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Study your notes and key terms from Cold War Day 1. There will be a small quiz. – Cold War – Iron Curtain – Containment – Marshall Plan – Truman Doctrine.

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1 Study your notes and key terms from Cold War Day 1. There will be a small quiz. – Cold War – Iron Curtain – Containment – Marshall Plan – Truman Doctrine – NATO – United Nations

2 THE COLD WAR HEATS UP Cold-War Conflicts And Containment Policy

3 Cold War Conflicts Objective: Analyze several instances of communist expansion and the United States’ attempts at containment. Question: Where are these conflicts happening and why is that significant to the “Cold War”?

4 US and USSR are trying to each control as many countries as possible!!! Stalin and the USSR United States

5 Cold War standoff!!! NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Warsaw Pact (Stalin and his communist buddies)

6 Early Examples of Containment Berlin Airlift Truman Doctrine: Aid to Greece and Turkey to fight communism Marshall Plan: Aid to rebuild Europe… And to discourage countries from communism

7 Communism Spreads Mao Zedong leads a communist revolution in China. (1946) The United States sends economic and military aid to the Chinese Nationalists but the Chinese communists win anyway.

8 Domino Theory If one country in Southeast Asia falls to communism then all of them will.

9 Korean War Communism Spreads North Korea becomes communist and invades South Korea. The two sides are separated by the 38 th parallel. Containment South Korea is backed by the United Nations and the United States. United States joins the United Nations to protect South Korea. The war ends in a stalemate and neither side gains any ground.

10 They were separated by the 38 th parallel, an imaginary line that divides Korea at 38 degrees north latitude.

11 This cartoon by the British cartoonist David Low, from the Daily Herald (30 Jun 1950), shows Truman and the United Nations rushing to Korea’s aid.

12 North Korean troops moved steadily south. They conquered the South Korean capital of Seoul.

13 For 2 years, fighting continued. But neither side advanced. MacArthur wanted to extend the war into China. He even suggested dropping atomic bombs on China. Truman was against this strategy. The Soviets were allies of the Chinese. Truman felt bombing China would start WWIII.

14 A cease-fire went into effect in June 1951 Both sides agreed on a demilitarized zone at the 38 th parallel. North Korea South Korea 38 th Parallel

15 An armistice was signed in July 1953. The agreement was a stalemate. Korea was still divided b/w Communist N. Korea & non- Communist S. Korea.

16 Bay of Pigs Communism Spreads Fidel Castro leads a communist revolution in Cuba in 1959. Cuba is only 90 miles from the U.S. coast. Castro exiles people that don’t agree with him(ex- patriots) and they flee to America. Containment Kennedy assembles a secret mission to try and overthrow the government of Cuba and kill Castro. We train Cuban ex-patriots and send them to Cuba. They failed miserably and Cuba remained communist.

17 Bay of Pigs Invasion Cuba

18 Bay of Pigs invasion President John F. KennedyFidel Castro Cuban leader

19 Video Kennedy’s address on the Cuban Missile Crisis.

20 Cuban Missile Crisis Communism Spreads The Soviet Union sets up missile sites in Cuba. They have intercontinental ballistic missiles that can easily reach major cities in the United States. These missiles can carry nuclear bombs. Containment American U2 spy planes photograph the missile sites. Kennedy and Kruschev negotiate about the missiles in Cuba. Finally we place a naval blockade around Cuba and the Soviets agree to remove their missiles.

21 Cuban Missile Crisis

22 Soviet Intermediate Range Nuclear Ballistic Missile

23 Cuban Missile Crisis John F. KennedyNikita Kruschev

24 Blockade of Cuba American ships

25 Vietnam War Communism Spreads North Vietnam is led by communist leader Ho Chi Minh. North Vietnam invades South Vietnam which is non-communist. Containment The United States commits a massive amount of troops to try and keep Communism out of South Vietnam. Eventually, after many lives were lost, the United States backs out of the war and South Vietnam becomes communist.

26 Vietnam War Just like Korea the country is divided between Communists in the North and non- communists in the South.

27 Cold War Conflicts Communism Spreads Communist Revolution in China. Castro becomes communist leader of Cuba. North Korea (Communist) invades South Korea. Soviets put Missiles in Cuba. North Vietnam (Communist) invades South Vietnam. Containment Policy Truman sends aid to help fight the Communists. (fail) Bay of Pigs attempt to overthrow Castro. (fail) U.S. joins United Nations peacekeeping effort. (success) Kennedy uses a blockade.(success) U.S. commits troops to South Vietnam to fight the communists. (fail)

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