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MovilForum Test Platform Telefónica Móviles España.

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1 MovilForum Test Platform Telefónica Móviles España

2 MovilForum test platform
MovilForum provides special access to our test platform: Gateway WAP (Openwave ) GPRS access PtG (Portal to Go) PAM (Plataforma Avanzada de Mensajería – Advanced Messaging Platform) MoviStar (Exchange) SAIMT (Servicio de Acceso a Información por Mensajes de Texto - Information Access Service via Text Messages) Location Games

3 MovilForum test platform
In this platform the developers can test their applications and services, in an environment which is similar to the real Telefónica MoviStar network. WAP SMS LOC GSM/GPRS Testing Application Access Special

4 Oficin@ MoviStar (Exchange)
MovilForum test platform INTERNET GGSN Gateway WAP RADIUS RAS LOCATION GEO-IP LOCATION GPP Usage statistics tool PtG Games SAIMT MoviStar (Exchange) PAM

5 Radius RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) enables remote access servers to communicate with a central server to authenticate dial-in users and authorize their access to the system. RADIUS allows to maintain user profiles. RADIUS provides security. Having a central service also means that it's easier to track usage and for keeping network statistics. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and thank you for attending Telefonica Móviles 2001 third quarter results conference call.

6 RAS The basic feature of RAS (Remote Access Service) is to allow remote users to access to the network resources. RAS server authenticates remote users and based on the credentials supplied provides them with the access to network resources. For higher level of authentication levels RAS is configured to use RADIUS Authentications.

7 Gateway WAP Openwave release Functionalities:
WAP Premium: Provides a different billing for WAP contents with high added value for users. WAP Push: Allows to send alarm or notification messages meanwhile the user is WAP browsing or when he initiate the WAP session. It depends on the terminal. Location based on WAP: While the user is connected to WAP, he requests a location based service. The location platform relays it to the content provider. Sent parameters in HTTP headers: HTTP_USER_AGENT HTTP_COOKIE HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE HTTP_X_UP_SUBNO HTTP_X_UP_WTLS_INFO

8 MovilForum WAP Access MovilForum Special access number Gateway WAP RAS

9 PtG – Portal to Go The Portal to Go (PtG) tool is a portal that provides the user with a customized access to e-moción menu: Services customize. Favourite URL’s (My addresses definition). Searching service. Access by WAP mobile phones or PDA’s.

10 PtG – Portal to Go MovilForum PtG Special access number Gateway WAP
Content servers PtG Special access number Gateway WAP GSM Access BSC MSC RAS INTERNET SGSN GGSN RADIUS GPRS Access MovilForum

11 PAM The PAM (Plataforma Avanzada de Mensajería- Advanced Messaging Platform) is a platform that allows to integrate messaging in the company’s applications. Its main features are: Messages sending and reception through a TCP-IP connection (RDSI). IBM MQ Series programming interface, according to the formats defined by the PSMC protocol (Protocolo Simplificado de Mensajes Cortos- Short Messages Simplified Protocol). Sending capacity: 100 messages/second. Sending and reception time: 4 second.

12 PAM Access MovilForum CMC1 ISDN Client application PAM CMC2 CMC3
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and thank you for attending Telefonica Móviles 2001 third quarter results conference call. CMC3

13 Oficin@ MoviStar (Exchange)
Enable any mobile device to access to any content by providing: infrastructure for browsing applications and services infrastructure for push-enabling applications and services GSM or GPRS access. Access by mobile phones or PDAs. Telefónica Móviles provides: Scalability. Load balancing/redundancy. Auto provisioning: Customer can provide lines by himself via Web. Billing: Notification, Wap navegation, monthly billing. Telefónica Móviles offers the Carrier Edition and the customer needs to install the Enterprise Edition. Functionalities: , contacts/GAL (Global Address List), tasks and calendars, notifications.

14 Oficin@ MoviStar Carrier Edition Oficin@ MoviStar Enterprise Edition
MoviStar Access SMS Notifications CMC MoviStar Carrier Edition PAM Web/Wap GPRS Access GGSN Gateway WAP MSC Web/Wap GSM Access RAS MovilForum INTERNET MoviStar Enterprise Edition Exchange

15 Contents provider WEB server
SAIMT The SAIMT (Servicio de Acceso a Información por Mensajes de Texto - Information Access Service via Text Messages) is the TME platform that enables the development of information services, based on enqueries to WEB pages or URL’s or other information sources, via text messages. The SAIMT is a PAM client. Access by any mobile phone. SAIMT provides pull services: The user has to request the information sending. Request Request SAIMT Contents provider WEB server INTERNET Information Information

16 Location MovilForum provides two location platforms, Geo-IP and GPP, that allow to develop location based services, for any device (WAP, PDAs, handsets, laptops...). Geo IP provides location information in WAP connections. Initiated by user. The user authorizates to be located. GPP (Genasys Positioning Platform) provides location information for any acces: WEB, WAP, SMS...Initiated by user or content provider. (Passive location, for example tracking services). Cell-ID accuracy: The network provides the location information of the cell in which the user is. The Cell-ID accuracy depends on the cell size: Urban area: m. Rural area: 1-20 km.

17 Location GSM or GPRS access.
Possible improvements: The use of TA (Timing Advance) parameter improves the accuracy, but only with Ericsson BSCs. MovilForum provides open APIs (Application Program Interface) in order to access to the location platform. Legal problems: Requests for positioning information is only processed if the user has given his authorization.

18 Location – Geo IP MovilForum LOCATION Geo IP Gateway WAP
API LOCATION Geo IP Gateway WAP WAP GPRS Access GGSN Locationrequests MSC WAP GSM Access MovilForum Applications Server INTERNET

19 Location http requests
Location - GPP LOCATION GPP SMS Access CMC API GPRS Access GGSN MSC GSM Access MovilForum ISDN Location http requests Applications Server


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