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Tree-trimming Standards and Practices City Council Work Session November 19, 2007.

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1 Tree-trimming Standards and Practices City Council Work Session November 19, 2007

2 Introduction Two General Categories - Transmission - Distribution Work Performed by Outside Contractor - ANSI A300 (Tree Care Operations – Tree, Shrub, and other Woody Plant Maintenance – Standard Practices) - Interpretation and Implementation of A300 - Line clearances to GP&L standards Line Clearances - Transmission Standard (GP&L OH-907) - Distribution Standard (GP&L OH-908)

3 Transmission Standards Overview Subject to NERC Standard FAC-003-1 Lists ANSI A300 as industry “best practice” for vegetation management Transmission Vegetation Management Program (TVMP) per FAC-003-1 Passed ERCOT/NERC audit this year Liable for ALL vegetation related outages Increased penalties under nodal market

4 GP&L Standard OH-907

5 Typical Transmission Standard Zones defined by the TVMP - Border zone requires documented plan - Wire zone requires immediate resolution

6 New Transmission Design New transmission design increases clearances

7 Transmission Standards Outlook Development along transmission corridors - Increase compliance effort - Increase in vegetation encroachments - Increase interaction with property owners Reduce this impact by providing information to property owners along transmission corridors. Improve corridor access to insure timely identification of potential encroachments.

8 Distribution Standards Overview Majority of annual trimming operations Not currently subject to regulatory audits Line clearances per GP&L OH-908 Contractor adheres to ANSI A300 for vegetation management Trimming format (V-out, side, notch, etc.) chosen to provide desired clearances without killing tree. Trunk location typically dictates trim format

9 GP&L Standard OH-908

10 Distribution Standards V-Out Format

11 Distribution Standards Side Format

12 Distribution Standards Notch Format

13 Distribution Standards Outlook NERC regulatory voltage will continue to be lowered – distribution may be subject to standards in the near future? Increased trimming in past 3-5 years – greatly reduced storm related outages System reliability directly affected by magnitude of trimming operation Enhance customer notification process Provide information on clearance requirements to property owners

14 QUESTIONS ? Balancing aesthetics & reliability!

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