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Idioms Volume 1.

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1 Idioms Volume 1

2 IDIOMS volume 1 An ASL pro, proficient in ASL
As easy as pie, piece of cake At a loss for words, speechless Awesome, remarkable, “big” wow! Back up Barely, hardly, scarcely, hard to come by Better than nothing

3 IDIOMS volume 1 Blow someone away Came to mind Chip in
Close call, by one’s hair. That was really close Common sense Compulsive liar Conceited, egomaniac

4 IDIOMS volume 1 Darn you Defeat, wipe out Dirty business
Don’t feel like Dumbfounded Fall back, relapse Feebleminded

5 IDIOMS volume 1 Financially broke Gross someone out Gut feeling
Hey, what’s up, what’s your problem Hit the jackpot Holy cow, whoa If I were you, if I were in your shoes

6 IDIOMS volume 1 In one ear and out the other
It is of no significance, despite, regardless of Jump for joy Jump to conclusions Keep an eye on Live and learn, roll with the punches Lost in thought

7 IDIOMS volume 1 Make a fuss Messed up Much better than someone
On the fence, ambivalent Overlook Pro, expert, experienced Rarely

8 IDIOMS volume 1 Stinky, it really stinks
Taking advantage of (negatively) That’s not what I’m talking about, not what I mean That’s understandable To talk on and on Totally, mostly, utmost Wide-awake, alert Word on the street, through the grapevine Worship, idolize You’re crazy

9 IDIOMS volume 2 Study PowerPoint

10 IDIOMS volume 2 Absorbed into the system, taking on other’s culture
Actions speak louder than words An open mind Back out Beat around the bush Blow a fuse Bring something up

11 IDIOMS volume 2 Broke a record, record breaking Burning up
Catch up (on) Cheapskate Disappear into thin air Do oneself a favor Don’t be too sure

12 IDIOMS volume 2 Don’t have Expand upon Filthy rich Flop, a disaster
For sure Freak out Go after a person

13 IDIOMS volume 2 Go from bad to worse, take a turn for the worse
Good enough for Hands off, neutral Have no idea Hearing person with little understanding towards Deaf Culture In the back of one’s mind It’s no use (doing something)

14 IDIOMS volume 2 Labeled as (an identification, identity)
Look back upon Look down upon (negatively) Low class, below the standard Make me sick to my stomach Out of the closet Period, end of it, end of story

15 IDIOMS volume 2 Put aside something Same old thing, same old story
Sick of it Swallow one’s pride Swell-head, big headed Take a risk Take off

16 IDIOMS volume 2 Takeover (from someone)
Talk to oneself, in a world of my own There’s nothing to it! Think nothing of me Turn something down Unskillful, not proficient, don’t know how Venting out Willpower Wisecrack Your eyes pop out of your head

17 End of 2nd year review 3rd year continue review the following slides

18 Idioms volume 3 study PowerPoint

19 IDIOMS volume 3 A slap in the face About to Add fuel to the fire
Ad-lib, remark made spontaneously without prior preparation All at once All for nothing All year round

20 IDIOMS volume 3 Asked for it Backfire on Be my guest Black out
Boss someone around Break down Break through with something

21 IDIOMS volume 3 Break up with someone Broke down in tears
Burden someone with something Burn out Butt in on someone Butterflies in one’s stomach Calling the shots

22 IDIOMS volume 3 Cold blooded Crack a smile Out of business
Don’t dwell on it Don’t judge a book by its cover Error prone, series of mistakes Feels good

23 IDIOMS volume 3 Few days ago Get along Hard with much effort
Have you been there before? Hooked, addicted Huge advantage I have been noticing, I have seen this frequently, I have particularly seen

24 IDIOMS volume 3 Idle chitchat
Just go right ahead, take the liberty of doing something Light headed Mad for money Make up a story, fib Nerve, you’ve got a lot of nerve Never again

25 IDIOMS volume 3 No hard feelings Nothing new Old news Oops
Playing the field Shopping spree Strangely, odd, peculiar, funny thing is Too much money Top-notch, top-of-the-line Try to muddle through something

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