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The World of Communism By: Wendy Yeung, Jacqueline Ho,Emily Wong, Maggie Ji.

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2 The World of Communism By: Wendy Yeung, Jacqueline Ho,Emily Wong, Maggie Ji


4 What is Communism? Communism - a government where people shared work fairly and were paid equally. The word “Communism” comes from the Latin word “Communis” which means common or belonging to all.

5 Origin of Communism It originated from the idea proposed in Greece. The ideas on what they wanted communism to be. Who first came up with the idea of communism? What they believed was wrong and right.

6 Industrial Revolution 1. Inventions of new machines 2. Bought by capitalists 3. Displaced former workers 4. Difference between classes increases

7 The Beliefs of Communism The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. People wanted to make everything equal. People never er achieved the goal.

8 The Goal of Communism Goal: to get rid of social classes and make everything fair for everyone.

9 USSR USSR stands for: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The USSR was formed in December 1922. USSR a.k.a. Russia. The USSR is a Communist party.

10 USSR and United States There was a friends ship between Russia and the U.S. that was motivated by struggle. The relationship was complex. Communism opened a path of friendship.

11 The Cold War Harry S. Truman was against communism. His goal was to support countries in Europe and to stop the spread of communism. He had Organizations like NATO and plans like the Marshall Plan. The Cold War was the war between the Soviet Union and the U.S.

12 The USSR successfully planted communist governments in European and Asian countries.  The Soviet Union threatened other countries.  Strategic Arms Limitations Talks settled the problems.

13 Hollywood Communism “My father was being hounded too. Because he had defended the Hollywood 10 and taken on numerous loyalty cases as well, he was labeled subversive. He was followed relentlessly by the FBI, and our phones remained tapped.” -- Patricia Bosworth Hollywood stars were accused to be communists. They were blacklisted by studios.

14 Timeline 1755 - industrial revolution 1848 - Marx publishes Communist Manifesto 1920 - U.S. and Russia become friends by Communism 1922 - The U.S.S.R. forms

15 1953 - Stalin dies 1954 - U.S. Senate condemns McCarthy 1972-1979 - SALT I and SALT II The Cold War ends

16 5 Key Points Communism is the government when everything is distributed equally. Dictatorship is the government when a group or one person has control over everyone. The Cold War is when there was tension between the U.S and the Soviet Union. The beginning of communism through the Industrial Revolution. U.S.S.R. goal to expand communism through the countries.

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