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STRATEGIC MARKETING Steve Rost General Manager J.C. Restoration, Inc. 4.26.12 1.

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1 STRATEGIC MARKETING Steve Rost General Manager J.C. Restoration, Inc. 4.26.12 1

2 What makes me qualified to speak to you today??? 2

3 My Background 1995 (Illinois State University) – B.A. in Marketing 1995 – 2004 (R&C Air Sales) – Sales Account Rep – Distributor for Air Handling Equipment – Primarily Cold Calling: End Users (Caterpillar, General Electric type companies) OEM Manufactures Sheet Metal Contractors Engineers, Design/Build Firms – Road Warrior Territory - Covered Central Illinois Sq. mileage of 15,000 – or about the size of the State of Maryland 3

4 My Background 2004 – 2006 (ACR – Wheeling, IL) – Ad– Very Vague Sell disaster clean up services to specific insurance markets… – Top notch Mitigation & Cleaning Company – Role: Account Representative Initially: – Agent Marketing » City of Chicago Eventually called on five markets – Agents – Adjuster – Property Management – Plumbers – General Contractors Goals (S.M.A.R.T.) – ACCOUNTABILITY 4

5 JCR My JCR Background 2006 – present (JCR) – Top Notch Full-Services Restoration Company – Roles Served: Marketing Director (12/2006 – 4/2008) General Manager (April 2008 – present) 5

6 PRE-JCR My PRE-JCR Background IMACC Meeting (Early 2006) – Farmers Claims Office Potential Pilot Program JCR & ACR Amfam phone call (Mid 2006) Resignation (July, 2006) Storm Chaser – BMW X3 – I thought I made a huge mistake…. 6

7 PRE-JCR My PRE-JCR Background Touhy Ave Condos – Commercial FIRE – 6 figures DOL: 11.20.2006 On-site inspection – Adjuster (referral source) – Building Owner I had nowhere to turn… I called Warner Cruz 7

8 PRE-JCR My PRE-JCR Background Meeting at 142 Thorndale – Bensenville Office – 11.24.2006 (Day after Thanksgiving) – I told my wife… – Warner wanted to develop a referral relationship – “Interview” took place in Classroom I was hooked… – 3 hours – 2 nd Interview – week later – Started my JCR career on 12.18.2006 8

9 JCR JCR Marketing Department (Pre - 12/06) One Marketing Rep – Biz Dev Strategy Market Adjusters, “Who else?” Two week notice No marketing plan or budget existed I was told: – Solid relationships with key adjusters – JCR does LL – We have good prop management relationships 9

10 JCR JCR Marketing Department (Pre - 12/06) Three primary sources of Biz Dev revenue (2005-06) – Other restoration contractors (35%) Warner’s responsibility – Property Management (12%) Hodge-podge – House accounts?? – Adjusters (12%) Former MKTG Rep responsibility Other sources of revenue – Agencies (6%) Old Amfam agent relationships (JC) – TPAs (16%) – JCR Affiliates (13%) Friends/Family/Previous Customer 10

11 I started calling on JCRs “key accounts” and began to realize… We needed a Plan 11

12 First ‘90’ Days 90 Day Action Plan “CRITICAL” Presented w/in 1 week Key to formulating MKTG Plan Bought me time – Whispers… Confirmed (JC) “Stay the course” Began developing the JCR Marketing Plan Warner believed in my vision – Confidence

13 First ‘90’ Days Needed to understand and learn from WC Vision (1/5/10 yrs) Expectations of JCR MKTG reps JCR Culture Strategic Advantages over Competition Needed to understand JCR company knowledge Review current marketing program Review current marketing materials Review Total Available Market (TAM) Ride along 13

14 With the knowledge that I gained in the first 90 days… I learned that JCRs Marketing Strategies needed to be OVERHAULED!!! 14

15 I realized JCR was in need of a MARKETING PLAN The plan needed to be: 1.Outlined & Developed 2.Implemented & Controlled 3.Executed 15

16 Presented in 3/07 OUTLINE DEVELOPMENT 16

17 IMPLEMENTATION Develop your Strategies – Should encompass Relationship Building Networking Goal Setting Organization – Market Segmentation Time Management – DRRM Accountability JCR has a specific Biz Dev strategy for each target market we serve 17

18 CONTROL Designate someone in charge of Biz Dev – Marketing Director Candidate should: – Have strong social skills with the ability to Biz Dev – Be detail & goal oriented – Be organized Manage a weekly itinerary & master calendar – Hold weekly accountability meetings – Be able to monitor and control the effectiveness of the marketing program 18

19 Execution Define Your Company Objectives - Start with 3 or 4 goals In March of 2007; JCR had four main objectives: 19

20 JCR achieved our four objectives by: 1.Developing our Marketing Plan - Allow ample time to develop & implement 2.Hiring a Marketing Director - Ownership – Instill confidence… 3.Defining our Target Markets - “Back then” JCR had four main segments - Insurance - Property Management - Facility Management - Other Contractors 4.Utilizing a time management system - Tracks accountability 5.Becoming active in outside associations - JCR rule 6.Implementing specific programs to each target market - This is where the use of an outside consultant can greatly assist Summary 20

21 FINALLY My advice to you: Define marketing “responsibility” for each referral type within your company. Hold somebody accountable, even if that is yourself… 21

22 Referral TypesDivision Responsible 1800 BUP 2TPAExec 3Other Contractors *Exec 4Advertising/InternetMKT 5AdjusterCMD 6AgentsMKT 7CIHENV 8JCR Affiliates **House 9PlumberMKT 10Prop & Facility MgmtMKT JCR has since defined 10 referral “buckets” We then assign the primary division responsible for Biz Dev activities within that Target Market * General Contractors, Restoration Contractors, Sub Contractors ** JCR Employees, Friends/Family, Previous Customer 22

23 Humbly, if JCR is deemed to be a successful organization by our peers… It is due to the fact Warner always instills confidence in his employees and was willing to stay the course on a new marketing plan Today, I try to emulate his leadership skills by giving the same advice to the management staff here at JCR 23


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