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TACKLING THE WEB SITE REDESIGN Web Advisory Committee Kickoff September 17, 2010.

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1 TACKLING THE WEB SITE REDESIGN Web Advisory Committee Kickoff September 17, 2010

2 Today’s Agenda Web Advisory Committee Charge Web Core Group Charge Project Goal Current Metrics Action Items for Committee Members Our New Web Content Management System

3 Web Advisory Committee Charge “…a standing University-wide group responsible for guiding the development, maintenance and promotion of policies and standards for web at the University of Mary Washington. Members of the committee include faculty and student representatives and major communications stakeholders from a variety of departments and units throughout the University.”

4 Web Core Group Charge “…primary working group responsible for the development of the new website. Members in this group are the Associate VP for University Relations, the University Webmaster, the Director of Publications, the Director of Graphic Design, and the Director of Marketing.”

5 Project Goal Strategic Goal: “Develop a compelling, unforgettable public Web presence that acts as a primary recruiting tool and helps position UMW as the top liberal-arts and sciences institution in the country.” Measurement: User behavior should shift to a larger ratio of new and repeating external visitors to internal visitors to

6 Current Site Visitors Of 4,420,811* visits this year... *Source: Google Analytics, 9/17/2009-9/17/2010

7 Current Site Breakdown by Target Audiences *Source: Survey by Cathy Finn-Derecki, Feb 9, 2010

8 75.9% 3.1% 1.5% 17.3% 6.9% 1.3% 1.5 % 10.8% 1.4% ?% 3.5% 1.1% 0.2% 2.4% 1.0 % 0.8 % 3.9 % 3.1% 12.5% *Source: Google Analytics, 08/28/2009-08/26/2010

9 Need an Information Architecture Solution Want to increase external traffic ratio Can’t eliminate internal content which has become central to how we function Determine how to serve up both internal and external content without conflicting Possibilities –EagleNet –Separate public Web domains within a shared CMS? –Other? Let’s examine the possibilities together

10 Action Items Core Group: –Research how at least 3 competitor institutions have made major public web changes –Prepare presentation for next meeting “WAC” –Ask colleagues at at least 2 other comparable institutions how they have dealt with the issue of hosting internal vs. external content. Need one set of feedback for each division: Provost Administration and Finance Information Technologies Student Affairs Advancement and University Relations

11 Our Next Meeting Next meeting is a worksession! Presentation of findings from Divisions and Committees Synthesize recommendations from findings Develop timelines –Drop-Dead finish date –Which content is migrated first? –De-provisioning schedule –Legacy content retention and access Webmaster to draft project plan based on discussion to present at November meeting

12 Action Items Technology Sub-Committee –Recommend hosting arrangement: Cost/benefit analysis of internal vs. external hosting Security considerations of each –Investigate hosting of video, video streaming, and photo libraries –May include others from your division with specific expertise


14 Our New Web Content Management System Existing server environment is aging Contribute no longer meets our needs Need a solution that is cheap, scalable, full-featured, and easy for users to learn Need a Web-based solution (no software installs) Need to ramp up quickly Prefer technologies for which we have in-house expertise, and that we can pay to staff


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