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Hungary: Baptism – Confirmation - Wedding. BAPTISM.

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1 Hungary: Baptism – Confirmation - Wedding


3 Main steps of Baptism 1. Relatives and friends gather in church. 2. Godparents hold the baby. 3. Priest prays for the baby and family.

4 Main steps of Baptism 4. Priest sprinkles water on Baby’s forehead, Baptizing it in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 6. He then blesses the baby. 7. Godparents promise to be faithful supporters of the baby. 5. In a Roman Catholic ceremony The priest draws a cross on the baby’s forehead.

5 Confirmation

6 Children learn about the Bible and religion for about 2 months before confirmation. The protestant priest blesses the new members of congregation. The catholic priest draws a cross on child’s forehead. They confirm their knowledge and faith in front of congregation.

7 Congregation pray and sing together with the new members, then take group photos. Both Protestant and Catholic cermonies contain receiving the Communion.


9 Exchange of rings, kiss. In Hungary both the bride and groom have to have a best man (witness), who can be a woman as well. Usually the bride and groom walk in together. All weddings start with a civil ceremony conducted by a marriage officer.

10 Bride, groom and two witnesses sign the legal documents. Newly wed couple thank parents for bringing them up. After toasts and congratulations, the bride tosses the bouquet into the air.

11 It is optional to have a church ceremony.

12 Dancing with the bride is a traditional way of collecting money for the young couple. In the evening, and during the night there is a reception with: Quizzez Dance Food Fun There is always a master of ceremony.

13 Traditional Hungarian Wedding

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