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Skull Vomer Parietal Palatine Nasal Conchae Frontal Sphenoid Ethmoid

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2 Skull Vomer Parietal Palatine Nasal Conchae Frontal Sphenoid Ethmoid
Occipital Lacrimal Nasal External Occipital Protuberance Maxilla Temporal Zygomatic Vomer Sphenoid Mastoid Process Mandible Superior Nuchal Line (3rd picture #2) Label

3 Vertebra Intervertebral Foramen Spinous Process Articular Processes
Lamina Transverse Processes Pedicle Vertebral Foramen Body Label

4 Vertebral Column Regional Structures Cervical (7) Thoracic (12)
Transverse Foramen Atlas Axis (Odontoid Process) Thoracic (12) . Lumbar (5) Median Sacral Crest Sacral Canal Sacral Foramen Sacral Hiatus Superior Articular Facet Superior Sacral Notch Coccyx (4) Bifed Spinous Process Superior & Inferior Costal Facets Transverse Costal Facets Sacral (5)

5 Sternum Jugular Notch Clavicular Notch Manubrium Sternal Angle
Costal Notches Body Transverse Ridges Xyphoid Process LABEL

6 Rib Cage Superior Border Tubercle Costal Angle Neck Head
Inferior Border True (7) Costal Groove I wasn’t sure about the ones that stay there permanantly Shaft False (3) Floating (2) Label Label

7 Clavicle Deltoid Tubercle Acromial End Sternal End Trapezoid Line
Superior surface Anterior Sternal End Anterior Trapezoid Line Inferior surface Right Clavicle Subclavian Groove Conoid Tubercle Label

8 Scapula Supra Scapular Notch Superior Angle Coracoid Process
Supraspinous Fossa Supra Glenoid Tubercle Spine Superior Border Acromion Process Glenoid Fossa Infra Glenoid Tubercle Medial (vertebral) Border Infraspinous Fossa Inferior Angle Lateral (axillary) Border Label

9 Intertubercular Groove (bicipital)
Humerus Greater Tubercle Head Lesser Tubercle Anatomical Neck Surgical Neck Intertubercular Groove (bicipital) Deltoid Tuberosity Radial Groove Olecranon Fossa Supracondylar Ridge Radial Fossa Lateral Epicondyle Capitulum Anterior Posterior Coronoid Fossa Trochlea Medial Epicondyle Label

10 Radius and Ulna Olecranon Process Semilunar Notch Radial Notch Head
Coronoid Process Neck Radial Tuberosity Ulnar Tuberosity Supinator Crest Interosseous Crest Supinator Fossa Ulnar Notch Styloid Process Head Styloid Process Radius Label Ulna Label

11 Hand Distal Middle Phalanges Proximal Head Shaft Metacarpals Hamate
(Hook of Hamate) Base Trapezoid Pisiform Carpals Trapezum Triquetrum Scaphoid Label Capitate Lunate

12 Pelvic Girdle Posterior Gluteal Line Inferior Gluteal Line
External Surface Anterior Gluteal Line Iliopectineal Eminence Iliac Crest Iliac Fossa Posterior Superior Iliac Spine Ischial Tuberosity Superior Rami Pubic Crest Posterior Inferior Iliac Spine Spine of the Ischium Superior Rami Anterior Inferior Iliac Spine Anterior Superior Iliac Spine Auricular Surface Inferior Rami Lesser Sciatic Notch Inferior Rami Greater Sciatic Notch Sacral Articulation Pubic Symphysis Ilium Label Ischium Label Pubis Label

13 Right Femur (Anterior) Right Femur (Posterior)
Greater Trochanter Quadrate Tubercle Fovea Capitus Head Intertrochanteric Crest Intertrochanteric Line Neck Lesser Trochanter Gluteal Tuberosity Linea Aspera Adductor Tubercle Popliteal Surface Intercondyloid Fossa Patellar Surface Lateral condyle Medial condyle Right Femur (Anterior) Right Femur (Posterior) Label

14 Patella Proximal Border Base Lateral Border Medial Border Apex
Right Patella Label

15 Tibia & Fibula Intercondyloid Eminence Styloid Process Lateral Condyle
Superior Fibular Articulation Medial Condyle Head Tibial Tuberosity Soleal Line Interosseous Border Anterior Border Interosseus Border Anterior Border Inferior Fibular Articulation Medial Malleolus Lateral Malleolus Talus Articulation Talus Articulation Fibula Label Tibia Label

16 Bones of the Foot Distal Middle Proximal Phalanges Head Talus Shaft
Navicular Base Metatarsals 1st Cuniform 1st Cuniform Cuboid 2nd Cuniform Calcaneus 3rd Cuniform Navicular Tarsals Talus Calcaneus Label

17 Brachial Plexus Show All
Click on a nerve to see the name, click on the name twice to see the muscles innervated, click on the nerve again to make disappear Muscles Innervated: Latissimus Dorsi Subclavius Levator Scapula, Rhomboids Biceps Brachii, Coracobrachialis, Brachialis (Pronator Teres, Flex. Carpi Radialis, Palmaris Longus, Flex. Digitorum Superficialis, Flex. Digitorum Profundus (2nd and 3rd), Flex. Pollicis Longus, Flex. Pollicis Brevius, Pronotor Quadratus, Abductor Pollicis Brevius, Opponeus Pollicis, Lumbricales (1st and 2nd) Supraspinatous, Infraspinatous Triceps Brachii, Aconeus, Brachioradialis, Supinator, Ext. Carpi Radialis Longus, Ext. Carpi Radialis Brevius, Ext. Carpi Ulnaris, Ext. Digitorum, Ext. Digiti Minimi, Ext. Indicis, Abd. Pollicis Longus, Ext. Pollicis Longus, Ext. Pollicis Brevius) Deltoid, Teres Minor (Flex. Carpi Ulnaris, Flex. Digitorium Profundus (4th and 5th), Opponeous Digiti Minimi, Abductor Digiti Minimi, Flex. Digiti Minimi, Lumbricales (3rd and 4th), Dorsal Interossei, Palmer Interrosei, Adductor Pollicis, Flex. Pollicis Brevis) Diaphragm Serratus Anterior Teres Major, Subscapularis Subscapularis Pectoralis Major and Minor Pectoralis Major Phrenic Dorsal Scapular Roots Superior Subclavian Trunks Suprascapular Anterior Divisions Divisions Middle Lateral Cord Cords Lateral Pectoral Posterior Divisions Nerves Inferior Upper Subscapular Musculocutaneous Long Thoracic Thoracodorsal Axillary Posterior Cord Medial Pectoral Radial Medial Cord Median Lower Subscapular Medial Brachial Cutaneous Ulnar Medial Antebrachial Cutaneous Show All

18 Helpful Websites Body Smart Movies of movements Articulations
Review of bones Muscles X-ray of bones Book’s Website Brother Palmer’s lab Review of landmarks

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