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Upper Appendicular Skeleton

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1 Upper Appendicular Skeleton

2 Pectoral Girdle Composed of 2 clavicles & 2 scapulae
Open in the back between the scapulae Sternum separates its bone in the front Supports the upper limbs An attachment for several muscles that move the upper limbs

3 Clavicle Also known as- Collar Bone Located at the base of the neck
Run horizontally between the manubrium(sternum) & scapula. Provides attachments for muscles of the upper limbs, chest, & back

4 Scapula Shoulder Blade Triangular-shaped bone
Spine- divides the posterior surface into unequal portions. Leads to 2 processes: Acromion Process- forms the tip of the shoulder. Articulates w/ the clavicle & provides attachments for muscles of the upper limb & chest. Coracoid Process-(Corac-) curves to the clavicle. Provides attachments for upper limb & chest muscles

5 Glenoid Cavity- located between the 2 processes
Glenoid Cavity- located between the 2 processes. Articulates with the head of the humerus.

6 Upper Limb Humerus Radius Ulna Carpals Metacarpals Phalanges

7 Humerus Extends from the scapula to the elbow Head fits into the ???
Glenoid Cavity of the scapula 2 processes located just below the head 1. Greater Tubercle- lateral side 2. Lesser Tubercle- anterior side Intertubercular Groove- A narrow furrow located “between tubercles”

8 Deltoid tuberosity – v-shaped, rough area where _________ muscles attach to humerus
This muscle raises the upper limb horizontally to the side. Olecranon fossa – posterior depression that receives an ulnar process when elbow is straightened Coronoid fossa – anterior depression that receives a radial process when elbow is bent

9 Radius Thumb side of the forearm Extends from the elbow to the wrist
Disc-like “Head” at upper end of the radius articulates w/ the humerus & a notch of the ulna. (so your arm can rotate) Radial tuberosity- a process below the head, provides attachment for biceps Styloid process – at distal end; attachment for wrist ligaments

10 Ulna Longer than the radius
Trochlear notch- proximal end; wrench like opening that articulates with the humerus. Olecranon process – top process Coronoid process – bottom process Radial notch – just below trochlear notch Head – at distal end; articulates with ulnar notch of radius Styloid process – attachment for wrist ligaments


12 Wrist & Hand

13 Wrist Composed of 8 carpal bones Scaphoid Lunate Triquetrum Pisiform
Trapezium Trapezoid Capitate Hamate

14 Mnemonic Device “Sports Lovers Take Pitches That They Can Hit”
Come up with your own mnemonic device for the carpal bones!! Turn this in at the end of class.

15 Hand 5 metacarpals (Palm of the hand)
Numbered 1-5 starting at the thumb Bones between the wrist & the fingers Rounded distal ends form the knuckles

16 Each finger except the thumb has 3 phalanges
- proximal phalanx - middle phalanx - distal phalanx Thumb lacks the a middle phalanx

17 Pictures

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