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Million Leaders Mandate Notebook One

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1 Million Leaders Mandate Notebook One
God’s Call for Us to Lead (Lesson 1)

2 God’s Call for Us to Lead
Why and How God Calls Us to Lead

3 Born To Lead Being made in God’s image means we were created to LEAD.
God gave humans AUTHORITY over the whole earth. If God told us to rule, we must have the ABILITY to do it.

4 Divine Permission to Lead
Excuse One: Who am I? (Ex. 3:11) Excuse Two: Who are You? (Ex. 3:13) Excuse Three: What if they don’t listen? (Ex. 4:1) Excuse Four: I’ve never been a good speaker. (Ex. 4:10) Excuse Five: I know you can find someone else. (Ex. 4:13)

5 The Global Leadership Crisis

6 The Period of the Judges
Chaos reigned because there was no precedent for AUTHORITY or ACCOUNTABILITY. 2. Aggressive ENEMIES surrounded them, since the Jews first occupied Canaan. 3. There were no government FUNDS for national defense or to enforce public safety.

7 Other NATIONS influenced Israel with their idols and superstitions.
Heroes like Moses and Joshua were DEAD, and there was no EXPECTATION of order. 6. Momentum and morale were LOW, so growth was not easy.

8 The Basics of Effective Leaders
THEY PERCEIVE A NEED. When Leadership is Pure: It always starts with a need. That need sparks passion within a person. That person acts in response to the need. This action moves others to cooperate.

9 2. THEY POSSESS A GIFT When Leadership is Pure: A person finds a GIFT inside of them. They groom and DEVELOP that gift. They eventually match that gift with a place of SERVICE. The gift provides a platform for INFLUENCE. They eventually flourish because of their GIFT.

10 BURDENS – Your interests and concerns
3. THEY PARADE A PASSION Passion Comes When a Leader Has Complementary… BURDENS – Your interests and concerns CONVICTIONS – Your values, principles and beliefs GIFTS – Your God-given abilities. NEEDS – Your desperate circumstances. OPPORTUNITIES – Your occasion to get involved.

11 4. THEY PERSUADE A PEOPLE Proven Practices for Getting Things Done: What gets talked about gets done. What gets trained for gets done. What gets measured gets done. What gets budgeted gets done. What gets confronted gets done. What gets rewarded gets done.

12 5. THEY PURSUE A PURPOSE In Judges, Their Purpose Was…
Personal: It fit their gifts and passions. Measurable: It involved activity that could be evaluated. Memorable: It was specific enough to be remembered and embraced. Meaningful: It surrounded national issues that made a difference. Mobile: It could travel with them wherever they found themselves. Moral: It was right. They felt it not only could be done, but should be done.

13 Group Questions 1. How convinced are you that God created you to lead?
2. What excuses do you have for not leading and what do you believe God would respond to you? 3. Which of the five characteristics of leaders from Judges are strength or weaknesses for you?

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