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Government Export Financing Programs.  Ex-Im Bank is an independent agency of the U.S. government.  The overall purpose of which is to: -Aid in financing.

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1 Government Export Financing Programs

2  Ex-Im Bank is an independent agency of the U.S. government.  The overall purpose of which is to: -Aid in financing -Facilitate trade between the United States and other countries Export-Import Bank of the United States

3 Ex-Im Bank has three main functions: 1. Provide guarantees and export credit insurance so that exporters and their bankers give credit to foreign buyers 2. Provide competitive financing to foreign buyers 3. Negotiate with other countries to reduce the level of subsidy in export credits Export-Import Bank of the United States (cont.)

4 OECD guidelines on export credits:  A minimum of 15 percent of the contract price to be paid in cash  Maximum repayment term of eight and a half years, with exceptions for poor countries  Minimum interest rates for set periods of up to five, eight and a half, and ten years  Gradual abolition of subsidized interest rates and adjustment of discount rates for aid loans to better reflect market realities  The establishment of related conditions for certain sectors, including agriculture, that are not covered by the guidelines Export-Import Bank of the United States (cont.)

5 Ex-Im Bank’s financing programs:  Working capital loan guarantees for U.S. exporters  Credit insurance  Guarantees of commercial loans to foreign buyers  Direct loans to foreign purchasers Ex-Im Bank

6 Criticism of Ex-Im Bank:  Loans/loan guarantees for projects that harm the environment  The bank’s assistance is largely provided to a small number of large U.S. firms such as Boeing, Bechtel.  Loans to foreign companies have contributed to harm domestic industries. Ex-Im Bank (cont.)

7  Foreign content policy: Items must be shipped from the United States and the foreign content (cost of foreign components incorporated in the item in the United States) must be less than 50 percent of the total cost to produce the item.  Repayment terms: Repayment usually begins about six months after shipment or project completion, and payments of principal and interest must be made semiannually. Ex-Im Bank Criteria for Loans and Loan Guarantees

8  Scope of coverage: Ex-Im Bank’s loans, guarantees, and intermediate-term insurance cover 85 percent contract price. The foreign buyer is required to make a 15 percent cash payment.  Interest rates and shipping: Interest rates and maximum maturity terms are subject to OECD guidelines. Ex-Im Bank Criteria for Loans and Loan Guarantees (cont.)

9  This enables exporters to meet critical pre-export financing needs, such as inventory build up or marketing.  Ex-Im Bank will guarantee 90 percent of the loan provided by a qualified lender. The guarantee has a maturity of twelve months and is renewable. Working Capital Guarantee Program

10 Working Capital Without Ex-Im Bank Collateral Amount Advance RateBorrowing BaseAdvance RateBorrowing Base Export inventory supported by an export order Raw materials300,000 20% 60,000 75% 225,000 Work in process300,0000%075%225,000 Finished goods600,00050%300,00075%450,000 Foreign account receivable (FAC) FAC500,0000%090%450,000 L/C backed account receivable600,00070%420,00090%540,000 Table 14.3 Increased Borrowing Capacity under the Ex-Im Bank Working Capital Guarantee Program Working Capital With Ex-Im Bank Guarantee Total Borrowing Base 780,000 1,890,000 Increase Borrowing Capacity Under the Ex-Im Bank Working Capital Guarantee Program

11 Working Capital Guarantee Program (cont.)

12  Short-term single-buyer policies  Short-term multibuyer policies  Small business policy  Small business environmental policy  Financial institution buyer credit policy  The bank letter of credit policy  Financing and operating lease policy Export Credit Insurance Program

13  U.S. contents requirements: The products sold must be produced in the United States.  Restrictions on sales: ECIP may not be provided for exports destined for military applications (with some exceptions) or to communist nations. Highlights: Export Credit Insurance Program

14  The program provides repayment protection for private-sector loans to creditworthy buyers of U.S. goods and services.  Special coverage exists for U.S. or foreign lenders on lines of credit extended to foreign banks or foreign buyers. Guarantees

15 Guarantees (cont.)

16 Credit Guarantee Facility

17  This is an intermediate/long-term loan provided to creditworthy foreign buyers for the purchase of U.S. capital goods and services. Direct Loan Program

18 Direct Loan Program (cont.)

19  Guarantees loans to small businesses that are already engaged or plan to engage in international trade as well as those that are adversely affected by import competition International Trade Loan Program

20  The SBA provides certain programs for small business exporters. - Export working capital  This guarantees short-term working capital loans to U.S. small business exporters. Small Business Administration

21 A self-supporting agency of the U.S. government that:  Is owned by U.S. government  Provides insurance for private investment in LDCs (covers currency inconvertibility, expropriation, political violence, etc.)  Provides project financing through loans and loan guarantees  Insures a broad range of risks Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)

22  Owned by private investors  Provides loans to foreign buyers for purchase of U.S. goods and services  To be guaranteed by Ex-Im Bank  Suitable for high cost purchases Private Export Funding Corporation

23  The USDA provides financial support for export of U.S. agricultural products through GSM-102, GSM-103, and Public Law 480. U.S. Department of Agriculture

24  States provide different programs to expand exports: loans, loan guarantees.  They also act as delivery agents for Ex- Im Bank programs. State and Local Export Financing Program

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