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The Passive Voice Top Notch 2 P. 88,91.

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1 The Passive Voice Top Notch 2 P. 88,91

2 Active voice: ( simple past tense)
Picasso painted Guernica in 1937. Passive voice: ( simple past tense) Guernica was painted by Picasso in 1937. Active voice: ( simple present tense ) Art collectors buy famous paintings all over the world. Passive voice: ( simple present tense ) Famous paintings are bought by art collectors all over the world. These vases were made in the sixteenth century. The Mona Lisa is kept at the Louvre in Paris.

3 Verb form of the passive voice
be + past participle is kept ( keep ) are bought ( buy ) was painted ( paint ) were made ( make )

4 Exercise B(P.88) This drawing was made by Leonardo da Vinci.
That photography was taken by Imogen Cunningham in 1903. The Starry Night was painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1889. The film La Strada was directed by Federico Fellini in 1954. The print was made by Katsushika Hokusai over a century ago.

5 The passive voice: questions Yes/No questions
Were these wood bowls made in Africa? Yes, they were. No, they weren’t. Was this stone figure carved by the Incas? Yes, it was. No, it wasn’t.

6 Information questions
Where were these cloth figures made? They were made in Brazil. When was this picture painted? It was painted in the 1960s. What are these clay bowls used for? They’re used for cooking. How was it made? It was made all by hand.

7 Exercise D (P.91) Where were those wood figures carved?
How were those dolls made? Was that clay bowl painted by hand? When was that photograph taken?

8 Exercise E (P.91) How were the glass figures made?
What is the pottery used for? When was the gold figure made? Where were the wood chairs built? How was the bowl made?

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