1. Work out programs based on overall ideas and basic principles Based on the improvement of the city transport, Shanghai World Expo Transport Supporting Program, in line with the principle of “Overall supporting & highlighting World Expo”, minimizes the impact of World Expo traffic on daily commutes, and also takes into account the overlapping effect of daily commutes in some areas surrounding the Expo Site during peak hours and journeys for Expo. B. Work out classification program

11 Basic strategies include: (1) Advocate public transport. We try to make more than 90% of the visitors get into the Expo Site by means of metro, ground transport and group passenger bus by optimizing the service of metro and ground traffic and improving the system’s supporting. (2) Balance passenger flow into the Site. By means of information publicizing, we guide the visitors to visit from peak days to ordinary days, from peak hours to even hours, from Puxi entrances into the site to Pudong entrances. (3) Adopt appropriate management measures. We work out related management and control policies, including management on vehicle use and construction areas, and implement in time.

12 29 work programs were formulated to ensure road transport organization, passenger transport service and comprehensive transport management. These programs were publicized through Eastday Portal. Road Transport Organization Program includes : the supporting program for security check at urban road junction, P+R parking area program for Expo, the planning program of corridor layout for Expo transport, the implementation program of changeable lane for Expo transport, the organization program for road transport around Expo site and the organization program for temporary parking lots in Expo park.

13 Passenger Transport Service Program includes: the supporting program for inter-province road passenger transport operation in Expo, the organization program for subway transport operation in Expo, layout program for Expo Line, the balance and supervision program for the organization of passenger transport on water and daily Huangpu River cruising, the organization program for transport operation at off-site peak. Comprehensive transport program includes: the implementation program of commanding system to support Expo transport and carriage, the supporting program for transport information service in Expo, the alert system and response option for off-park transport under a large volume of Expo visitors, management method of parking areas for Expo.

14 2. Focus on the implementation of formulated programs and carry out drills. According to the positioning of responsibilities, which are, reserve and dispatch of transport capacity, supervision on operation and supporting of road facilities, Implementation Schedule was formulated to ensure that 171 work items in 6 categories would be fully completed before April 15. Carry out special drills, like practical operation when passenger overflows at the entrance of Madang Road, emergency drill against malfunction of Expo direct subway line, joint drill among parking areas around Expo Site, drills to divert vehicles in case of congestion at road junctions to Shanghai and etc.

15 3. Take joint actions to confront a large passenger flow in Expo Site According to the number of visitors, management measures by differnt alert levels are adopted. That is, when there are visitors over a certain scale at certain time in the site, early alerts of Level 3 Yellow, Level 2 Orange and Level 1 Red would be carried out.

16 Level 3 Yellow: Some part of the Site was crowded. Information informing and condition monitoring were recommended. Level 2 Orange: A sign of massive congestion in the Site. Limit flow on the off-site transport. Level 3 Red: The site is about to hold visitors over capacity, which posed a direct threat to their safety. Stopping flowing on the off-site transport.

17 C. Support with information application Use transport information technology and serve as the platform of dispatching, command and information service to lay a solid foundation for the scientific, effective and safe operation of Expo transport supporting. 1.Real time handling with the support of dispatching and command platform Establish a comprehensive platform by means of GIS, GPS, AIS and road, or vehicle video monitoring system in bus, taxi, inter-province passenger transport, subway, waterway passenger transport and dangerous goods transport, to collect, gather and standardized process all kinds of transport information.

18 A real-time supervision on running safety of 3000 Expo buses, 4000 Expo taxis, 2400 Long-distance passenger transport scheduled vehicles, 6000 dangerous cargo transport vehicles, 300 dangerous cargo carrying vessels and all vehicles and shipping from other provinces entering Shanghai can be realized at our display and command center, which has the function of automatic alarm on over-speeding, riding into prohibited area, illegal parking and etc.

19 A number of video accessed provide service to decision –making of emergency command, display and leadership. Command and Display Center achieved network communication with various units, like Shanghai Transport and Information Center, Police, Emergency-handling Office, Civil Defense Office, Expo Bureau, Shentong COCC, Shanghai Bashi Bus (Group), Dazhong Taxi Display Platform and etc. Videos of the moving conditions of Shanghai’s trunk lines, expressways, highways, transport hubs, inland river channels, dangerous cargo handling terminals, as well as entrances and exits of World Expo sites and parking lots around can all be seen at the center.

20 Implement World Expo special service mode. Strengthen watching on duty, and all site working group were sent to the operation sites. Observation posts were set up at important time nodes to have a real- time dynamic of passenger flow. When large passenger flow, extreme weathers or other emergencies occurred, we responded in time and started supporting plans to arrange emergency capacity to conduct a real-time display.

21 2 、 Information service platform provides decision-making and public service Strengthen the construction of information platform to realize the integration and sharing of information, like roads, public transport, exterior transport and transport information inside Expo site. Strengthen the collection, compilation, processing, analysis and release of transport information. Collect and compile in transit- passenger flow of bus and etc. Assist to analyze and study the regular pattern of passenger flow. Provide basic data of early warning of large passenger flow.

22 Provide transport information to citizens and World Expo tourists by various means of media. During the Expo, page viewers (PV) of Transport Travel network are 3.484 million. PV of touching screen inquiry are 192 hundred thousand. 12319 service consultation hotline’s inquiry handling is 78 thousand. 17.387 million Guides of transport were released.

23 D. An effective combination of study and publicity 1.Strengthen the analysis and study for an early warning in advance Based on information means, supplementary traffic survey and traffic model analysis, conduct a real-time tracking on the dynamic of the running of World Expo transport, summarize the features of World Expo transport, pre-judge large passenger flow and potential traffic problems occurred. Work out 192 daily reports, 26 weekly reports, 6 monthly reports, 978 traffic condition report on Expo and 4 special study reports.

24 2 . Realize an active guidance with media platform Realize effective guidance, aging service and efficient incentive by various means of media. Everyday regularly provide news materials to Expo information service platform and plan around 200 special interviews. 250 hundred thousand articles were reported by media and reproduced by websites. Conduct repeated publicity on the adjustment of running plans of Expo dedicated buses, means of journey entering and exiting Expo site and other topics closely related to tourists’ journeys. Work out and release 219 Daily Operation Dynamic of Expo traffic, 22 Weekly Operation Dynamic and 10 special briefs.


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