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Bulgaria’s Foreign Policy in Post- Communist Era.

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1 Bulgaria’s Foreign Policy in Post- Communist Era

2 Major Questions Bulgaria belongs to whom? What do the policy-makers think about it? What does Bulgaria’s national interests require?

3 Bulgaria’s Balkan Policy Multilateralism: Avoiding alliances with a regional power. Equidistance: No participation in specific regional conflict. The de-ideologization of foreign policy: Abandoning the communist understanding of the world and blind pursuit of corporatist interests.

4 European integration: Applying Western European approaches and solutions to international problems. The democratization of foreign policy activities (through consensus and transparency). Pragmatism and rationality in the foreign policy decisionmaking process.

5 CBSM (confidence and security building measure) CBSMs play a significant role in Bulgaria’s Balkan Policy. Turkey, Greece and Romania is included in these CBSMs. Serbia: As an arch-enemy of Bulgaria, it is problematic and bilateral agreements like CBSMs are being prepared for this country.

6 Relations with Macedonia

7 Relations with Greece

8 Relations with Romania

9 Relations with Europe

10 Relations with Russia

11 Relations with Turkey

12 Relations with Ukraine

13 Black Sea Economic Cooperation Plays a very critical role in getting closer to Europe and stabilizing the relationship with neighbours. Brings region’s countries together to create a single regional power. Prevents any axes or blocs to be created within the region.

14 Bulgaria and European Union Process started in 1997 and ended in 2007 with success in favour of Bulgaria. During this process, Bulgaris made a long way on open market economy, humanitarian issues and legislative issues. Simply the most important part of Bulgarian Foregin Policy.

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