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1 Lunch N Learn teleconference THE print solution for z December 18 th - 12-1pm ET Klaus Kristiansen, CEO 1.

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1 1 Lunch N Learn teleconference THE print solution for z December 18 th pm ET Klaus Kristiansen, CEO 1

2 2 Ubiquitech Print Management Solution provides companies with …  Centralized Management & Support (Based on Linux and Windows)  Infrastructure efficiency / consolidation  Follow-You Print with one driver – your print will follow you to the printer of your choice  Secure printing – compliance, regulations and company policies  Rules for print – correct use of color, duplex and large print jobs  Savings on paper, toner and therefore expenses  Savings on the total numbers of printers – no need for personal printers  Statistics - business intelligence – who is printing and copying what, when and where? – Modules for print management (Print Advisor)  Easy handling of users and one print queue For the first time ever is it possible to have Follow-You Print directly from your mainframe applications, without destabilising the workflow through MS Print Servers 2 Next Generation Print Solution 2

3 3  Topdanmark case:  Remarkable cartoon presenting the solution IBM & Ubiquitech joint communication: - Cartoon & Customer reference Please take some minutes to see the videos 3

4 4 Print needs to become essential 4 IT Network Print “The interesting thing is that the total print budget is equal to the total IT budget, yet, culturally, we manage the hell out of IT but not this important cost (print),” he said. “We over-manage IT and under-manage print.” Andrew Rowsell-Jones, research vice president at Gartner’s CIO Research GroupGartner’s CIO Research Group “The interesting thing is that the total print budget is equal to the total IT budget, yet, culturally, we manage the hell out of IT but not this important cost (print),” he said. “We over-manage IT and under-manage print.” Andrew Rowsell-Jones, research vice president at Gartner’s CIO Research GroupGartner’s CIO Research Group

5 5 Setting the scene Tree types of printing scenarios – Individual or all into ONE  Office Print: (distributed print)  Print server consolidation  From push to pull  Host Print: (print from Mainframe)  Reduce zOS MIPS consumption by moving conversion to IFLs (AFP to PCL, PS, IPDS, PDF etc.)  From push to pull  Identify users from CICS etc.  Apply policy based printing without programming  Mobile print: (global print) - option  Print from Mobile device 5 5

6 6 PCL PS IFLUbiquitech Secure print Print Rules Print Rules Business intelligence Business intelligence Print Queue Print Queue All formatting done on IFL.  Single Driver on all Workstations  Single pull print queue for all  Improved Citrix performance  No Citrix driver issues  Total centralized control Over 20% performance improvement on Citrix services due to load reduction All formatting done on server Office Print & Host Print How it works Print job is either directed to the chosen printer (push) or to the printer the users swipes their ID at (pull). All formatting done on server Mobile Print 6

7 7  Pull printing  Push printing  Cloud printing  Failover  Fallback  Embedded clients  Card Swipe (multi card- reader support)  Finger Scan  Hardware terminals  Job Accounting  LDAP Integration (or open API for other user app)  SSL encryption  Print rules  Client Billing  Print  Payment solution  MultiDomain Monitor  Mobile Printing Facility Features & Options

8 8 Always Partner Sale  Print Management Solutions:  Ubiquitech have today approx. 300 customer solutions in operations - approx users & above 25K MFP/Printers– primary on Linux platform.  Sales Chanel:  Ubiquitech are selling globally via partners within Print & IT business.  South America, USA and Canada  Europa  Middle East  Scandinavian – Primary Denmark and Sweden  Working on having a us based re-seller:

9 9 Area of Competition

10 10  z/Linux  One single server (IFL)  One single driver on workstation  Rendering on server  Single print queue  Citrix friendly  High Reliability and Availability  Failover on several levels  30 seconds delay if “plane crash”  High Serviceability  Service on running system  High Security  Software and hardware  High Performance  Linear performance/load  Formatting for single print queue (multi MFP vendors)  “Endless” resources  Fast I/O  Low TCO  Nearly no maintenance  Windows  Unstable cluster solution  Driver for each type of MFP  Rendering on workstation  Multiple print queues  Citrix demanding  Medium Reliability and Availability  Failover on SW level  Up to 2 hour delay if “plane crash”  Low Serviceability  Service on cold system  Medium Security  Only software  Low Performance  exponential performance/load  Formatting for several print queues (multi MFP vendors)  Limited resources  Slow I/O  High TCO  Heavy maintenance burden z/Linux print services vs. Windows Print Server

11 11 The HSPM solution  Move Print-MIPS to IFL  PUSH to PULL  CICS Print with userID  ALL PDLs supported  ALL incomming datastreams supported Job streamed to IFL 11

12 12 1.The human factor  The piles of print out in the printer room 2.From a mobile device  Non-secure connections 3.From the workstation to the server  Unauthorised access to network 4.At the Print Server  Print jobs on hard drive 5.At the MFP’s hard drive  Print jobs on hard drive 6.Interruptions, even when printing securely  User have to leave  Printer breaks down  Power failure 7.Encryption disconnected for performance reasons  Encryption/decryption is CPU-demanding 7 security breaches in printing

13 13 The human Work- Printing Encrypts factor Mobile stations Server MFP interruptions everything Push print Pull Print TLS TLS passphrase Card removal Hardware encryption Security scenarios X √√√√√ X X√√√√XX √√√√XX√√√√XXX√√√XXXX√√XXXXX√ Increasing security levels

14 14 Large Business and Governmental areas: ① Exciting z-customers with host & office print ② SO customer’s IBM outsourcing ③ New customers – First In Enterprise  Heavy print load on host print and office print, high demand for Security Hosting:  MSP (Managed Service Provider)  CSI (Computer Service Integrator) Customer Profile – HSPM 14 Primary Verticals:  Banking and Finance  Insurance Other Verticals:  Public  Pharmaceutical Industry  Food and beverages  Transportation – Aviation and freight transport

15 15 1. The MIPS saving  If print under z/OS is a part of “4 hour running average peak” the substantial saving  If print is out-site 4HRAP then = 0 saving 2. The server consolidation  From “print rendering simultaneous” job we have 40:800 -> 1:20 ratio 3. The PUSH to PULL saving  By experience and from Gartner Group the potential saving going from PUSH to PULL is 1/3 The 3 value contributors:

16 Solution Description Enterprise Linux Printing Services (ELPS) Use Mainframe strength to print office document from any devices to any printer Consolidate many distributed printing server to one ELS using BP Ubiquitech solution Reduce MIPS consumption by offloading z/OS print jobs to Linux on z using BP MPI Tech solution Secure your print, Users pull print after identifying themselves on any printer part of the solution Enterprise Linux Server, core of the solution A CAMS solution: New Linux System z workload Key Assets TopDanmark Client reference: TopDanmark (insurance, Denmark) Videos on Youtube: STG Europe: Ubiquitech on ELSUbiquitech on ELS Ubiquitech: Solution overviewSolution overview BPs: Ubiquitech, MPI TechUbiquitechMPI Tech Benchmark report “IBM Mainframe print solution against Microsoft Print server” available on demand Live demonstration available in Montpellier Client Center How to identify solution opportunities? High volume printing customer Citrix customers zCustomers with intensive data conversion Customers with desire to have pull and secure print Global sales: Marc RichardsonMarc Richardson Montpellier contacts: or

17 17 Customer PoC – an exmple Demand from Customer: ”Prove that you can…:”  Follow You – on both office and Mainframe  Concurrent push and pull capabilities  Control tray selection, staple, hole punch, duplex and fanfold on any type of device from both host and office print  Control Toner Save mode from host print  Provide a single-driver integrated into our VDI image, and that it can print on any type of device.  Optimize Citrix print  Offer a simplified Scan-To-Me  No application reprogramming 17

18 18 Additional benefits 18

19 19 Further information.. Klaus Kristiansen, CEO Ubiquitech A/S Bregnerødvej 144 DK-3460 Birkerød Mobile: Mail: Len Santalucia, CTO & Business Development Manager Vicom Infinity, Inc. One Penn Plaza – Suite 2010 New York, NY office mobile About Vicom Infinity Account Presence Since Late 1990’s IBM Premier Business Partner Reseller of IBM Hardware, Software, and Maintenance Vendor Source for the Last 8 Generations of Mainframes/IBM Storage Professional and IT Architectural Services Vicom Family of Companies Also Offer Leasing & Financing, Computer Services, and IT Staffing & IT Project Management

20 20 Thank you

21 21 Combining Ubiquitech’s solution leadership with MSPs Steve Groom CEO Vissensa remarked “Ubiquitech is a great example of the types of solutions that MSP’s like Vissensa can offer as an extension to a range of IT services. In this case, Vissensa was an ideal partner for Ubiquitech as our new zLinux Mainframe can offer larger scale thousands of printer estate cloud printing services alongside multitenant one or two printer services for SMB’s. Groom adds ”The trick is the way IBM zLinux can scale and handle complex workloads, which makes it a very stable platform for print as it doesn’t fall over, cause print server failures and reboots like a windows print server does…” vissensa-and-ubiquitech-launch- msp-based-enterprise-cloud-print- service/ Contact: Barrie HeptonstallBarrie Heptonstall ELS + Ubiquitech + MSPs Delighted Clients

22 22  Print-as-a-Service delivered to the end-customer from MSP  No “boxes” installed at customer site  An ‘infinite’ number of end- customers can be connected to the services  Support and project delivered by MSP partner (Reseller)  Analysis  Project  Installation and Roll out  1 st and 2 nd level support MSP Cloud Printing on ELPS

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