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myDAQ Biomedical Instrumentation Board

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1 myDAQ Biomedical Instrumentation Board
Group May1212 Jeremy Bruecken, Kossi Sessou, Alex Weiss Mani Mina - Advisor Andrew Watchorn - Client

2 National Instruments myDAQ
Low cost portable data acquisition unit Interfaces with NI LabView software Allows students to generate, measure, and analyze signals in real time

3 myDAQ Details

4 Problem Statement National Instruments would like an add-on board to the myDAQ that will directly compete with the BioPac at a 40x price margin The board should provide the necessary connections and LabView interface to allow for measurements done in an introductory Biomedical Engineering course at Iowa State University

5 Market Survey BioPac currently sole competitor in market
Iowa State recently purchased BioPac kits for introductory class Our product would be a simple unique solution

6 Functional Requirements
Gain and filter signal from contact patches for EKG and EMG to the myDAQ analog input Power to two LEDs and collect light transmittance information for pulse oximeter Provide user interface for sending, receiving, and analyzing signals in LabView via myDAQ Protect end user per IEC regulations

7 Non-Functional Requirements
Simple plug and play hardware interface Provide user friendly software interface in LabView 40x lower price than BioPac Allow for cheap and reliable manufacture

8 Concept Sketch

9 Burr-Brown INA121Application Note
EKG & EMG Measurement Burr-Brown INA121Application Note

10 EKG & EMG Filter and Gain
ANSI/AAMI EC-11 requires low-pass of 40Hz and high pass filter of .67 Hz Helps reduce 60Hz power noise Will limit capability of EMG measurement Gain of ~2000

11 EKG & EMG Safety Still researching IEC specification
Options include optoelectric isolation, diode shunts, etc.

12 Pulse Oximeter Measurement
Use variation in light transmittance to determine blood oxygen level and pulse Images Courtesy of

13 Pulse Oximeter Measurement
Pulse LEDs to get infrared and red absorption Gain photodector signal and filter for analysis

14 Images Courtesy of
Pulse Oximeter Gain Use a transimpedance amplifier to generate a voltage signal Gain will require adjustment depending on finger thickness Images Courtesy of

15 Images Courtesy of
Pulse Oximeter Filter 60Hz notch filter Low pass 6Hz filter High Pass .8Hz filter Images Courtesy of

16 Pulse Oximeter Analysis
Signal will have AC and DC components Use only AC to calculate oxygen level Provides pulse reading Images Courtesy of

17 System Flow Diagram

18 LabView Interface Easy to use environment for capturing and analyzing biometrics

19 Labview Interface

20 Deliverables Prototype add-on board with sensors
LabView software to collect and interpret data Design document Specification test document

21 Project Plan Create design document for December 4th
Review design through Spice testing and analysis Parts ordered November 15th Begin hardware testing over break

22 Resource Requirements
Access to BioPac for comparison testing IEC Safety Documentation Spice simulation tools Ability to order devices Circuit testing equipment (Oscilloscope, DMM, Power supply)

23 Risks Injury when performing tests of human body
Proper safety circuitry will prevent injury Unable to meet 40x price margin goal Client is aware this is likely Inability to compete with BioPac Focus on price should attract wide customer base

24 Task Breakdown Jeremy Kossi Alex Complete circuit design
Perform Spice circuit analysis Kossi Create LabView interface Perform interface and hardware testing Alex Perform hardware testing Design webpage

25 Questions? myDAQ EKG & EMG Pulse Oximeter System Diagram Project Plan
NI instrumentation learning tool Add-on board to compete with BioPac EKG & EMG Filter and Gain Safety Pulse Oximeter 660nm and 940nm light absorption comparison System Diagram Project Plan Resource Requirements Risks Tasks

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