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China and the Rise of Communism Democracy’s Failed Ground.

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1 China and the Rise of Communism Democracy’s Failed Ground

2 Guomindang Chaos 1913-16, Sun Yat-Sen overthrew Pu Yi with help of Gen. Yuan Shigai CIVIL WAR as Shigai wants to be emperor. Sun wins… eventually.

3 Victory!!!... ish. By 1920, Guomindang wins, Wants to kick out Europeans (weak from WWI chaos) Make an alliance with Communists & Mao Zedong

4 Death, A Change & A Massacre Sun died in ’25, nationalists led by Chiang Kai-Shek Fierce anti-communist… As Europeans leaving, Mao & Chiang call for a meeting of warlords to unite China ‘27 Shanghai Massacre Chiang & Mao kill 34 rivals

5 The Last War & The Long March Late 20’s – war between Chiang & Mao Cornered, Mao leads retreat for survival. 90K plus start it, 9K finish it. Communism on life support The Long March

6 Defeat from the Jaws of Victory 1933 – WWII Japanese invasion of Manchuria. In need of Allies, Guomindang and US turn to Mao for help. NO!!! Mao rebuilds and rearms…

7 Communism & Taiwan - 1949 War weakens China and the Guomindang Suffering turns people to Mao’s communism 2 nd War won by Mao Nationalists flee to Taiwan. The reality of two China’s today!

8 People’s Republic of China, 1949

9 INSTANT Cold War Collision… US, fearing spread of Asian communism, tries to stop it in Korea KOREAN WAR 50-53 China, scared of Truman Doctrine, leaps in to defend her neighbor

10 Korean Fallout… US comes close to nuclear war Cease Fire, no treaty… N Korea still communist AND CRAZY!!! Kim Jong Il tests nuke 2006 CHINA SECURE

11 Communist Stability… Now secure, Mao tries to start communist reform Orders nationalized industry, collective farms… Too slow, people don’t want to leave their land & property Asks for input of the people 1955 - Collects names and kills those who spoke out!!! 100 Flowers Campaign

12 Great Leap Forward, 1958 Says failures from ’55 because he wasn’t bold enough… MASSIVE collective works forcibly made, large families encouraged Forgets to order enough food. 15-40 million starve to death

13 The Cultural Revolution, 1966 Mao thinks China’s past is holding back communist reform … Little Red Book All the past is destroyed by the Red Guard Old Leaders killed

14 Mao Dies – 1976 (YAY!!! ) 60-80 million dead due to his policies (worst tyrant ever …) China way overpopulated, agricultural and backward Watch Mao Bio

15 A Tough Act to Follow Deng Xiaoping the new leader. Focuses on transitioning from Agriculture to Industry Illegal to criticize Mao or the Government

16 1980-Today: RAPID CHANGE One Child Policy “Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics” slowly encouraged Leads to greater prosperity in the 1990’s The workshop of the world now an economic powereconomic power Soft PowerSoft Power & Military Power creating influenceMilitary Power

17 However, MANY Internal Issues Tiananmen SquareTiananmen Square, April to June, 1989 100K students protest, Troops kill untold numbers… Human Rights violations & Prison CampsPrison Camps Environmental Concerns Poverty Poverty creating anger!!! Fear of what will happen if economy slows…

18 The Future… Where will Xi Xinping lead China?

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