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Competency Based Online Courses Kay C. Goss, CEM©.

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1 Competency Based Online Courses Kay C. Goss, CEM©

2 Special Challenges O Overcome Skeptics O Find as many avenues as possible to communicate O Become technologically expert O Get to know your students personally as well as academically O Make sure the quality is top-notch and beyond a question excellent

3 Best Practices O Stephen Carter, University of Maryland Focus Group with Practitioners on Curriculum O Dr. Mary Ann Rollans, Arkansas Tech University – Arkansas Educational Television Network Broadcast O Dr. Christine Springer, University of Nevada at Las Vegas – Hybird Approach O Lessons Learned from Union Institute and University, Capella University, Phoenix

4 Relevant Competencies: Inputs O CAR >>>> EMAP O EMAP O NFPA 1600 O FEMA Independent Study Courses O ANSI O OSI O BCI O ASIS

5 Meeting Professional Standards - Inputs O Program Management O Leadership and Commitment O Laws and Authorities O Finance and Administration O Records Management O Planning O Risk Assessment O Business Impact Analysis O Resource Needs Assessment O Performance Objectives

6 Standards Continued O Prevention/Mitigation O Crisis Communications and Public Information O Warning, Notifications, and Communications O Operational Procedures O Incident Management O Response Plan O Business Continuity and Recovery O Training/Education O Exercises, Evaluations, and Testing

7 Some Desired Outcomes O Leadership O Public Speaking O Ability to Write with Clarity O Partnership/Collaboration/Outreach O Management O Resource Management O Excellence in Service O Mentorship – Supportive of Staff

8 Let the Conversations Continue O Kay C. Goss, CEM© O O 703-593-2762

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