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Unit: The Russian Revolution Topic: Joseph Stalin

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1 Unit: The Russian Revolution Topic: Joseph Stalin

2 Red Square, Moscow


4 Lenin's Tomb


6 Joseph Djugashvili?

7 1. What is totalitarianism?

8 This is a one-party gov’t that takes total state control over every aspect of public and private life.

9 Joseph Stalin "Man of Steel"
A dynamic leader uses secret police to crush opposition and create a sense of fear among the people. Joseph Stalin "Man of Steel"

10 2. A Government of Total Control

11 Stalin wanted to create a perfect Communist state in Russia.
He made himself into a godlike figure to support his absolute power.

12 “We receive our sun from Stalin,
We receive our prosperous life from Stalin… Even the good life in the tundras filled with snowstorms We made together with him, With the son of Lenin, With Stalin the Wise.”

13 Out of fear that other Communists were plotting against him, Stalin launched the Great Purge in 1934. ?

14 Almost 800,000 people Stalin thought were “disloyal” were executed; some were sent to prison camps; 4 million were killed altogether.

15 3. Industrialization

16 Stalin set out to make the Soviet Union into a modern industrial power.
In 1928, Stalin launched the first of a series of Five-Year Plans to build industry and increase farm output.

17 Under Stalin’s command economy, the gov’t controlled all factories, businesses, and farms.

18 D. Between 1928 and 1939, oil coal and steel production grew and large factories and hydroelectric power stations rose across the Soviet Union.

19 E. However, most Russians remained poor and endured shortages in everyday goods; those that were made were of low-quality.

20 4. Collectivization

21 Stalin forced peasants to give up their small farms and live on HUGE state-owned farms, or collectives.

22 The gov’t controlled prices and supplies and set production quotas.

23 The goal was to supply enough food for Russia and surplus for sale overseas.

24 Peasants, or kulaks, rebelled by destroying farm tools and crops, and poisoning animals.

25 More than five million died from starvation - in the end, collect-ivization didn’t improve farm output.

26 5. The Arts

27 The purpose of art was to praise communism and Stalin.
Artists, writers, and musicians were observed by Stalin’s secret police. There was censorship of books, music, and art.







34 6. Stalin’s Impact on the Soviet Union

35 By the time Stalin died in 1953, the Soviet Union had become a military and industrial leader.
However, over 20 million Soviets died under Stalin’s brutal system and Soviets lived meager lives compared with the West.

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