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Communist China By Devon Daugherty

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1 Communist China By Devon Daugherty

2 Mao Zedong Biography Mao Zedong was the son of a poor farmer 1958 is when Mao Zedong announced the grate leap forward to try to increase industrial production. In 1966 is when Mao openly became involved in politics.

3 GRATE LEAP FORWARD Sentence#1 Mao had toured china and concluded that the Chinese people were capable of anything and two primary tasks that he felt they should target was industry and agriculture. Sentence#2 By the end of 1958 700 million people had been placed into 26 578 communes. Sentence#3 There were also consequences of the grate leap forward. Sentence#4 The backyard furnaces also used too much coal and china's rail system witch depended on coal driven trains suffered accordingly.

4 Cultural revolution The Cultural Revolution was launched by the Chinese communist party chairman Mao Zedong during his last decade in power The soviet union convinced Mao that the Russian revolution had gone astray. During 1967 Mao called on the army under lin biao to step in on behalf of the red guards.

5 Tiananmen square A massive demonstration for democratic reform, begun on Tiananmen Square by Chinese students in April, 1989, was brutally repressed on June 3 and 4, 1989. It was initiated to demand the posthumous rehabilitation of former Communist Party Chairman. Martial law was declared on may 20.

6 CHINESE ECONOMY SINCE MAO ZEDONG DIED IN 1976 CHINA HAS CHANGED OUT OF ALL RECONGNITION. Under Mao the economy had stagnated, and many of the gains that had been made since 1949 were wiped out, first in the Great Leap Forward of the late 1950s, and then in the Cultural Revolution.

7 Bibliography "Mao Zedong." Spartacus Educational - Home Page. Web. 24 Mar. 2011.. "The Great Leap Forward." History Learning Site. Web. 24 Mar. 2011.. tml tml

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