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Philosophies of Education Which do you favor? Perennialism Progressivism Essentialism Existentialism Reconstruction.

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1 Philosophies of Education Which do you favor? Perennialism Progressivism Essentialism Existentialism Reconstruction

2 Perennialism... Purpose - to help students understand our connections to humanity throughout time Seeks to explore the human condition and answer the question WHY? Classes read, discuss, & debate Great Books Learners explore the questions/values which people have pondered throughout time. conservative - focus on Western literature and culture liberal - explore literature and culture from all civilizations

3 Supporters -- ED Hirsch Core Knowledge in Education series “What your 1st Grader Needs to Know”... Junior Great Books program -- Rumpelstiltskin (Brothers Grimm) Chestnut Pudding (Iroquois folktale) The Mermaid Who Lost Her Comb (Scottish folktale) Mother of the Waters (Haitian folktale) Anansi’s Fishing Expedition (West African) The Terrible Leak (Japanese folktale) How Coyote Stole the Sun (Native Am. folktale) Wishbone

4 Furst Impressions Attending the Oakdale school beach party social has the kids in an uproar. Meanwhile, Wishbone as Mr. Darcy learns a few things about social graces in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. (additional Wishbone titles -->)

5 sample Wishbone episodes... Frankenbone David's got trouble on his hands when he adds a little spark to his science fair project. Meanwhile, Wishbone as Dr. Frankenstein unleashes a monster in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Bone of Arc Samantha becomes the heroine of the boys soccer team while Wishbone becomes her ally. Meanwhile, Joan of Arc leads the men of the French Army against the English in Mark Twain's Joan of Arc. Wishbone is her friend, Louis de Conte. Hunchdog of Notre Dame Samantha stands up for Nathaniel when he has trouble making friends on the roller hockey team. Meanwhile, Wishbone as Quasimodo befriends Esmerelda as they search for safety in Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame.

6 Existentialism... Seeks to answer who am I and develop one’s special interests and talents Learning is individualized with students exploring their own interests liberal - each student has own curriculum, no time constraints conservative - standards are set, student has latitude in when and how standards will be met

7 Example (liberal): What would you like to study today? Is there any help I might offer? Example (conservative): You must develop a technology rich unit - you select content area, grade level, technology to include. We are studying about Native Americans -you may select the Nation to study and the focus (housing, food, clothing, migration patterns)

8 Reconstruction... Seeks to change society to make more fair for all Learning focuses on solving real societal problems Examples: Water Pollution: how should the Fox be cleaned up? Latch Key Children: what can be done to provide quality after school care for students? The Ducks: there is too much duck poop in the park what shall be done?

9 Essentialism... Seeks to teach students the basics Much drill and practice, learning and following the rules Conservative - sit still and do your work by yourself Liberal - use Math Facts Rap cassette or Number Munchers online program to learn math facts

10 Progressivism... Seeks to involve students in their learning Project based learning Conservative - teacher selects topic, student has limited choice from list of options Example: We are studying Native Americans, select which group you will be in (Housing, Food or Clothing) make an example to go with your report Liberal - teacher and students together decide on topic and choices Example: Class completes K and W sections of KWL chart at beginning of unit, unit is developed around W items


12 Which educational philosophy(ies) do you endorse? Perennialism Progressivism Essentialism Existentialism Reconstruction How do they match with your professed goals of education and more personalized classroom goals? Is there a match??? How can we make them become reality? Does one philosophy work for all?

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