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Collapse of Chinese Imperial Rule

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1 Collapse of Chinese Imperial Rule
Chapter 14, Section 3

2 What We Can Expect Early 1900s China
Foreign countries control much of China There are two camps in China: The ones who wanted change And those that did not

3 Nationalists Overthrow Qing Dynasty
A group pushing for change called the Kuomintang (AKA Nationalist Party) Lead by Sun Yixian (yee shyahn) 1912 they overthrow the Qing that had ruled China since 1644

4 Shaky Start Sun Yixian becomes President
China is now a Republic “Three Principles of the People” Nationalism – end of foreign control People’s Rights – democracy People’s Livelihood – economic security for all Nationalism is his key goal

5 Shaky Start Sun turns over the Presidency (after 6 weeks) to General Yuan Shikai Shikai rules as a military dictator He abandons democracy in China Revolt breaks out Shikai dies in 1916 No one holds power Civil war breaks out Warlords rule areas of China

6 WWI and More Problems 1917 China sides with the Allies thinking they would return all of China to the Chinese Treaty of Versailles: China thought German lands would return Instead it gave those lands to Japan

7 May Fourth Movement When the Treaty hit China = anger
May 4, 1919: 3000 protest breaks out Mao Zedong is among the protestors Mao will become China’s greatest revolutionary “The Great Helmsman” Chinese revolutionaries want: A strong modern China They dislike the west so they move to Communism and USSR values

8 Communist Party in China
Groups formed from the educated (U) Talked about Marx Thought they should follow Lenin’s lead 1921 the Communist party is formed

9 Lenin and China Sun Yixian and National Party step up a gov in the south All groups now dislike the west (TreoVer) Sun looks to ally with USSR Soviets come to aid Sun Lenin gives help if communist join

10 Nationalist and Communist Clash
Sun dies in 1925 Chiang Kai-shek takes over and fears communism, and so does his crew Kai and communist fight together Defeat the warlords But Kai turns on them in April 1927 Many communist leaders are killed 1928 China is a Republic, but communism waits

11 Peasants and Communist
Kai changed his name to Jiang Jieshi Jiang’s gov became less democratic They disregard the rural areas So, rural peasants join the communist Mao Zedong gathers them and starts his revolution The “grassroots” revolution

12 Civil War 1930 Nationalist and Communist fight
Mao gains peasant support in countryside Mao’s Red Army Used guerrilla warfare tactics

13 Civil War The Long March 1933 – 700,000 Nationalist surrounded the communist stronghold The communist could not win and fled Marched 6,000 miles The whole time the Nationalist followed Lasted more then a year 100,000 – 10,000 to 30,000 made it to safety

14 Japan’s Invasion 1937 as China fights China, Japan invades
This attack begins WWII for China and Japan (some contest the whole war) Let’s just say Japan really messes up China Killing, raping, destroying, all the evil things China is in survival mode

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