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 Communism in China AND BEYOND!!!. The Chinese Republic  Manchu Dynasty:  The last of the Chinese dynasties  People were mad that they allowed foreign.

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1  Communism in China AND BEYOND!!!

2 The Chinese Republic  Manchu Dynasty:  The last of the Chinese dynasties  People were mad that they allowed foreign influence in China  Revolution of 1911:  No more dynasties  Chinese “Republic” began

3 Nationalist Party  Won the revolution  Ran the Chinese Republic  Sun Yixian: 1 st leader of the Chinese Republic  Jiang Jieshi: 2 nd leader of the Republic

4 Rise of Communism in China  When: began in the 1920’s  Reasons: Republic (nationalists) did not make things much better  Peasant class was attracted to communism

5 Mao Zedong  1 st leader of the communists in China

6 Civil War  Communists vs. Nationalists

7 The “Long March”  The “Long March”: the communists ran away to the mountains where they: 1. gathered more people for communism 2. trained to fight (against Nationalists) 3. prepared to run their new communist government

8 Taiwan

9 That’s similar to…





14 Japan/World War II  Japan / World War II: when Japan attacked China (1937) the communists and nationalists: 1. stopped fighting each other 2. joined together 3. fought the Japanese

15 Communist Victory  Following WWII, civil war began again  Communists won  Nationalists ran away to the Island of Taiwan

16 Communist China  The People’s Republic of China: official name of Communist China  Mao’s China: not everything worked out so well

17 Great Leap Forward  Mao’s attempt to improve the economy  Forced changes in agriculture (communes) and industry  It failed Mao

18 Cultural Revolution  Mao’s attempt to re-strengthen communism (1960s)  Reaction against intellectuals…many were killed

19 Cultural Revolution  Red Guard – young people sent, by Mao, into rural areas to “re-educate” the people  Little Red Book – every good communist had one and memorized it

20 Deng’s China  Deng Xiaoping: (1970’s) took over after the death of Mao…introduced modern changes (economic but not political)

21 Economic Reform  Economic Reform: Deng realized that China needed to reform economically

22 Economic Reform  Allowed some capitalism (private ownership of business)

23 Economic Reform  Allowed some western companies into certain areas of China

24 Political Freedoms  Anti-Communist Protests: new economic freedoms led some Chinese to want political freedoms

25 Tiananmen Square (1989)  Students led a pro-democracy (anti-communism) protest in 1989  Government sent in troops – thousands of protesters were killed…no democracy


27 Recent Events  Hu Jintao: current leader of China  Return of Hong Kong:  Had been a British colony since the 1800’s  Returned to China in 1997  Not supposed to change to communism for 50 years



30 Other Communist Governments






36 Korea  The Partition: after WW II – Korea was split up by the allies: North – communist, South – democratic Key: Communist Democratic

37 Korean War  North invaded the South (1953)  In order to make one communist Korea  United Nations and U.S. stopped the invasion – for CONTAINMENT

38 After WWII Split at the 38th Parallel Key: Communist Democratic

39 September 1950 North Korean advance Key: Communist Democratic OMG! Help us fight the Communists, USA !

40 November 1950 UN advance Key: Communist Democratic Oh, hi U.S. navy! Maybe you could BACK OFF?

41 January 1951 Chinese + North Koreans Key: Communist Democratic You’re welcome, North Korea

42 1953 Split at the Armistice Line Key: Communist Democratic

43 Remember how it looked back in 1950? Key: Communist Democratic

44 Key: Communist Democratic NOT!

45 Vietnam  Colonial History: had been a French colony – “French Indo-China”  After the French left – Vietnam was split: North – communist, South – democratic France

46 Ho Chi Minh  Leader of the communist North Vietnam  He was a “Nationalist” leader

47 Vietnam War  North invaded the South  Tried to make one communist Vietnam  U.S. supported the South – to stop the spread of communism (containment)  U.S. eventually pulled out – North won – today there in one Communist Vietnam

48 If one Asian country falls to Communism, they will all fall one-by-one like DOMINOES



51 Ho Chi Minh’s Communist government Anti-Communist government set up by France and the U.S.


53 Communism isn’t looking so bad right about now

54 Vietcong



57 Two years later… The North Vietnamese took over the South

58 1.5 million South Vietnamese flee  1.5 million Vietnamese had died in the war e 58,000 Americans died


60 Ho Chi Minh City

61 Cuba  Location: Largest island in the Caribbean Sea (90 miles from Florida)

62 Historical Past  1959 – communists under Fidel Castro took over Cuba  Castro was supported by the U.S.S.R.  U.S. tried to support a coup (the “Bay of Pigs Invasion”) it didn’t work  Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962

63 Relationship with the U.S. Today  Uneasy relationship between Cuba and the U.S.  Some trade and travel restrictions continue

64 Stalin’s USSRMao’s China Type of Rule Economic Plans Dealing with Opposition Relations with Western Nations Reactions after Their Deaths

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