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Chiang Kai-shek and the Whampoa Military Academy Take Two Randolph Miller.

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1 Chiang Kai-shek and the Whampoa Military Academy Take Two Randolph Miller

2 Chiang said "Whampoa was personally created by Mr. Sun. It is his only legacy.” Importance of Whampoa

3 Official name is Nationalist Party of China Army Officer Academy Opened on May 1, 1924 produced many prestigious Chinese military commanders Graduates fought in Northern Expedition, Second Sino-Japanese War, and Chinese Civil War Closed in 1926 after 6 terms and 7000 students Located on an island (Chanzhou or Whampoa?) near Canton Overview of Whampoa

4 Canton is also called Guangzhou

5 Location of Whampoa

6 China was fragmented by warlords Sun Yat-sen launched Northern Campaign to try and unite China under Three Principles of the People Sun Yat-sen was worried his military was weaker than the militaries of the warlords Western powers wouldn’t provide Sun with support Money for construction and support was provided by the Soviets Reasons For Whampoa

7 Basic training for infantry Artillery Engineering Communication Logistical Machine gun Military Training at Whampoa

8 Mar 20 th incident Also called Zhongshan Warship incident Mar 20, 1926 Chiang Kai-shek was almost kidnapped In May 1926 Chiang excluded communists from the Whampoa Military Academy because of this

9 Whampoa Soviet Officers birth-of-as-bubnov-state-official~x23166615 A.S. Bubnov Soviet officers gave lectures at the academy Taught history of military thought Not shown: G.I. Gilev S.N. Naumov M.I. Dratvin

10 Liao Zhongkai Representative of KMT to the academy

11 Whampoa founding ceremony, 1924 Sun Yat-senChiang Kai-shek Liao Zhongkai

12 Chiang Kai-shek

13 mons/8/8a/Henk-sneevliet.gif Henk Sneevliet A representative from Comintern (Communist International) (Henk Sneevliet using the name Maring) met with Sun in Guangxi and proposed the military academy

14 A representative from Communist International (Henk Sneevliet using the name Maring) met with Sun in Guangxi and proposed the military academy Guangxi

15 Zhou Enlai (political department instructor) ai_MeiyuanXincun17_Nanjing_1946.jpg Zhou vigorously extended communist influence at the academy Had to leave Whampoa in May 1926 with the rest of the communists Enlai_in_National_Revolutionary_Army_uniform2.jpg Zhou Enlai Henry Kissinger Mao Zedong

16 Hu Hanming (political department instructor) Chiang Kai-shek Hu Hanming

17 Wang Jingwei (political department instructor) AKA Wang Ching-wei

18 He Yingqin (military instructor) Was picked by Chiang because Chiang knew of He’s talent Also “general instructor” of the academy Led a regiment of students from the academy as colonel to fight against the warlord Chen Jiongming!/He_Yingqin

19 Lin Biao (communist graduate) Graduated from Whampoa in 1925 Also goes by Lin Yurong In National Revolutionary Army participated in Northern Expedition Went from Deputy Platoon Leader to Battalion Commander Became one of the Red Army’s best battlefield commanders Commenting on Mao’s circlings during The Long March to evade Chiang “the campaign had begun to look like one of Walt Disney's early cartoons in which Mickey Mouse again and again escaped the clutches of the huge, stupid cat."

20 Xu Xiangqian (communist graduate) Admitted to Whampoa in 1924 Served in National Revolutionary Army

21 Zuo Quan (communist graduate) Became communist commander

22 Chen Cheng (Nationalist graduate) Entered Whampoa in 1924 Participated in Northern Expedition with National Revolutionary Army

23 Du Yuming (Nationalist graduate) Du was a graduate of the first cadet class of Whampoa

24 Xue Yue (Nationalist graduate) Graduate from Whampoa One of the most effective nationalist commanders in the Northern Expedition

25 Hu Zongnan (Nationalist graduate) In the first graduating class of Whampoa in 1924 Took part in Northern Expedition

26 Modern pictures of Whampoa

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