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ASIA REVIEW Benchmark 3. What country has the largest democracy in the world? INDIA.

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1 ASIA REVIEW Benchmark 3

2 What country has the largest democracy in the world? INDIA

3 Who started the Indian independence movement? Mohandas Gandhi

4 The legislator is responsible for what in a parliamentary system of government? Making and carrying out the laws

5 The person with the most power in a parliamentary system is the??? Prime Minister

6 What did India call their attempt to improve agriculture? The Green Revolution

7 India’s developing of industries has caused what type of environmental problems? Industrial waste in the Ganges

8 If one country is a region became communist, others would quickly follow….. Domino Theory

9 Gandhi’s main strategy for dealing with unfair British laws was to have his followers do what? Non- Violent Protest

10 How did the United States help rebuild Japan after WWII? Helped write constitution, established democracy, equal rights, defensive military, etc.

11 A highly trained work force has contributed to what country’s economic success? Japan

12 Japan must import _______ and food. RAW MATERIALS

13 What does the DMZ stand for? Demilitarized zone

14 Most workers in China and India are what? Farmers

15 On what line of latitude is Korea divided? 38 th Parallel

16 What does India specialize in today? Information Technology (IT)

17 Who was China’s Nationalist Leader? ChiangKai-shek

18 What is it called when a state is occupied and controlled by members of another nation? Colony

19 What effect did opening China up to foreign trade have on the country? Improved the economy

20 What country in Asia has the best economic system today and….WHY??? Japan, they have a highly educated work force with strong work ethics.

21 The Great leap Forward stressed what in China? Extensive commercial farming

22 Who won the Korean War and WHY???? No one really, both countries are still separated today.

23 Mao’s attempt to remove all ties to China’s cultural was known as??? Cultural Revolution

24 Seasonal winds accompanied with rain the blow across Southern Asia Monsoons

25 Who was the Communist hero of China who took power in 1949? Mao Zedong

26 Who were the Red Guard? Mao’s army of young people during the cultural revolution

27 Who did Chinese troops either arrest or kill for protesting for more freedom in Tiananmen Square? CHINESE STUDENTS

28 Of the countries we have studied, which is said to have a Mixed/Command Economy China & Vietnam

29 What program did Mao start to take attention off himself and the government’s failures. The Cultural Revolution.

30 What is nationalsim? Having a sense of pride in one’s country.

31 What is the purpose of having an exchange rate? So that countries can trade with one another

32 Who was Vietnam’s First Communist Leader? Ho Chi Minh

33 Japan’s #1 Natural Resource. FISH

34 The belief that if one country became Communist than all of its neighbors would also become Communist is known as what? The Domino Theory

35 The Soviet Union helped what country set up its new government after Japan was forced to give it up? NorthKorea

36 Do people living in North Korea elect their leaders? Why or Why not? No, it is a communist nation with a dictator as the ruler.

37 What happened at the end of the Korean War? North and South Korea were divided along the Demilitarized Zone

38 Japan was put under the control of what country after WWII? u.s.a.

39 What man was named Supreme Allied Commander of the Pacific after WWII? DOUGLAS MACARTHUR

40 Who were the Viet Cong? Farmers by day, guerrillas by night

41 Why was the Korean War fought? Communist North Korea invaded South Korea

42 What happened to the role of the emperor in Japan after World War II? His role in Japan became ceremonial in nature.

43 Why did India and Pakistan became two separate nations in the 1940s? Differences in religions

44 What was the name for the farmers who lived in South Vietnam and participated in guerilla warfare for North Vietnam at night? Viet Cong

45 Why did the United States become involved in the Vietnam war? Because they feared that communism would spread in South Asia.

46 What type of government does Japan have today? Constitutional Monarchy/Parliamen tary Democracy

47 What type of government does North Korea have today? Communist/ Dictatorship and Autocracy

48 Where does most of North Korea’s money go? To the military

49 You are a world-class sailor. What body of water would your boat be in if you were on the EAST side of the KOREAN PENISULA? Sea of Japan

50 What type of economy does Vietnam have today? Mixed/Command

51 The communist dictatorship of North Korea has what type of economy? Command

52 What is the name of Japan’s parliament? The Diet

53 What was the result of the Vietnam War? North Vietnam took over South Vietnam.

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