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I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e HQ United States Air Force Academy OPRs PRFs & Feedback For Directors Lt Col Shannon Yenchesky.

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1 I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e HQ United States Air Force Academy OPRs PRFs & Feedback For Directors Lt Col Shannon Yenchesky Lt Col Shannon Yenchesky Advisory Panel Member

2 Overview Evaluations – AF Form 707 Feedback – AF Form 724 PRF – AF Form 709 Resources

3 Evaluations Single most important document in an ALO’s career Expectation for LODs: Well-written On time No redundant errors

4 I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e 4/26 Evaluations  Your friendly RR Admin is busier than LAX!  600+ OPRs per year  250+ PRFs per year  150+ decorations per year  Do the Math…  11.5 OPRs per week  2.4 OPRs per work day

5 OPR AF Form 707

6 I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e 6/26 Evaluations How often do you write an OPR? Annually or CRO with more than 120 days supervision Note: ALO needs at least 12 points for OPR Use OPR tracker on ALOWeb

7 Evaluations Are LODs the rater? Depends on LOD’s rank compared to the ratee’s Who writes the OPR? Ultimate responsibility lies on the LOD Must the ALO walk on water? Each report must be the best representation of that person.

8 Evaluations How do you fill out Section III, Performance Factors? Select “Meets,” “Does Not Meet,” or “Exempt” Meets: score of 75 or greater Does Not Meet: score <75 or failure of any one category Exempt: Exempt from ALL four components of the test

9 Evaluations Can LODs highlight great fitness test scores? NO! Individual fitness scores are not allowed Exception: if they do not meet standards when OPR closes out. Comments can mention score, behavior, and FIT program progress

10 Evaluations When must the LOD submit the OPR? No later than 60 days prior to close out Where do you send the OPR? Send to RREA.Admin and cc your RD Include OPR checklist Who reviews the OPR? Generic OPRs screened by Lt Col Clementz and signed by Col B Stratified OPRs will be reviewed by Col B

11 Evaluations How do I sign the OPRs? Use your CAC to digitally sign section IV Can I digitally sign for the member in Section VIII? Yes! Except try to get member to do it… Digital Signature exceptions Use “pen and ink” signatures and dates: Referral reports At least one evaluator does not have access to CAC or access to CAC enabled computer Correction directed or approved by Evaluation Reports Appeals Board or Board for Correction of Military Records after evaluators have retired or separated

12 Evaluations Ratee Acknowledgment Three options: Ratee signs evaluation Ratee unable to sign Ratee refuses to sign Digital signature locks entire form

13 Evaluations Ratee Acknowledgment Rater will conduct face-to-face feedback before ratee signs Evaluation serves as follow-on feedback Ratee’s signature acknowledges: Feedback was conducted in conjunction with the evaluation close out Identifying information on the form is accurate Ratee can address significant discrepancies and administrative errors Rater does not have to make requested changes NOTE: The date of the feedback session conducted in conjunction with the closeout of the evaluation is not to be used as the date feedback was last accomplished for the feedback block (OPR section IV)

14 Evaluations What is a referral report? When a member does not meet standards. Note: The OPR process changes to allow the ratee an opportunity to explain their side of the story. Contact your RD as soon as you recognize the need for a referral OPR! What are some examples of situations that require a referral report? Ratee has an expired fitness test when OPR closes out Ratee’s fitness score is 74 or less* when OPR closes out Ratee is marked “does not meet standards” on any one section IX *or failure of any one category

15 Evaluations OPR Best Practices Fill up the white space! Include #s, hrs, %s, miles etc. Term “Recruit” no longer used Preferred: Outreach, Mentor, Advisor # appointees# qual candidates% qual diverse cand SS selectsmiles traveledCongressional events Academy Days# diversity, athletesHSSP 4060s, recipients

16 Evaluations Formulas of success: Number of qualified candidates (Year over year or YOY—to include identified, offers, and accepts) Number of qualified diversity candidates (YOY—to include identified, offers, and accepts) Summer Seminar candidates (YOY—offers and accepts) Summer Seminar diversity (YOY—offers and accepts) Compare both against unit numbers (YOY) and regional numbers (YOY) Include individual ALO gains and unit gains (for high performing ALOs)

17 Evaluations Examples: -- #1 in REGION X with a 71% increase in Summer Seminar acceptance rate in the last five years -- #1 (tie) in REGION X in appointment offers to qualified candidates (19 total, 24% annual increase) -- Outreach success! 400% increase in the "accept rate" of diversity candidates during the last five years

18 Evaluations Stratification is important Can group by rank/primary duty/area, etc Keep it in the top 3-5%; no more top x% in the nation unless a national award winner Comment in OPR checklist for need/absence for stratification Examples: - Region III ALO of the Yr, #1/139; dedicated professional; always prepared; gets the job done--groom for Director - My #1/3 Dep Directors--the absolute best! Outstanding motivator, leader, mentor & program expert--Director next

19 Evaluations Best Practices(continued) Include a push statement…if deserving If individual has no desire for promotion, let RD know “no intention of completing PME, no expectation of promotion or increased responsibility” Feedback date: ensure it falls within the reporting period Points: use reporting feature in ALOWeb Job description: bullets match checklist DLOD assignments: Let your RD know when you swap out DLODs so duty titles can be updated (Technique) Schedule Fit Test 6 mo from OPR closeout Fit test expires after 365 days -- Not 12 months!

20 Evaluations Common Errors: AFSC is 95A0 not 9fAO. Rater Signature Blk: should be the 9001st # of ALOs in Job Description = # of ALOs in Blk IV or V Using obsolete version: should use 20080618 version 2012 is a leap year! 366 days supervision New Chief of ALO Program: Chad W. Clementz, Lt Col, USAF Chief, Liaison and Outreach Division 8281 USE THE CHECKLIST!

21 Performance Feedback Accomplished on Form 724 Required Within 60 days of start of supervision period Mid course – half way between start of supervision and projected OPR closeout Face to face in conjunction with OPR Can’t be reviewed by anyone but rater and ratee Can’t be introduced into personnel actions unless initiated by ratee, or ratee claims feedback was not accomplished / inadequate

22 AF Form 724 FrontBack

23 AF Form 724 Forms can still be either handwritten or typed No digital signature capability Supervisor required to give specific indication of performance Example AF Form 724

24 PRF AF Form 709 Edison, Thomas A

25 AF Form 709 PRF Cumulative history of one’s career Documented history from OPRs Stress those things which make the rater stand-out: “…first to upgrade” “…youngest evaluator in the wing” Local and AF-wide awards/distinctions Recent ALO local/national awards Emphasize leadership roles Include ordinal comment (“top X%” or “my #X of XX ALO’s”) Due to RRA 120 days prior to board Area rack-n-stacks will help RR with rank ordering START TODAY! Only last two or three bullets will be ALO related—most of the book is already written

26 Resources AFI 36-2406 Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems ALOWEB Toolboxes-OPR/DECS/PRF ALO Writing Guide (2011) OPR Checklist (28 Mar 2012) Link to Forms and Viewer Toolboxes-OPR Tracking Tool Activity Log (Fitness Status)

27 Questions?

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