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The Survival Of Knights Templar. Membership Vision Perception Organization Planning.

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1 The Survival Of Knights Templar

2 Membership

3 Vision Perception Organization Planning

4 Vision: How do non-members see us? How do masons see us? More important! How does the younger generation see us? You want to be the most prestigious order that everyone wants to belong to

5 Perception: Would non-member masons want to join us? Are you in uniform? Ritual work! Top notch! Activities for members and their ladies.

6 Organization Form a membership committee Committee must be: Good speakers Knowledgeable about the Yorkrite and Knights Templar Must be active in their Blue Lodges Must be willing to commit their time

7 Organization Implement a collective and effective membership program Getting Grand Commandery Officers to commit to the program Long term: At least 5 years Soliciting input from new Knights Templar

8 Organization Committee should put together a kit containing: petitions Stamped envelopes History of Knights Templar Grand Encampment pamphlets Invitations to any upcoming events they can attend Individual cost

9 Organization Get a list of Blue lodges that are in your Jurisdiction Contact the Master and Secretary for permission to put on a presentation Remember! No more than 15 minutes Stay after the meeting to answer any questions ( remember fellowship is very important)

10 Committee Planning Try not to plan during any major Blue Lodge Events Talk about programs: Christmas observance, Easter observance, knights templar education foundation and KTEF etc… Talk about ritual example: how the York Rite bodies are a continuation of the Blue lodge degrees Contact target members! Constant follow up

11 Summary Assign members for follow up and mentorship Make candidates feel welcome (feel at home in the commandery) Contact candidates not just for business but once in awhile for just plain conversation Offer educational programs ( not only ritual) Remember ritual is for ritualist, education is for ALL )

12 Sources of information Visit: * *










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