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VOICES FROM THE FIELD “FILIPINars….. Leading Healthcare in the Global Workplace.”

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1 VOICES FROM THE FIELD “FILIPINars….. Leading Healthcare in the Global Workplace.”

2 PHILIPPINE NURSES ASSOCIATION. INC. 92 nd Foundation Anniversary 57 th Nurses Week Celebration 2014 National Annual Convention JIMMY ALMODOVAR RGN, RN PNA IRELAND PRESIDENT

3 The forebode of shortage of nurses in developed countries like Ireland is a potent genesis to deplete nurses supply and debilitate heath initiatives in developing countries like the Philippines.

4 An Overview of Filipino Nurses Migration in Ireland. In the last quarter of the 90’s to the early 2000 a severe shortage of nurses in Ireland resulted in the Irish State government embarking an unprecedented recruitment of nurses from around the world. The Philippines, having a good reputation for producing top-notch nurses was among the countries targeted for recruitment drives.

5 Our dominance has been due to 1.established reputation for professional, tender loving care service outside the Philippines. 2. We speak English fluently. 3. Our nursing curriculum is geared not only for the local, but also towards the global market.

6 -2000 to 2001 - 3,500 Filipino Nurses -the largest among the non-EEA nationals -2004 - declined as a result of dynamic migration and recruitment policies. - competition from nurses coming from India, Poland, and home grown Irish Nurses. - Indian Nationals have overtaken Filipinos in the live register of Anbord Altranais (Irish Nursing Board). Reasons: 1. Location 2. Numbers 3. Direct Registration requirements.

7 Trend of OFW deployment to Ireland from 2000-2009. From year 2000 - trend of OFW deployment to Ireland as reported by POEA from 2,592 to only 14 nurses by the year 2009. - decline furthermore by the introduction of IELTS ( International English Language Testing Service). -Year 2003 - overall band score of at least 6.5 to 7.0 by year 2007. In the last 8 years or so, declined in Filipino and Indian nurses recruitment started due to Global recession.

8 So what happened to those so called top- notch nurses hired during the “Celtic Boom”? After a decade of Filipino Nurses recruitment by the Irish government from estimated 5,500 nurses in the early 2000, there are about 3,400 are left in Ireland. Filipino Nurses….. they became; 1. Nurse Tutor 2. Nurse Anesthetist 3. CNS ( Clinical Nurse Specialist ) 4. CNM (Clinical Nurses Manager) 5. Director of Nursing - to nursing homes and institutions.

9 In the end, the hardships and sacrifices of my fellow nurses living and being away from their families just to earn a decent living are deep and well entrenched. It is immeasurable and entails the highest cost of working across the national borders of our home country ….. the Philippines.

10 Philippine Nurses Association Ireland at a glance…….

11 The Philippine Nurses Association Ireland was founded on January 18, 2011. It’s mission is to support global principles of PNA National office. Providing professional enrichment among members through periodic continuing education programs and conference and taking active participation in the socio- cultural affairs and activities of the Filipino – Irish communities in Ireland.






17 Various activities were since undertaken by the prime movers of the group who relentlessly continued to uphold its goals and objectives.






23 Young as its is as of now, our chapter has still a long long way to go, but no matter what, for as long as Officers and out members continues to support one another in the hope is bringing out the best of Filipino traits that of being compassionate and humane even in foreign land, there is no doubt that we will succeed in our endeavor it may undertake.



26 “Mabuhay ang Global Filipino Nurses “

27 “go raibh maith agat”

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