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“Costache Negruzzi ” High - School Iasi *Accompanied by George Enescu’s Romanian Rhapsody.

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1 “Costache Negruzzi ” High - School Iasi *Accompanied by George Enescu’s Romanian Rhapsody

2 Where you can find us in Iasi: “C.Negruzzi” High-School The “Al.I.Cuza” University of Iasi

3 A little bit of elder History … “C.Negruzzi” high-school opened its gates on the 5 th of October 1895, following an English high-school model During the First World War, it was used as hospital and as hotel for the Russian refugees Even in that period, “C. Negruzzi” accepted a wide range of students – of different social statuses and religions In the Second World War, it functioned until the spring of 1944, and was then evacuated to another part of the country Negruzzi back in the old days

4 The Meaning of our Badge Because “C. Negruzzi” can also offer accommodation to its students, its initial name was “ L iceul I nternat” which means “Boarding High-School” Thus, its initials L and I make up the symbols depicted on our badge

5 … and a more recent one After the fall of the communist regime in 1989, “C. Negruzzi” regained its former name (it had been changed several times before) ‏ In 1990 it was awarded the title of UNESCO affiliated School THEN NOW Can you spot the difference?

6 Who was Costache Negruzzi ? Costache Negruzzi was a writer born in 1808 near Iasi, renowned for his short stories inspired by historical facts As a token of appreciation, a portrait of Negruzzi can be found on our main staircase

7 Facilities “C. Negruzzi” offers What was that formula ? Science Labs: Physics & Chemistry

8 Facilities “C. Negruzzi” offers Auditorium

9 Facilities “C. Negruzzi” offers Boarding Rooms Fitness Hall Dentist

10 Facilities “C. Negruzzi” offers Library and Study Room Knowledge rests in shelves

11 Facilities “C. Negruzzi” offers The Cafeteria: Because hunger is always interfering with our learning… I wish breaks were longer… Even though we don’t eat fast food at school, we still have to eat it pretty fast…

12 Our Teachers 10 Mathematics Teachers 4 Computer Science Teachers 7 Physics and Chemistry Teachers 8 Romanian Language Teachers 4 Biology Teachers 8 Geography and History Teachers 16 Foreign Languages Teachers … and 18 others Teacher ’ s Room Interior

13 Best Graded Graduates over the Years A step into Eternity … only if you’re good enough to deserve it !* * The list begins in 1896

14 International Projects Our school participated in different International Projects such as: 10 Comenius Projects 9 World School Projects 3 European Union Funded Projects

15 Having fun in a healthy way

16 Iasi… …a city of culture

17 A few cultural objectives you might be interested in

18 Iasi by Night

19 Our free time at a glance

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